[Update: SM-N9005, too] Exynos Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900) getting Android 4.4.2 KitKat in more regions

We were waiting with bated breath to see how long Samsung would take to extend the rollout of the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the Galaxy Note 3 after its debut in a single region for each variant, and thankfully, the company has decided not to make us wait too long. Both the Exynos and Snapdragon models are receiving the update in more regions, including India, South Korea, and Switzerland, bringing the usual KitKat goodies like white status bar icons, reduced memory usage, inbuilt wireless printing support, improved keyboard, and more.

As usual, the update is rolling out both over-the-air (sized at around 380 MB) and through Kies, and it could be a while before it reaches every device (even if you’re in the same region as someone else who has the update), though you can always do a manual check from the Settings » About phone » Software updates menu to try and speed things up a bit. Our firmware section is currently being updated with the new firmware, and once that’s done, you’ll be able to download the update and install it manually if you desire.



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  1. Received the update an hour ago..no major changes in ui ..but the speed has been increased..no ok google feature no nexus 5 dialpad just basic android update .

    • True mate didnt made any changes …just like some other general update

    • Hotword detection is dependent on the GE launcher (though could be easily installed), and wasn’t the Google Dialer specific to the Nexus 5?

      • And what about art and dalvik runtime?

        • Personally, I believe that to the common end user… ART and Dalvik are some things that will make no sense. Sure, disappointing that the option was left out, but ART itself is still in relatively early stages, and remembering that the target audience for the Note 3 are users who just want a phone, not just those in the know-how of Android… I can see why they possibly left it out.

    • 4.4.2 is a crappy update. The best one was 4.2 if I recall correctly.

  2. Where is the Note 3 N9000Q Turkey firmware?
    We didn’t find any news,gossip etc. for this firmware.
    When will the SM-N9000Q 4.4.2 firmware come to our mobile devices?

  3. Downloading the kitkat update sized 361 mb in Mumbai, India…very excited

    • HI, did u notice the screen remaining off while the call arrives? and the lock button does not respond when pressed. i am getting these problems. are u also?


  4. Does anybody know if the uk version will be out?

    • Yeah, switched from XEH to BTU for getting uodates more and sooner but I just got fucked up. :( XEH got the update yesterday but BTU still didn’t. Samsung should go to hell.

  5. just got an OTA update of 361.04MB in INDIA. seriously excited about the outcome!!! yippieeeee

    • I too was exicited but it doesnt promises of much changes in outlook …

    • I am from India Mumbai
      Usin Note 3 N900

      Still I am not getting any update what to do
      please support

      • did you check via kies? you may also download it manually and flash it through odin.

      • wr u living in mumbai

  6. And how about the GT-I9500 my friends? :)

  7. Samsung please distribute kitkat to N9000Q!
    Our phone is same with N900 in terms of hardware. Why do we wait?

    • Bizim başımız kel mi la?

    • Ben 10-15 gündür yırtınıyorum burada.Bir Allah’ın kulu da çıkıp cevap vermedi.Samsung Türkiye bile kâle almıyor.Note 3′ümüz var diyoruz ancak bir halt olduğu yok.

      Başımız kel mi kabak mı bilemem kardeşim de Samsung’un Türkiye politikası evlere şenlik.

  8. Got the update done in india …was very exicited about the same …but it didnt made me feeel something different..
    Some minor changes …in the UI
    Nothing much may be the perfomance of the device gets better but it’ll need some time to check that

    • HI, did u notice the screen remaining off while the call arrives? and the lock button does not respond when pressed. i am getting these problems. are u also?


  9. I am from india.
    havent received this update on my Note 3

    • you will receive. be patient mate. might be any delay due to over downloads.

  10. I’ll stick with 4.3 and continue to use all my 3rd Party accessories.


    • It takes time to reach every device..be patient or update your phone through kies .

      • even from kies I am not getting updates

  12. Good day guys, I’m from Sydney and my phone is a Malaysian Note3 (XME).. I’m not sure why but my phone updated to 4.4.2 today.. all I did was go to settings, about phone and then software update.. and there it was, a KitKat update.. it was 427.95MB if I’m not mistaken.. so far so good.. phone seems stable enough. Will try it out for a few days and see how it goes.. cheers!

  13. Hello guys …m frm Mumbai,India. I had got the 4.4.2 Kitkat Update. I din’t do it for sometime as i was not using my wi-fi. After an hour or so i switched to wi-fi network and it showed me that the latest updates were installed on my Note 3. I think that Samsung may have pulled back the update.

    • That’s what happened to me.. just keep checking for the update and it will eventually come up again.. i think samsung’s server might just be busy.. keep trying mate.. hope this helps.. cheers

      • Forgot to mention thay my phone is an SM-N9005.. cheers

    • sam here bro .. dnt knw wt 2 do :(

      • After reading this post I went and tried a software update on my phone.. and there it was. I decided to cancel it because my battery was about to go flat.. then after plugging the charger I went and tried it again but it was gone! after a minute or so I tried it again and there it was! Just keep trying.. if it doesn’t work.. wait for 1 day and then give it another go.. =)

  14. Samsung please distribute KitKat to N9000Q!

    Our phones are same with N900 in terms of hardware. Why do we wait for updating?

  15. I will recommend against updating to kitkat as there is a serious problem. because the phone after the update is unable to read and write data on the external memory. For instance if you are using any office app and your writing a document it wont get saved to the external memory, because of the restriction on the external storage.

    • Bro this can be the reason that samsung may have stopped the firmware roll out. I had gt one. But it went away when i went to install it.

      • are u sure

        • I have searched alot about this problem apparently there is a fix if you are rooted. So far i have noticed that the stock file manager works. But you won’t be able to save anything directly to the card or for that matter remove from the card so disappointed in Samsung

          • i don’t see any problems related to external memory as you have mentioned! i just saved a document to ext memory from polaris viewer 5! what’s your exact problem mate?!

          • Well i have used xplore to delete files from external sd and mx player and i have the same error cannot access external sd. Also like i mentioned that some programs work like stock file manager. Also i am using 64gb card exfat format. What about you what card are you using? and have you tried any other applications. I have also seen this issue reported on xda forums

      • Stop bullshitting guys, this is a new restriction in KitKat, apps have to request new permission to read external storage (not only for writting anymore). Please read the whole highlight document on developer.android.com

  16. I cant play any game all I get is “unfortunately app has been stopped” help me someone please what to do!!??

    • It is not just games that are not working even apps are, Google changed the way kitkat runs programs, even likes of the dual world clock sometimes does not update when coming out of sleep mode. So will have to wait on updates for our apps and games, from the developers, and I expect a few patches from Google to fix some stock android stuff, like the dual world clock widget.

  17. Not an update as such….just certain additional features added like…

    1.Camera Quick Access
    2. Emoji Icon
    3. Default Messaging App.
    4. Easy Home Launcher
    5. Integrated Location Service
    6. Wireless Printing Service
    7. Upgraded GSM apps viz…Photo Drive..

    Nothing more than that….hoped to get a much advanced fearutes as available in Kitkat 4.4.2 but all it landed are above one only…

    • HI, did u notice the screen remaining off while the call arrives? and the lock button does not respond when pressed. i am getting these problems. are u also?


  18. The screen render become worst after upgrade, breaking into small piece when open big app.

  19. When will Turkey N9000Q firmware distribute?

    Our phones are same with N900 in terms of hardware. Why do we wait? We are boring to waiting for update!!!

  20. when i can get download firmware note 3 n9005 XME Malaysia

    • The Downloadable Firmware is not available yet, but you can Try doing a manual update.. My phone’s from Malaysia (N9005) and I was able to update it on the 24th of January (Please read previous comments on this post).. cheers!

  21. Where is this update for Pakistan

  22. Hey guys. There seems to be problems with the kitkat upgrade. Apps stop responding in case with the use to extsdcard. Games stop before loading. These errors need to be corrected ASAP.

    • some games and apps might work again with a re-install, otherwise we need to wait on the app/game developers updating their stuff.

      • @GreywoldUK I went with what you said. But it happens the same with those apps. There are problems still existing with the extsdcard. I tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling. But it didn’t work. Phone hangs on many other things. It was fine on the Android 4.3 JellyBean. Never had such issues.

        • Answer from developper :
          Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.4.2 does not allow non-system apps to write to the external SD card. They can read but cannot write. This problem started with Android 4.4 update and affects all apps. If Dropsync can’t write to a folder, it cannot sync it. I am sorry but it’s not fixable in Dropsync. The app cannot workaround system restrictions. Only Samsung can fix it.

          • As I am not an app developer, I cannot say what the problem is 100%. But I am finding myself agree with you, in that it is a problem with Android 4.4.2 itself, as I have noticed built apps/widgets, for example I use the dual world clock widget, and find that sometimes it will not update the time properly. I actually have to restart the phone to get it to update properly.

            So I am thinking more and more that it is not just apps and games that are the problem, but the release itself is bugged and this is not so much Samsung’s fault, but Google’s fault in that they should not have signed off on it for release.

          • I would not be surprised if they started releasing updates to Kitkat in the very near future.

  23. when i can update galaxy note 3 sm-n900 indonesia

  24. i didnt recieve any update im in sri lanka :(

  25. I don’t understand Samsung’s update politics.
    Where is the update for Turkey N9000Q?
    When will Turkey N9000Q firmware distribute?

    Our phones are same with N900 in terms of hardware. Why do we wait?We are boring to wait it.

  26. When will you update SM – N9005 firmware 4.4.2 (Saudi Arabia )

  27. Purchased SM-N9005 In Saudi Arabia network lock in India how to unlock

    • Did u activate first in saudi arabia? using saudi sim?

  28. Is there anybody in duty at Samsung?

    Why don’ you answer any question? Are you all trying to solve the kit-kat problems? We are writing from Turkey and asking you the release date of Note 3 N9000Q. You will give just a date. Is it too hard for you to estimate the time you will release new Android system? Are you incapable to answer such an easy question? Your image in Turkey is desperately decreasing, but you can’t even see that.

    Still waiting your answer…

    • This isn’t Samsung.com. You’re in the wrong place.

  29. Anyone tell me When my note 3 SM N9005 get kitkat 4.4.2 in Saudi Arabia?

  30. This update sucks!
    My Note 3 hangs a lot after the Kitkat Update :(

    • Try doing a factory reset and then check again.
      No issues on my Note 3 which is BTW the SM-N900 from India.

  31. I’m from the Philippines and was able to upgrade my Galaxy Note 3 via OTA!

  32. last night my phone receive 4.4.2 update.but s view cover did not work after update.how can i solve the problem?
    02.when note 3 get LTE net work menu

  33. No issues here on my SM-N900.
    Got the update via OTA and installation was a breeze.

    No major updates except UI changes and couple of options in the Settings. But performance improvements are amazing and the battery life has improved especially the Stand by time.

    And BTW this is the quickest update to the latest version of android ever in a Samsung that I know off..:P

    • I would like to know the Baseband version and build number ( Settings–> About) maybe that would help my Note 3 to not reboot frequently
      i have PDA: N900UBUDNB2
      CSC: N900UUBDNB2
      MODEM: N900UBUDNA1

  34. I live in Australia. when is the update-day….I’m waiting


  36. me asking to you (ask to samsung, google or sammobile).
    you know that provider axis in indonesia?
    for call, sms, mms and wcdma work in android kitkat 4.4.2 region made in malaysia? this is ask report from region indonesia. please replay it i need your answer ! thx god bless you

  37. Updating to 4.4.2 is my huge mistake which I have done with my Note 3 (SM-N900), now my battery can last for only 12 hours, no more no less. Damn Samsung, u had better release new stability update now

    • Which region? I have KitKat on my Note and it keeps on rebooting when it feels like to (7-10 times daily). i have PDA: N900UBUDNB2
      CSC: N900UUBDNB2
      MODEM: N900UBUDNA1

  38. when 4.4.2 will be available for SM-N9005 in Saudi Arabia.

  39. When will Kitkat be updated in Australia?
    I’m using Note3 in AUS…

  40. I am owning note3 n900 when will i will get kitkat version onit??

    • A lot of people have complain about KitKat on the Note 3, like me I have the same Note3 as you with KitKat and it keeps restarting when it likes maybe 7-10 times daily

  41. ok, I’m from Brazil
    I have installed the Rom Android 4.4.2 ZTO N9005WJUENB4
    Via Odin3 v3.09 with Format Factory and Format cache at the end.
    now I have a lot of Bugs
    My SD-Card reads and reads not, alternately;
    My battery spends on average 25% faster;
    Now, my On/Off button has a delay of +/-1 seconds;
    When he’s in the Dock Station loading, temperature appears;
    in “0″F and no longer appears climate conditions;
    The application M-Catalog Official from Samsung does not update nothing more;
    The Speed in General, I believe is even less than the previous and stable v4.3
    That is, we only get problems and nothing was improved…
    Does anyone know of these problems ??
    Does anyone know any solutions ?
    Nice fucking work of these developers from Samsung.
    Managed to spoil the big initial work of designers
    I’m hanging on a fast upgrade

  42. My question is: if I update manually through odin, I will get updates after that?

  43. Got my Note 3 (SM-N900) yesterday. Got the restart problem. it just restarts when it likes to. i tried the Uncheck “Always allow scanning” option but no go, i even removed my SIM and SD card and still it reboots.
    even factory reset/hard reset and also Wipe cache and wipe data but nada…
    I also read about Google play updating a app that also causes the boot loop so i turned off Google play, still reboots when it likes to.
    It has KitKat on it. i took it to the shop and they will be giving me a new one next week.
    Does anyone have a stable Note 3 with KitKat on it?
    I would like to know the Baseband version and build number ( Settings–> About) maybe that could help.
    i had PDA: N900UBUDNB2
    CSC: N900UUBDNB2

    Do the Note 3 now come standard with KitKat? i wish i can find one with 4.3 i read that those are stable

  44. thanks

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