Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Kun-hee suffers heart attack, now stable

Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Kun-hee, the man who helped in making Samsung the technology giant it is today, suffered an acute myocardial infarction, commonly called a heart attack, late Saturday, but is now reported to be stable. The 72-year-old business tycoon had trouble breathing and was sent to an emergency hospital room near his home – he showed symptoms of cardiac arrest and the hospital staff had to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, according to Samsung Medical Center, but is now breathing normally and recuperating. According to the company, this has not affected operations and that daily management activities were on schedule.

Kun Hee’s son, Lee Jae-yong, who served as the company’s chief operating officer until 2012 and is now the Samsung’s vice chairman, is widely expected to eventually take over from his father. However, we here at SamMobile pray that the succession doesn’t need to happen anytime soon and wish Lee Kun-hee all the best for his health and hope that his recovery is a speedy one!


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  1. Don’t wory samsung will replace his “sudden death syndrome”
    he will be fine…

    • Rude?

      I’d respect the guy who created an global “electronics” empire out of it. :)

    • Even though he hasn’t passed through the same life of Steve Jobs, show some respect dude…

    • Relax just a joke…
      he will be fine…

      • You need to see how Samsung’s workers are suffering and dying in China…

  2. Prayers to him and his family for a speedy recovery. He’s made SAMSUNG who they are today a world class power house

  3. To the asshole above,that can be you one day. Misarable troll and I hope Richard Yarrell serve you up real nice. Prayers for a swift recovery Mr.Hee and just chill,you earned it

  4. Prayers to him… and wait… Lee Kun-hee is chairman of whole Samsung Group, not only Samsung Electronics. Remember, Samsung is made up of about 80 different businesses including electronics, ship building, medical services, etc.

    • Oh I think it’s much more than that. There’s about 80 companies within what was called Cheil Industries alone. They include Fashion Designers, Mining, Marketing, Fabrics companies, plastics R&D for revolutionary Award Winning Plastics of all kinds, etc and so forth. Cheil has now been taken over by another Samsung division. So this is the end of that business Lee Kun-hee took over!

      Like all great leaders, Lee Kun-hee is known for his presence in a room. Like a field marshall in a war he’s had his eye on everything. Part of what is gained by living in a country that’s basically been at war with the freaky nuclear happy idiots to the North!

      There’s something about living always prepared for war that completely transform a whole people in living always aware of that fact. Like Israel and Muslims!!!

      The Greeks had demonstrated this particular kind of winning against all odds of success too. When the Persian Wars broke out against King Darius 1st (550-486 B. C.) and king Xeres I (519-465 B.C.). Two wars where the Democratic state of Athens Grease proved FREEDOM Was key to their Victories!!! ….such is Lee Kun-hee been in organizing and running such a vast business as Samsung Group with all it’s Joint Ventures and undeclared ventures and wealth!!!

      Good Health to you Lee Kun-hee!!!! With Respect!!!!

  5. Respect and speedy recovery

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