Exclusive: Galaxy Gear smartwatch colors confirmed

A lot of details have been surfacing about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch lately, and we have confirmed before that it will be unveiled on September 4th at Samsung UNPACKED event and start shipping from September / October. Now, we have exclusive information from our insider confirming what colors the smartwatch will be made available in, along with the estimated time frame of release.

The Galaxy Gear will initially ship in four color options around week 39 – white, orange, gray, and black – though Samsung will be putting catchy names to those colors similar to how they’ve named their smartphone colors, names that we aren’t aware of just yet. Then, a week later, Samsung will start shipping a White Gold color variant of the smartwatch, a variant that might or might not be exclusive to specific regions / carriers. To recap, here’s how it will work:

  • - Week 39 – White, Orange, Gray, Black
  • - Week 40 – White Gold

The release / shipping dates might shift back or forth a week or two (and more color options might be introduced later on), but you can expect the Galaxy Gear to be available at retail stores from late September / early October. As always, we’ll be sure to update you with any more info we gain from our insiders.

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  1. so no flexible screen because those will startto ship in november and this smartwatch will be shipped in september/october

  2. so no flexible screen because those will start to ship in november and this smartwatch will be shipped in september/october

  3. Don’t worry, a month later they will release Galaxy Gear Flexi.

  4. IF Samsung doesn’t bring us android 4.3 to our galaxy s3 & note 2 with Bluetooth low energy…. I won’t buy this smartwatch…

  5. With all these gear coming out it would be nice if our network provier would provide us with the option to buy multiple sims. So that we dont have to swith sims from tablet, phone, other phone and now a watch.

    Is there a way to clone these sims.

    I could see y they don’t want to, to force us to purchase more lines we dont really need.

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