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Samsung Galaxy Tab S overheating causing deformation of back cover [Update: Official statement]


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S tablets might offer the most stunning visual experience thanks to their Super AMOLED displays, but it looks like the under the hood wizardry that powers the display might be causing a few issues. According to Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru, the Galaxy Tab S’ processor is heating up during heavy usage, and while that is a common phenomenon on mobile devices, on the Tab S this is resulting in damage on the rear cover. Photos published by the site show a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with deformation on the back – it’s not too extensive, but it certainly is noticeable and might be related to the quality of the back cover rather than the CPU itself.

It’s unclear if this is an issue limited to a small number of devices, though given how much work the not-so-latest Exynos 5420 processor – which powers the Galaxy Note 3 as well – is having to do to drive the high-resolution (2560×1600) display, it might not come as a surprise to some. Samsung has reportedly failed to respond to complaints, but here’s hoping the company comes out with an official statement soon and is able to rectify the issue without it becomes more widespread.

Have you noticed overheating issues on your Galaxy Tab S? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: Samsung has issued a statement and revealed that the deformation is due to defective back covers on some units and not because of overheating. It’s not a widespread issue, and Samsung will replace any units with the problem. The official statement is below:

Contrary to certain media reports, the slight disfiguration that has formed on the rear surface of the Galaxy Tab S has been attributed to a limited number of defective back covers, which has no relation to the overheating of the application processor or the material used for the back cover. We would like to assure our customers that we have already resolved the issue. We ask affected customers to please contact their nearest Samsung Electronics customer service center.

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20 comments on “Samsung Galaxy Tab S overheating causing deformation of back cover [Update: Official statement]

  1. mada222 7 months ago said:

    Note 10.1 2014 edition is overheating,so bad

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  2. kangclim32 7 months ago said:

    My also having this problem. ……and one of my friend also same. Hope Samsung can do something. …

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  3. ryback 7 months ago said:

    unbelievable …but that’s thrue

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  4. Slutre 7 months ago said:

    The dimples shown in those photos are common and I dont think they are caused by heat. I noticed dimples in exactly the same places when I took my brand new Tab S out of the box, so I believe they might be from a mould/manufacturing defect. The other reason they I feel heat didnt cause that is because my Tab S has never even felt warm let alone hot.

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  5. Slutre 7 months ago said:

    Also… Pretty sure the 6 core Adreno 330 GPU drives the 2560×1600 display, not the dual quad Exynos processors.

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  6. gtone339 7 months ago said:

    As usual, minor defective models made by Chinese labourers?

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  7. Tondern 7 months ago said:

    Last generation SoC’s such a Snapdragon 801(overclocked 800) and Exynos 5420 are no good powering stuff above full HD, look at the LG G3 it’s also overheating and lagging in the UI something I haven’t seen since the O2X.

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  8. iKroneaous 7 months ago said:

    This is bullCrApple! lol….. Samsung’s Cheil Industries Infino Brand plastic is good to Temperatures over 500* F so it’s not possible. It’s won awards for being flame retardant polycarbonate plastic. Proving iHaters will go to any lengths in an attempt to kill Samsung’s sales!!! hahaha…. it ain’t going to work CrApple and your iProles!!!

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  9. metallicafreak147 7 months ago said:

    Its good I didn’t get the galaxy tab S yet but I do love the picture quality of the Galaxy Tab S.

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  10. querdaz23 7 months ago said:

    Nice stratigy Apple. I won’t be getting any i devices unless they’re given to me as a birthday present.

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  11. andycollis 7 months ago said:

    Mine is fine also, it doesn’t even get warm. (I’m selling my iPad Air because – even with the retina thingy – the display looks poor in comparison). :)

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  12. saya 7 months ago said:
  13. MichaelDennique 7 months ago said:

    This is very unfortunate. It would be prudent for Samsung for create a new backing for all it’s Samsung Tab S variants 8.4 & 10.5 and have them shipped out. This type of issue should have been caught during the testing of this new product. That’s where Samsung failed. I would still purchase the S tablet so long as I knew that a replacement backing was available, that does not warp and is a free replacement. If the backing is not replaceable then the unit must go back for a replacement backing at no charge to Samsung customers.

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  14. Lannis 7 months ago said:

    No problems so far. Have the LTE 10.5. Not playing any heavy games, only surfing an watching some movies.

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  15. abdulrahim14 7 months ago said:

    i understand this is not the forum to make my comments but i am hoping samsung reads some of the complaints middle eastern users, kitkat update until now have not rolled out for note 10.1 2014 edition in spite of being rolled out to so many countries around the world…

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