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Apple asked Samsung to pay $30-$40 per device, sign “anti-cloning” agreement to settle patent dispute

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3 comments on “Apple asked Samsung to pay $30-$40 per device, sign “anti-cloning” agreement to settle patent dispute

  1. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    Samsung shitty crappy company forgoted its premium tab 7.7 after 4 months of its annoucement

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  2. vbx 1 year ago said:

    “for the Galaxy S4 alone, which has sold more than 20 million, Samsung would have to shell out $600 million to the Cupertino giant.”

    Why would Samsung have to pay Apple a licensing fee for the S4? What about the S4 is owned or protected by Apple?

    Is it the SuperAmoled Screen? Is it the Exnos CPU? The removable battery? The micro SD card? The cheap plastic construction?

    I don’t get it. I hope Apple files for chapter 13 real soon and disappears from the face of the planet. The world would be so much better w/o this Company harassing everyone.

    Apple only became popular after they COPIED the LG Prada.

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    • jboogie1289 1 year ago said:

      CrApple is nearly in an out of control tail spin headed down NOSE FIRST! They’ve seen their customer base drop over the past few years and their prodcut demand is slowly shifting away. So this is their way to compensate? Losers! They see what the consumers are going for nowadays and what the other OEMS’s are putting out after listening to their customers. Geez CrApple, die already you leeches!

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