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Samsung teases Galaxy S5 Unpacked event with ‘The Next GALAXY’ ad

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For the most suspicious and untrusting of folks that still don’t believe that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S5 next week in Barcelona, the company has posted a teaser for “The Next GALAXY”, which really should be the final confirmation anyone needs about the next Galaxy S flagship’s imminent unveiling. The teaser comes in the form of a 36-second ad, highlighting things such as curiosity, peace, fun, speed, victory, connect, create, focus (probably because of the new Focus Select camera mode), social, outdoor, and even wet (which is a good hint at waterproof capabilities), each word superscripted with a 5, and is similar to the teaser Samsung posted last week.

It’s likely the last teaser we’ll see before the day of the big announcement arrives, so go ahead and hit the play button below to check out what the next GALAXY is all about.

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11 comments on “Samsung teases Galaxy S5 Unpacked event with ‘The Next GALAXY’ ad

  1. TouchWiz 11 months ago said:

    It will definitely have a slow motion mode and maybe even a slow shutter speed option. (like in lumia 1020)

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  2. gtone339 11 months ago said:

    The Next GALAXY!

    Oh yes! I bet the photographs & the slow motion vids are taken with the GALAXY S5. :)

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  3. ArTeePee 11 months ago said:

    I really hope that the S5 will be waterproof as intimated in this ad! (0:20)

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  4. jxd 11 months ago said:

    0:13 Is that the galaxy S5? The one on the left doesn’t look like any of sammy’s current devices.

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    • gtone339 11 months ago said:

      Could be the Galaxy Note 3 or the Galaxy S4 ACTIV?

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      • Bruce Night 11 months ago said:

        *HINT HINT, how you missed it I’ll never know”

        The “5″ flashing through the entire video. …

        What is next next model to release a fifth edition?

        But you could be right….Note 3 & Galaxy 4 Active make sense.

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  5. libert 11 months ago said:

    esta muy bueno ese modelo

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  6. oneall 11 months ago said:

    but you gays miss somethng the Galaxy s5 has the best power and the best resolution display you know what i mean i want this phone and 16mp cámara to

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