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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Gear to cost $450


If that 10 hour battery life wasn’t enough to kill most of the sales of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the womb, the latest rumor about its pricing will surely do that. According to a Korean site, the Gear will cost 500,000 won, or around $450, a price that will surely deter a lot of folks from buying Samsung’s first attempt at an Android-powered smartwatch.

That pricing matches what we were told by our insiders earlier ($249-349), though South Korean pricing is usually higher, so we might see a reduced price tag when the watch is officially announced. However, the high price might have one advantage, and that is deterring people from throwing in their money to get one then complain later, as Samsung might want to push the first-generation model more as a concept rather than a fully realized product.

In less than two hours, we’ll be starting our live feed from Samsung’s IFA event (live video at this link), so stay tuned for the all the details on the Galaxy Gear (and Galaxy Note 3), and keep hoping that price tag is more sensible than currently rumored.


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4 comments on “Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Gear to cost $450

  1. Samdroid 1 year ago said:

    21 minutes to go.

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  2. livelylegend 1 year ago said:

    cool watch…..

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  3. healingspree 1 year ago said:

    change da pictures da one which is revealed looks awesome :))

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  4. pizzaman 1 year ago said:

    Just buy an Omate on kickstarter. It can do 10x more. It can install apps like skype, endomondo, navigation, anything you want on the phone itself without needing a smartphone

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