Samsung Galaxy S5 is now official: Snapdragon 801 SoC, 16MP Camera, Fingerprint Sensor, Dust and Water Resistant

Samsung has just announced its latest flagship device, the Galaxy S5, at its Unpacked 2014 Episode 2014 event here in Barcelona, Spain. This time around Samsung wanted to keep everything simple instead of bloating the device with advanced features, because they think that’s not what the average consumer wants. The average consumer wants an advanced camera, the fast network connectivity, dedicated fitness tools and enhanced device protection features as consumers stay fit and connected in style.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a stunning 5.1-inch Full HD (1920×1080) Super AMOLED display with Local Contrast Algorithm, Super Dimming and Adaptive Display technology, Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC) SoC with a clock speed of 2.5GHz, Adreno 330 GPU clocked at 578MHz and 2GB of RAM. There are a ton of sensors on the device too, including: Accelerometer, RGB Ambient light, Geomagnetic, Proximity, Gyro, Barometer, Temperature & Humidity, Fingerprint Scanner and Heart Rate Sensor.


In terms of connectivity, the Galaxy S5 supports the fifth generation Wi-Fi 802.11ac and 2X2 MIMO, and supporting the large number of LTE frequency with LTE Category 4 standard, which makes the Galaxy S5 a world device. For consumers seeking an even faster connection, the Galaxy S5 now features Download Booster, an innovative Wi-Fi technology for boosting data speed by bonding Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneously. NFC, IR Blaster and Bluetooth 4.0 BLE / ANT+ are also onboard. Samsung has ditched the Micro USB connector for a USB 3.0 port, which should increase data transfer speeds by huge margins.

Samsung has done wonders with the camera tech in the Galaxy S5, both at hardware level and at software level. The Galaxy S5 now packs a 16 Megapixel camera sensor which can shoot 4K (UHD) video at 30FPS and 1080p (FHD) video at 60FPS. At the software-level, Samsung has added new camera modes: Virtual Tour Shot, Select Focus Mode, HDR (Rich Tone) and more. Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S5 with a dedicated image processing chip, and has also decreased shutter speed to 0.3 seconds between shot-to-shot. The device is also great for video calls/conferences as the device sports a 2.1 Megapixel front facing camera which shoots 1080p (FHD) video at 30FPS. The camera interface has been revamped, as well.

Let’s talk about design, Galaxy S5′s design is very similar to the one found on the Galaxy S4. From the front you will find it difficult to tell them apart but from the back, it’s a different story. The Galaxy S5 features a perforated pattern on the back cover creating a modern glam look. Its new sleek, contoured shape comes in an array of vivid colours, including charcoal Black, shimmery White, electric Blue and copper Gold, to complement the style of the individual consumer.

Samsung has equipped a fingerprint sensor into the home button of the Galaxy S5, and the implementation is simply great. You can unlock your device with the fingerprint sensor, pay for your things via PayPal, sign into websites, encrypt personal files and apps using Private Mode and open desired applications using one of your assigned fingerprint. The Korean giant has managed to make the device IP67 dust and water resistant, which means there won’t be an Active variant of the Galaxy S5 coming in the future. There is a flap cover on the USB 3.0 port to stop water from coming into the device, however, you don’t need a flap for the headphone jack.

The Galaxy S5 comes pre-loaded with Android 4.4.2 KitKat and the new TouchWiz UX. The interface is now all flat and blue, its exactly the same as on the TabPROs and NotePROs. Magazine UX has been implemented into the new TouchWiz launcher, which you can activate by swiping left from your home screen. All previous Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III software features are available on the Galaxy S5, as well. Samsung has introduced a Kids Mode, which is mainly designed for parents whose children love to play with their smartphones.

Samsung is going big with fitness this time. Samsung has re-designed its S Health application, to match the new user experience, and it looks simply stunning. With the enhanced S Health 3.0, the new Galaxy S5 offers more tools to help people stay fit and well. It provides a comprehensive personal fitness tracker to help users monitor and manage their behaviour, along with additional tools including a pedometer, diet and exercise records, and a new, built-in heart rate monitor.

To power all the technology inside the Galaxy S5, there is a 2800mAh battery. Dimension-wise, the Galaxy S5 is 142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1mm and weighs 145g. The Galaxy S5 comes in 2 storage options: 16GB and 32GB. The storage is also expandable via MicroSD Slot. Samsung didn’t mention any pricing but the device will be available in stores starting from April in 150 countries.

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  1. Totally disappointing for me. Presentation desperate, barely worthy of applause.

    • Youte’re right man, this is an anticlimax of the first order!!!! I go 4 the S4 black edition

    • Agreed. The phone was not bad, it was actually good that they didn’t add tons of features you will never ever use. An improved camera was expected, fingerprint scanner was expected as well. But the presentation sucked big time. They need a lesson on how to do a proper presentation

      • They do need to do a better presentation, but that would not help what went down today. They needed an iconic design. Attention to detail.

    • Me too… Waiting and… Got nothing

    • Me too… Waiting and… Got nothing

  2. Samsung Mobile Missed out Hardware Specifications in Terms of High End Flagship for 2014..

  3. Very Disappointed With Design and specs.
    (1920 x 1080)432 ppi
    S4 (1920 x 1080) 441 ppi
    Why No 2k display in S5?

    Ram 2gb
    Note 1- 1Gb ram folld By S3-1Gb ram.
    Note 2- 2Gb ram folld by S4-2gb ram
    Note 3- 3Gb ram S5………………..?????

    same 16/32Gb internal storage.

    Who asked dust and waterproof In s5?

    Hope You people grown too to Fall.

    It doesn’t seems like a flagship phone qualities…
    Wasted the time without sleeping.
    better I will keep the predecessor.

    • You Are absolutely Right Pal ! … Shame On you Samsung !

    • realy shit yea

    • Haters gonna hate! :lol:

      To be honest, the GALAXY S5 is indeed an refined version of the GALAXY S4, with less bloat-ware features and upgraded internal hardware specs, with a 16 MP camera with a Faster Auto-Focus, plus a Finger Scanner Swipe on the physical home button.

      • Oh by the way, what I really like about the GALAXY S5 is that it’s Water & Dust RESISTANT! :)

      • By less bloatware you meant the ROM taken almost 8GB of 16GB internal space right? Lol I call it more bloat than ever.

        • Do you have the Galaxy S5 or what? Sounds like your mentioning the GS4′s internal space.

    • No phone will most likely have a 2K display this year. You need to be realistic. The tech there is probably not even ready yet. That wasn’t gonna improve what you did with the phone. Just something to show off. a 9 difference in pixel density you will not notice.

      I agree with the lack of design inspiration. They never were good in that area.

      An extra gig of RAM probably isn’t needed since they went light with the software this time around.

      Dust and water repel doesn’t matter to much to me, but as you see those irrelevant to you, you also are looking for specs that don’t really matter to the user as well.

      Even if it did have a 2K display and one more gig of RAM this wouldn’t be a nice upgrade to me. They really need to change the design. They still need to change the look of Touchwiz to me as well. The camera is is even better then time around. They always deliver in that area. I do wish they had OIS though.

      But if you’re asking for anything else, you’re being a little unreal. The tech itself isn’t mature yet to be asking for some of the things people wanted.

      • Lets be realistic a 5 inch 2k screen would be overkill you would not be able to see any difference with the naked eye to full hd so unless you have to watch you phones screen with a microscope it wouldn’t be worth the extra price the phone would cost.Also android 4.4 kit kat is much better at using memory so 2gb ram maybe good enough time will tell must admit though seems funny the note 3 has 3gig yet the so called flagship doesn’t. To be honest ive still got 12month of my contract left so i am happy it didnt smash the boundaries like the S4 did to the S3 infact i would say more of a update than a upgrade so for me i will wait for the S6 or note 4 for my next upgrade.

      • Oppo Find 7 will

    • Oh YES u r right !!! This wannabe Flagship are really disappointed !! I had hoped Samsung would actually release after many reporting here on Sammobile with a “edge to edge” 2K Display plus a metal/alu case for the new coming Galaxy S5 and now this FAIL here …

      The new Sony Xperia Z2 have 3GB RAM plus 3.200mAh battery at 5.2-inch and the S5 only 2GB RAM and 2.800mAh battery at 5.1-inch… Yeah AWESOME job guys, the next big thing is here !!! in your unimaginative Dreams !!! LOL

      SHAME on U SAMSUNG !!!

      The Galaxy S5 is a big JOKE after the great release with the Note 3 !!!! Man, I’m happy that I got the Note 3 as a gift and if i would buy a smaller Phone (I was really hoping for the S5) that will be none of Samsung !!!

      • You’re being foolish if you go by numbers alone. A smaller battery and screen resolution don’t neccesarily translate into it being worse.

        Who knows how well the 2GB of RAM will do. For all we know, it may be sufficient.

        • I’m not going by numbers, but the amount of people will definitely do it !!! I want to make only clear that the competition does not sleep…

          The 3GB RAM are therefore advantageous to let more applications run in the background and to deliver a better “stable performance” … so why not 3GB RAM !!!??? Even if 4GB RAM would be in the Galaxy S5, so I would never buy it, it’s just disappointing … and this opinion I have not alone !!!

        • +1 dude couldnt say it better.

    • Yeah sure, because a better screen on the same size is going to have soooooooooooo much of an impact.

      You do realise that FullHD is undiscernable to the human eye except at very close proximities? I mean seriously, do you watch videos with the phone stuck to your face?

    • Yes, I agree with you. S5 device is cooked in hurry for MWC 2014 :)

      No so much hardware changes, no 64 bit processor, no 3GB RAM and news features/functions which need test and updates. S5 for early tester users around the world :) All of you know how low speed of Android updates -P

      IMHO, just wait for autumn for Note 4, which will include all S5 features/functions, just not included, but revised/tested/updated by S5 tester users :)

  4. I prefer my s4!



  6. My s3 Lte still good.
    S5 nothing wow.

  7. I think its great. More use between charges, better pics, water/dust resistant standard model.

  8. wow this is total disappointment

    2 gb ram is like a joke

    • And what did you need 3GB of RAM for? I had the GN3 and never touched the 3GB of RAM. Wishing now I had kept it the GS5 may not be it for me.

    • If they’ve optimised the software correctly, they won’t need more than 2GB. The Note 3 needed 3GB for the pen functions and the extra processing power on such a larger screen I guess.

      • Nope the extra 1gb in the note is for the wacom digitizer that can eat more memory then u think so yea

  9. I think the FHD Display is more than enough, for a mobile Device,
    The Brightness and Dimness enhancements are better though,

    The Camera is Pretty awesome,No Objection there,

    2GB RAM- Probably enough since Samsung promisses less Bloatwares.

    was hoping for a true octa-core Exynos Variant- is it there? (Not sure)…

    hope the price is reasonable… considering the specs.

    • Yes, the GALAXY S5 is a refined version of the Galaxy S4.

  10. this is a joke… seriously

  11. where is the metal body? this S5 is a joke… my note 2 is still good for 1 year

  12. I thing 90 % of people are disaponted with S5. What about premium S5?
    Also the note 3 (5 months old now) is far away better than S5 with S-pen, 3 Gb ram, 5.7 inch display , better design, more apps with pen a part from S5 camera 16 MP

    • note3(bulldozer) vs sg5(car) really dude??

  13. I thing 90 % of people are disaponted with S5. What about premium S5?
    Also the note 3 (5 months old now) is far away better than S5 with S-pen, 3 Gb ram, 5.7 inch display , better design, more apps with pen a part from S5 camera 16 MP.

  14. A total disappointment, was expecting a true flagship and not this same old rubbish. I expected a metal case, 3Gb Ram at least, 64bit processor and a 2K display.

    I did like the new Galaxy Gear though which means I will have to keep my S4 unless I decide to jump ship and get the new Sony flagship, which is highly likely as it has great looks compared to the S5.

    • You would be complaining about battery life on a 2K display and the Snapdragon S805 is NOT out yet which is whats needed for a 2K display anyways. Do you actually use 3GB of RAM and what good is a 64-bit processor when the OS is 32-bit anyways.

    • with a metal case u would cry that its heavy
      2k is new technology and it would eat your battery in no time
      64 bit processor is only for 4 gb (i mean really ??)
      2 gb ram are more than it needs even when u open all apps(yes)it wont get past 1.5 gb dude


  16. lame wtf is wrong with you shitsung my s4 has a better ppi than this what were you thinking at least change the design and the UI why are you a copycat from icrap now they make iphone 5s different a bit you do the same but at least Apple bothered to change UI “SKIN” in IOS 7 but here why it doesn’t matter just shame on you

  17. So, any news about possible prime version or metal body? Did they say anything about that? General speaking very disappointing.

    • i think that a metal body is a no go for some reason people dont know that metal is heavy lol and people(the pussy ones and girls) would say “omg its 190g that is so heavy!!” hahaha damn i would gime them my old nokia that has more than 300g(that has already some weight)to see what would they say. LOL

  18. Shit shit shit this device, i buy a s4 black edition, what a disapointment!!!! fuck specs realy!!!! 2 gb is an joke, even the resolution, fuck samsung!!!

  19. i realy want to say 1 thing about this farce…. samsung, you dig youre grave with this new flagship, you facks!!!!!

  20. This time around Samsung wanted to keep everything simple instead of bloating the device with advanced features, because they think that’s not what the average consumer wants.

    This made me laugh… Sure we are all in desperate need of a heart rate sensor and all that healthy stuff… If i want to live healthier i truly dont need a smarphone for that…

    The whole design is just a joke 0.1″ bigger screen then then the s4 but the vessel is almos note 3 size…
    They are bragging themselves with leading technologies? Yeah ofc… Alot of smartphone producers already have ultrahd phones…
    Even the ram has only 2gb…
    I have been a long time samsung fan. But im definitely dissapointed by the s5 and im not going to buy it…

  21. htc one 2 will kill s5, this is crap :(

  22. Refined GALAXY S4. Yeah just an incremental upgrade from the GS4, but with less new features and a finger scanner.

    May need to see it up close before deciding on it to replace my 1 year old GS3. :)

  23. Snapdragon 801 ou 805???

  24. Well….i’am far behind samsung flagships as i’am saving to buy a galaxy s3…lol but with the galaxy s5 all i can say is that it is brillant software side (i believe we are yet to be amazed just like the s3 came with pop up play and animated video thumbnails).
    But to the hardware side i personal am very very satisfied with the 1080p screen really but the rest they look not new,but i believe we have forgotten about a supposed samsung intrisity chip set where is it going….maybe a real international version

  25. Meet the Next Big SHIT: Samsung’s Galaxy S 5

  26. They know what they doing …. I think new King will take place in Samsung …not galaxy any more … just new better “line”, new Flagship from Samsung

  27. I am a samsung fan but S5 is disappointing to me, if they don’t release S5 with qHD screen i will stick to my S2 forever :)

  28. wasnt it supposed to get 2 s5 released one cheaper and one with higher specs?maybe it will still be presented lets see.i am disappointed a little was expecting more if thats the case

  29. Why do people keep comparing the Note 3 and any S serie phones??
    Haven’t you guys understood you are not comparing the same thing? They basically do not belong to the same league.
    It’s like comparing a 15″ laptop and a 13″laptop in terms of specs and say that one is better, but better at what?
    Bigger case = more components you can put inside, a bigger battery, etc….

    I personally had the S4 and the Note 3 both in my hand and I chose the S4 because I thought the Note 3 was simply too big for my use.

  30. This is a HUGE disappointment! Please SamMobile tell us there is a prime version releasing soon? This is not 2014 High End specs. The screen is actually a step down from the GS4 and no 3GB of RAM..Seriously? The HR monitor is cool but will only be used a handful of times(especially by everyday users that they targeted with this device). The Sony Z2 has much better specs than this but I think I’ll hold on and see what HTC bring to the table. I really hope there is a Galaxy S5 Prime coming.

  31. LOL never ever buy this sammy!!! I hope next Nexus 6 be better over…

    • and keep my love S4 forever before forever broken after current 57 flash by odin four time brick and brick recovery this phone is awesome…

      • So the Nexus 6 and Nexus smartwatch release dates could see the pair going live through Google Play Store on 24 June. It is thought that they could be delivered around the first week of July this year.

        • Google Nexus 6 specifications

          True octa-core, 2.4Ghz+ processor
          At least 4GB RAM (the present trend is already reached to 3GB RAM)
          20MP ultra low light sensitivity camera sensor (expected)
          5 inches 2K UHD resolution display
          3100 mAh battery
          Finger print and other security sensor
          Health, atmosphere and thermo sensor
          64GB and 128GB memory versions

          • Nexus smartphones were never meant to be flagship devices and it won’t be now.

  32. Seriously I’ve expected more from Samsung..WHAT A SHAME SAMMY im moving to lg.bye bye
    My next phone —- LG GPRO2

    • Dont let the door hit you on your way out.Who gives a flying f*** what ur next phone will be really?

  33. Im happy I have a dual sim note 3. :)

  34. I am actually considering a GS4 instead of the GS5, I just don’t see the benefit in it. The fingerprint sensor, heart monitor who cares do I really need them.

  35. Heart rate sensor for what? is it even practical?

  36. I will stick wiyh my s4 now ..

  37. I have now no reason to switch over to S5 from my present awesome device i.e Note 3 ….

    I had expected a huge upgrade but it’s really disappointing (where is 2K screen & at least 3 GB RAM)!! This means that those who own either S4 or Note 3 will just stay with their phones till may be Note 4 comes out & hopefully it’s designed by a sensible team of thinking professionals !!

    S5 IMO wont impress a lot of people……

    • What’s the benefits of a QHD (2560 x 1440) on a smartphone anyway?

      1920 x 1080 should be the ideal display resolution for a smartphone.

      • When I switched over from Note 2 (720 x 1280) to Note 3 (1080 x 1920) , I really experienced the difference , Note 3 screen looks absolutely crispy !

        Same would happen when you switch over to a 2K display , it’s a matter of experience !!

        • Objection. That kind of step up wouldn’t be discernable with human eyes.

          There’s a reason why Apple screens are called Retina displays with only around 300~320ppi. That’s supposedly the threshold limit in which the eye can actually detect pixels under normal circumstances (ie. Normal usage). FHD to QHD… I don’t think you’d notice (unless of course the screen is made in such a way)

          • We don’t need to see pixels my friend but pixel density does matter & you are unnecessarily doubting my excellent eyesight !!!

            When I said that I could easily feel the difference in the screen-resolution while switching over from Note 2 to Note 3 then you have to believe me !

          • @ketani ,

            Offcourse you felt the difference from the note 2 to the note 3.
            Note 2 = 267 ppi
            Note 3 = 386 ppi
            And your eyes can see the difference to 300ppi.
            When the ppi is 400 or 500 or 600, your eyes won’t see the difference. Only with a microscope.

            So if the Note 4 will have a QHD screen, it would be awesome on paper, but in reality, you won’t see any difference at all..

          • Phoenix2 and Eljazz you got brains(thank God!) while ketani not so much(maybe a cookie?)

  38. Me gustó, muy bonito. Aun así, estoy muy bien con mi Galaxy S4

  39. I am in total shock right now!!! After all these hypes and anticipations about the next big thing, I am truly truly dissapointed with the design and TW UI of the S5. It is more of a same old thing with a little bit of iterations here and there. It looks like samsung has had enough of playing with the flagship devices, so it does not want to raise the bar high and only stick to the match and level the competition. One thing is for sure if Samsung does not revolutionize the “DESIGN and TW UI” of its smartphones, it will slowly be in the course of loosing the supremacy in the smartphone supremacy. Samsung this year you have given the ball to someone else’s court. Never thought in my dreams that this could be the S5.

  40. Kirain desainnya bakal banyak berubah, ini malah lebih jelek dibanding S4.
    Materialnya masih pake plastik, kesannya bukan produk flagship apalagi kalo dipegang.
    Speknya juga ga jauh-jauh amat dengan S4. Fitur sidik jari juga ga terlalu penting.
    Resolusi layar juga ga ada peningkatan, masih lebih bagus LG G2 produk tahun lalu layar lebih besar tapi ukuran bezel dan body-nya pas.
    RAM & Prosesornya juga masih sama.
    Tahun ini ga upgrade dulu deh, tetep pake S4 ajah.


  42. I will be giving this phone a skip.

    • interface ux very bad as my s3 interface is better

  43. ill go this time for xperia z2

  44. Forgot to mention that it’s a great upgrade for the Galaxy S3 users!

  45. Mixed bag I must admit!
    Good that Samsung has tried to reduce bloatware. The hardware specs look good but not great and frankly I am not looking from 3 GB RAM, 2 K Resolution. Disappointed with looks though! I thought Samsung would try to give slightly new look to the new flagship as all Samsung flagships look the same. I just hope they do launch same variant across globe and don’t fool Indian customers by launching S4 like Octa Core variant with inferior processor.

  46. wait for the s5 premium with snapdragon 805 :) quad core 2.7 64bit 4gb ram…. and all else :)
    these s5 is nothing much than s4+.
    BETER I PREFER I9506 than s5

  47. No matter what this thing is gonna sell like hotcakes. Like everybody else I’m disappointed with their offering, but I think the expectations were too high. Right now im 50/50 on whether im gonna get the device or not. I wanna see it for myself against other flagship devices before I make a buying decision.

    • To add, im thinking the Galaxy F is gonna become their new flagship and the S series is gonna become their mid-range linen

  48. Just don’t understand why there is no FM radio again ?

  49. So can’t use charging dock on s5 anymore with lid cover on its ?

  50. Crap on you haters! Give credit where it’s due. It’s definitely not perfect but this is a solid device.

    Am certain there will be some high end variants which you still won’t buy coz’ then, u will most definitely b**ch about the price.

    No OIS, no metal chasis, no FM radio is a b**ch but I can live without them if the price is right.

    I will give this device a score of 78/100.

  51. No FM radio??. What happens in the zones where the internet conexion is poor??. Is it more important a fingerprint/heartrate monitor than return to the fm radio way?? (I have a computer with 8 years that have fingerprint…) What happens if you do not have data plan???
    I think the medium users of Android devices like me are not like medium user of iphone devices. We want to have the capabillity of do all the things with its mobile phones. If we pay a high-end terminal we want to have all features in it. If you place limits like Iphone maybe you will gain some Iphone user that wants a cheaper terminal with larger screen, but you are going to lost your concerned loyal costumers. We like to send images over bluetooth, we like to connect with the computer and download/upload information without any dark software, we like connect an usb drive over otg and of course WE LIKE TO LISTE FM RADIO.
    In this terminal I was expecting a correction of the S4 way, return FM Radio and wy not inclusion of DAB radio, improve all the hw and some new thing to play a little (could be heart rate or fingerprint), and I have founded a cheaper copy of Iphone 5S.
    I think that we are going to see a fall of another big company because of its blindness (same as nokia) . Bye Bye Samsung, wellcome Xiaomi. :(

    • totally agree, in a lot of regions with a poor quality of data connections (mountains during tracking, sea ecc.), FM radio is the only solutions to access notices and news.

  52. The S5 is a big disappointment.Leaving specs aside, the design sucks, don’t think Samsung has been listening to what their customers really want.If there was a change in design with the mentioned specs, the reception towards this would have been much better, but I have to agree with the majority of the comments, this phone does not warrant a second look. I am a loyal Samsung fan for the past 7 years, but that is about to change.

  53. The S5 will kill all opponents. You guys don’t understand the presentation very well I see. This is the big idea. It was episode 1. The S5 from the episode one is the “low budget” variant. Samsung likes to surprising us, like it did in the past. Wait the Premium S5 to reveal. That’s why they not showed the model like GT-i9500. The premium variant will have

  54. The S5 will kill all opponents. You guys don’t understand the presentation very well I see. This is the big idea. It was episode 1. The S5 from the episode one is the “low budget” variant. Samsung likes to surprising us, like it did in the past. Wait the Premium S5 to reveal. That’s why they not showed the model like GT-i9500. The premium variant will have another presentation, together with Samsung Galaxy Glasses and Samsung Galaxy Pen. Wait wait wait. The metal body was not a joke. The 4gb of ram will be there. The 41mpx carl zeiss also. Samsung was signed a contract with nVidia in secret. Tegra 5? Yes. :) Prepare for the battle. Wait and be patient. S5 from episode one is the samsung warrior on low budget iPhone 5c.
    This is strict secret info. Keep for you and let other people to be surprised!

  55. Wonderful, the dust and water protection of s5! I am thinking if the Samsung already corrected the common defect in the S4. Ten days after receiving my brand new s4, the GLASS HAS BROKEN, CRACKED, from left to the right, NO drops, twist, pressure or heat. Absolutely nothing. Happily, it is working fine, no problem at all, but cracked. When someone asks what is this, I ansswer: it’s Samsung famous gorilla glass technology.
    It seems that the S5 glass is the same S4 famous UNBREAKABLE Gorilla Glass.

  56. Lets be real 2 gb is more than u will ever need second i did try the s5 and after opening almost every app the bastard still didnt choke(kitkat only needs 512 mb) so there is no point in 3 gb
    third the design is yuck but the phone actully feels nice in the hands and the plastic is good(not like my slippery s3 lol)

  57. Samsung Galaxy S5 will brake the sales record for sure! The worst selling galaxy ever. Samsung is killing Galaxy line, I wonder if it is to pave the way for their upcoming Tizen series…

  58. i am disappointed…

  59. So I played with the S5 there, and not a Demo unit. I can tell you It doesn’t need 3 GB of RAM.

    KitKat is designed for phones with less RAM, and I can tell the unit I got was seriously smooth!

    • thank you Lord finally someone with a brain its true no need for 3gb and if people tell that note has 3gb i mean ofc it needs that a wacom digitizer eats memory like a black hole lol

  60. Ahh people make me laugh with all this stupidity i mean u need a 64 bit os to use a 64 bit processor second 4 gb really( :D) s5 even with all opened apps doesnt use more than 1.5gb so why 4gb ahh yes to make the phone more expensive i dont get it have people cookies instead brains??

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