Galaxy S5 to sport 2,900 mAh battery with rapid charging and new Li-ion tech?

We were able to confirm many of the Galaxy S5′s specs just a day ago, but many details continue to elude us as we look forward to the device’s official unveiling. Now, PhoneArena is offering us details on an important part of the phone, i.e. the battery. According to PhoneArena’s tipster, the Galaxy S5 will sport a 2,900 mAh battery – that’s 300 mAh more than the Galaxy S4′s, and the battery will also support rapid charging like the S4 and Note 3, allowing it to fully charge under two hours.

The S5′s battery will also be a new type of Li-ion battery that can store¬†20 percent more energy than batteries currently on the market, allowing it to offer more battery capacity in the same size as a lower capacity battery not using the new Li-ion tech. These batteries are made by¬†Amprius, a battery startup based in Silicon Valley, and have been shipping to smartphone makers recently, and the Galaxy S5 could become one of the first smartphones to be powered by one.

How well will a 2,900 mAh battery cope with the insane hardware inside the Galaxy S5, especially the QHD (2,560×1,440) display? Well, that remains to be seen, but hopefully it will be good enough for at least a day’s worth of use with medium usage, or consumers might just start hating all the hardware advancements if they can’t manage to get through the day with their new and shiny flagship.

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  1. Im pretty sure you meant Li-ion. Hopefully it can handle the powerful specs of the hardware and prolly the iris-scanner tech, yes?

  2. Thought it may come with 3200 mah battery.? Close enough then!

  3. 2 hours? I am pretty sure that my note 3 takes much longer.

    • Does it? Mine charges between an hour to one and a half most of the time. Note 3 charges quite fast, something I worry will wear out the battery much sooner than normal.

  4. From the moment that LG G2 has already 3000 mhA battery with 1080p screen so 2900 for Galaxy S5 with QHD 2K screen and 8 core or new 4 core cpu in soc it ll be mega fail and we ll have to charge it every 5 hours for example

    • The LG G2 3000mAH is non-removable and stepped battery, cannot be compared to removable ones.

  5. i like samsung phones but what do they hack in their minds for gods sake… 2900mah for the s5 is completely underpowered … this will last 4 hours on heavyusage and 30minutes on gaming prolly? … fuck this shit… samsung everytime dissapointing and making the same mistakes overmak and over… why don’t they put a long but thin 5000mah battery on their phones so we can make the day under heavy usage (including some hours of gaming) ..

    My s4 last 8hours on heavy usage (no gaming) … if i play for 2 hours my phone is dead from 100 to 0 … thats quite annoying .. hardware improvements are great but please how can you be so dumb to not improving the power as well .. shit

    • Well why don’t you create that battery then? I’m sure if they can do that they will, but Battery tech is still behind. What you are saying is currently impossible. (5000mah in a slim phone hahah)

      Here’s a tip, take a break from playing games.

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