Samsung’s SideSync utility now works on all Windows computers

Samsung is bringing its SideSync utility to all Windows machines. The utility was exclusive to Samsung’s ATIV line of notebooks and tablets before, but with SideSync 3.0, anyone running a Windows machine can download the utility. SideSync offers automated backups, file transfers and the ability to use a connected Samsung mobile with a traditional mouse and keyboard. SideSync also allows users to mirror their mobile screen onto their Windows machine. In this mode, users would be able to navigate their Android device’s screen from their Windows machine. The two devices can be connected either via a data cable or Wi-Fi.

To use SideSync, you need a Samsung-branded Android handset on Android 4.4 KitKat and a machine that has Windows installed. The latest version of the program adds support for the Galaxy S5, although users who have downloaded the latest version are stating that there are connectivity issues. Get the SideSync Windows installer here, and the client for your Android handset here.


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  1. Hmm can’t download app on my Galaxy S4 on KitKat… apparently not compatible…

    • Anybody got the apk?

      • Yes, apk please! An apk would be useful.

        • APK Pleaseee

          • Yes apk for S4 please!

    • I have Galaxy S4, everything works just fine on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. I have problems only with Windows XP but anyway XP is phasing out already. Download SideSync 3.0 from GooglePlay and SideSync for PC from Samsung website. Open the PC SideSync first, then connect S4 and lastly open the SideSync app on S4. Works like a charm, really like it.

  2. not compatible with S4!

  3. works on s5 out of the box. this is so amazing. copying files to phone from pc has never been this easy

  4. It installs perfectly on Note 3 with KitKat

    I will test it later on my pc to see if it works with the Note 3 on KitKat.

    • Running Note 3 LTE 4.4.2, installs on PC and Device. But They don’t connect. Running windows 8. Anyone else get this working?

  5. Yes not compatible with S$ running 4.4 :-(

  6. Yes not compatible with S4 running 4.4 :-(

  7. ok let’s see

  8. Tried it and works but first off all the mirroring does work but sound is jidderish when playing need for speed most wanted through mirroring second you don’t have a fullscreen option. You only see s sort of S4 or Note3 handset on your screen with the screenmirroring itself so if you wsnt fullscreen capability, go buy a honesync or some sort cuz the app isn’t worth trying. And for wifi syncing : dropbox, kies etc is still a solid good option

  9. Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this to work on my PC. Windows 8 and Galaxy Note 3.

  10. Yep. The same with SGS4 here – not supported (I’m on KitKat).

  11. The app from google play installs without problem on the Note 3 LTE KitKat 4.4.2. But the phone can not connect to the pc with Windows 7.

    The Windows program or the app seems to have connectivity issues.

  12. not compatible with Galaxy Note II running android 4.4.2 Kitkat

  13. It’s not working on my S5.
    The screen share bit is not working.
    Can’t scroll thru screens.
    But I’m running a custom Rom.
    Anyone running a custom who can fully
    Use this?

  14. It’s not working on my S5.
    The screen share bit is not working.
    Can’t scroll thru screens.
    But I’m running a custom Rom.
    Anyone running a custom who can fully
    Use this?

  15. Working like a charm on Win7 Pro 64-bit with SM-N9005! I particularly like this “keyboard & mouse sharing” option. THUMBS UP!

  16. Everything is fine on my Note 3 Phablet side but nomatter what I did, I couldn’t initialize the PC software. Everytime I try I get the error 0xc00007b. Any idea?
    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate. x64

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