Galaxy S5 to hit massproduction in January and to come in two versions?

The rumour mill is beginning to spin at full speed, today the Korean site ETNEWS is throwing something rather interesting to the table.

After the disappointing sales ot the Samsung S4 and because of that the rumour the Galaxy S5 was releasing in January, to compete with their rivals 6 months device update strategy. Now there is a new rumour claiming that the Galaxy S5 will come in two version and will hit mass production somewhere in January. And is scheduled to release somewhere in March or April.

As they normally enter mass production in March / April they are 3 months ahead of schedule. The overall specifications of the Galaxy S5 are: a 64-bit  Exynos or a Snapdragon processor, it will pack 3 GB of RAM, a 16 MP camera, a 4,000 mAh battery, and it will run on Android 4.4 KitKat (presumably covered with a new version of TouchWiz).
This source claims that there will be a “Premium” model sporting a metal case, and a flexible OLED and one “normal” version sporting a normal OLED and a plastic chassis.

Samsung will start producing an amount of 800.000 to 1 million units in January, and will ramp it up to 6 million units somewhere in February. This is due that Samsung is targeting 70% of their sales from the S4. Is this something they do on purpose because of the saturated high-end market?

Anyone here getting the S5 when Samsung drops it in a shop near you?

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  1. I am buying it definitely!

  2. lack of support and update is holding people from buying your products. The s4 is great but after all, no one wanna buy your products again. no matter how good is your new product, people still won’t buy any devices from samsung. Samsung can be better than other android manufacturers but look at the way Apple support their customers. Samsung you still have a long way to go.

    • I Have a S3 but my next phone will be a LG or HTC, probably a HTC because the support they give.

      • HTC? Do you believe they won’t go bankruptcy?
        LG? Do you believe they have better policies of updating their devices to the newest Android OS?

      • Um, HTC sucks at support, only now they are seemingly improving, but that too only for flagship/costly devices. LG sucks the hardest, their updates come realllly slow and late. Samsung is actually great at support, it was only the 4.3 update that messed up because they skipped 4.2 and what not. But hey, try other manufacturers, that’s not a bad thing, best to experience them all on your own.

      • Well, just to let you know. I know about 60 people that all have galaxy and most went to from Iphone and love it. Some feel as you do and went to HTC(very good phone)but after only 4 months they were back to Galaxy. So went for S4 and lots of them went for Note 3.

    • Who cares about support if you can search the f*cking internet?

  3. nah right now am using s3 my next mobile will be iphon6/7 for sure tiht on budget right now………….

  4. nah :/

  5. Definitely NO! With those problems with the updating of the flagships like S3 and S4 …Nah .. Shamesungs maintenance is terrible!!! F*ck u Shamesung!

    • Like if you ever had a S3 or a S4, lol…
      Buy one LG: their updates are better and faster, lol…

      • I have S3 you dumhead from about one year and a couple of monts and this is my second S3 phone. It’s second, cause my 1st S3 was with a bricked Wi-Fi problem after long waited official software update from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2! And the warranty service couldn’t fix this “huge” problem for a month, and they gave me onother S3 after numerous complaints! So don’t tell me things like how GOOD Shamesungs mass produced so called “Flagship” devices are!!!

  6. Too bad it cant be one for business and one for the public… Wouldn’t mind a phone without a error message saying it cant find the stock kernel after every reboot / startup on AOSP.

    • Wow… I cannot… Lol the answer to ur problem is within ur comment. How’s Samsung Responsible for a system they didn’t create it. Go buy a cheap Nexus and call it a day.. If u really want AOSP. Why pay extra for the extras u won’t use?

  7. Yes, I has been jump to other brand since I have lost hope on Note 2 OS update. No OS update from 1st day I bought till today No news at all (even warranty also lapse a year & half ago).

    Note 3 very attractive but lacking of support from Samsung hold me to own one. Just bought LG G2 to replace my current Note 2 & I would never regret it. Now waiting officially lunch LG G Pad 8.3 at my shore, can not wait to own one as well.

    Currently at our shore more people dump Samsung with HTC One, Sony Z1 & LG G2….

    • So you believe that LG has better policies of updating their devices to the newest Android OS, right?

      • And what makes you believe LG has not done a better job on updating the LG G2 ?

        Since released in August I have already seen 8 minor updates on the Korean version. That’s 8 updates in 3 months, can you count on Samsung doing the same for Note3/S4 ?

  8. Really 4000mah really? You believe 4000 mah come with S5? You make believe people S5 will come with 4000 mah than what. People will feel disappointed. S5 come with 3200 mah at top. Stop publishing fake news!!!

    • I only report whats being said in the korean news people.
      Chill out..
      Ever seen the Source link??

  9. Great phones are one thing but great customer. Service is what makes a great company cause people will come back for great service…
    The have fooled many people with the s4 being top phone but service fucked that all up….well done crapsung well done…

  10. I have had galaxy s2 x2, s3, s4, ace 2 and now note 3. Samsung customer and device support is bad their devices are poorly made. Samsung are so big now they do not care about loyalty. They should only bring a new flagship out once every 2 years and make it the best but they are greedy. Big companies can suffer though look at kodak now. The mobile phone market has become stupid now. We all know that an 8 megapix el camera or a 16 megapixel camera all look the same to the human eye just like a 1.5ghz processor is barely any different than a 2.5 ghz but they keep upping the numbers and upping the prices and we all keep buying. Samsung phones are shit so are apple and HTC and all the rest of them. The note 3 is a cheap nasty phone and the s5 will be too. But even worse is customer service which is shocking

    • “Samsung phones are shit so are apple and HTC and all the rest of them.”
      Wait, what’s a good phone for you then? “LoL”

  11. I guess it’s much easier to post negative comments, than to positive ones. I love my Galaxy Note 2, and I haven’t had a single problem with it. Smooth and fast and caters to every ‘app’ need I have! I also have a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, we had some problems with it 6 months after purchase (wouldn’t turn on or charge). My experience with customer service has been nothing but positive though! They collected and returned my repaired tablet within 5 days (and I live in the country, so it was perhaps a little extra complicated, as their couriers wouldn’t come out this far), I could constantly check the progress of my tablet as it was being repaired and on it’s way home to me. All in all, I think Samsung are great! I would certainly upgrade in a year or two (still loving my Note 2 and don’t want to give it up just yet…and eagerly awaiting the 4.3 or 4.4 update when it eventually comes out (I know carriers can drag their heels a little with bringing out new updates). But my philosophy is, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, unless you can make it more AWESOME! I think in such a high consumer society, we can have ridiculous expectations at times, and forget that sometimes things can just go wrong, if you handle it right the outcome should always be positive! Coming from a sales background, I can certainly say, if you’re gonna act like a complete dick and carry on before a solution can even be addressed, then no-one is going to jump through hoops to help you, customer service is one thing, but as most of us know, the customer ISN’T always right. That’s my 2 cents anyway…..

    • My complain on the Note2 is that Samsung skipped the 4.2 update and jump directly to 4.3, yet they don’t treat the Note2/S3 4.3 update with higher priority. We have still need to wait for S4/Note3 to complete their 4.3 update before Samsung will release S3/Note2. That means S4/Note3 only wait for 3-6 months to go from 4.2 to 4.3, yet S3/Note2 waited for more than 1-1.5 year to go from 4.1 to 4.3 (no 4.2 in between). I feel like being cheated by Samsung.

  12. Even if there will be a new Samsung flagship released in Jan, I bet it will be only a S4 refresh (e.g. S4 M)using the Snapdragon 805 chipset in a metal csing rather than a full upgrade to S5.

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