[Concept] Graphical render shows what Galaxy Note 3 could look like

The recent leaks of what is allegedly the display frame of the upcoming Galaxy Note III hinted at the final design of the device, and now a Korean site has made a mockup of the Note III using the display frame seen in the leaked images, giving us a look at the first graphical render of the device while also comparing it with the Note 2.

If I might be honest, that concept rendering looks pretty nice (it even includes the Note III lockscreen wallpaper that was leaked the other day), even if a bit similar to the Galaxy S4, with those bezel-less sides looking rather good. Will Samsung’s official design be as good and/or better? Maybe, maybe not, and it’s not long before we’ll find out.



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  1. I have a feeling, Samsung’s Unpacked Episode 2 will be somewhat ‘disappointing’ … that’s just me tho.

    • People who expect something different from the Note III will be disappointed for sure. The Note III wil be a bigger S4 with slightly better specs and a pen. It will probably run on Android 4.3 and have some extra pen software tricks.
      The Galaxy Gear could amaze but if it doesn’t sport a flexibel OLED panel like the mockups it’s doomed.

  2. Seriously, you guys moaning about everything. What more can you expect in a mobile device? The Note III surpasses even some PCs with its specs. CALM DOWN.

    • Kindly allow me to get pissed off regarding the shitty lock screen wallpaper!

    • If I buy Note 3, first thing to change : The LOCKSCREEN wallpaper. I don’t know whose idea is that. It would have been better if it was just black without this wallpaper. Anyway looking forward to Note3 :)

      • I beg to differ. It would look gorgeous on the Note 3. Look at those fine detail on the painting, it is well chosen to bring out the beauty of the hi res screen and color reproduction. I’m gonna get it on my current phone right now (but it might not look as good as on Note 3) :D

  3. i wonder what will be the price, note II 17,900 THB here, much more for note III? if that will happen everybody go for iPhone 5C, i think its not hard for you Samsung to decrease a bit the price for all of all of your phone, don’t spread your wings too much.

  4. Well the HTC One Maxx is looking better than this so far. I don’t care about S4 gestures. Unpacked #2 may end up being a bust.

  5. Should be like that!

  6. I’m upgrading from S3 to it’s gonna be big change for me, both size and performance. Snapdragon S4 vs 800

  7. I’m upgrading from S3 to it’s gonna be big change for me, both size and performance. Snapdragon S4 vs 800

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