Could this be Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch?

Well, well, could this be our first look at Samsung’s Galaxy Gear? That’s what it is, according to the folks over at VentureBeat, who were able to get some hands-on time with the smartwatch. They weren’t allowed to take pictures of the actual device, but they did manage to take a few screenshots of the official ad for the Gear, which shows off an, er, very unattractive watch with big bezels at the top and bottom, surrounding a square full-color OLED screen.

According to the website, the Gear has a huge focus on health and fitness, and includes a built-in heart rate monitor and related software for tracking your calorie intake, with Samsung partnering with a health startup to create health apps. There is support for social media as well, with the ability to share to your Facebook and Twitter account, S Voice support for voice commands, a 4-megapixel camera and speaker on the strap, and the ability to access the internet, email, and call logs (with the option to initiate a call through your smartphone via the watch).



The site also claims that the Gear will have 10+ hours of battery life, something which was rumored recently and has made people look at it with disdain even before its upcoming official announcement. The Gear will connect to a smartwatch via Bluetooth, and also via NFC as we’d learned from the screenshot of the Gear Manager companion app.

VentureBeat has a few more details on the Galaxy Gear, which you can check out at the source link. But before you do, let’s all join virtual hands and hope the Gear doesn’t look anywhere near the horror that you can see in the pictures, and that it turns out to be a prototype hiding a more attractive design.

To Samsung I say, don’t disappoint us.


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  1. Oh please ! I hope it’s a prototype ! Else… the Gear will be… UGLY !!!

  2. Why not put a SGN 2 on a bracelet ?!? I’ll NEVER buy this if it’s the final design !

  3. I hoping this is a prototype because it does not even match the designs seen earlier. If this is the product Im out and will pair the Sony SW2 to my new galaxy note 3 when it comes out

  4. Oops! I opened this page, looked at the pictures and a crack appeard in my screen. Talking about ugly!
    Did they took photo’s off a old eighties poster?

    Come on Samsung!

  5. i hope that is joke or prototype otherwise i will never buy that

  6. Hopeless. Someone should get those bastards out and kill them. They can’t even know how to do a basic design. Koreans are always pathetic. Better to commit suicide than wearing something so bad

  7. Pure assh0les. why design something so pathetic?

  8. 2 days to go and clear all the rumours and hopeful we won’t see that ugly thing (watch).

  9. Too late! If it’s the final design then people then people may like it or….HATE it!!

  10. This is a watch its too ugly…the prototype shown earlier with flexible display that what we want…samsung is a future so develop like a future not like past oldy…hope the watch shown above isnt real its jst a prototype or testing product…

  11. Now my fears became true. They created the ugliest product ever (GS3 and S4 were tolerable). With that crap 10 hours battery and ugly design who will wear that? Even a samsung fanboy wont! My good old Galaxy Mini lasts way longer that this.

  12. You would have to be an idiot to believe that Samsung built that thing. It has four large screws holding the top bezel down, looks like a punch in the face, and is possibly one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life. Also, the arm/wrist that is wearing it looks to belong to a 14-15 year old boy. I would like to buy this “watch” off the owner, so it can be destroyed with hammers and various heavy objects whilst being recorded on video to be uploaded for eveyone to view, and gain satisfaction.

  13. If Samsung don’t launch a official firmware (android 4.3 with bluetooth low-batter) for the s3 & note 2, this smartwatch won’t sell what they expect!!! Galaxy s3 is the most sold smartphone and we are waiting too many months for android 4.2.2 and yet it isn’t on our mobiles…. I’m very disappointed with your updates and delays samsung :( :( :(

  14. Hope that this is only a prototype. horrible design. will not consider buying this if this is the final design.As the writer states, Samsung please don’t disappoint us.

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