Samsung Galaxy S4 Active leaked

Today a tipper reported to about the Galaxy S4 Active. The Galaxy S4 Active uses almost th same specifications as the Galaxy S4. Only the camera has been downgraded to 8 megapixel. The Galaxy S4 Active is dust and water resistant version of the Galaxy S4. Samsung will announce the device this month. The device self will go on sale from end next month. The device build looks to be metal with hardware buttons on the front. View the images below.

Ps. The pictures below shows only the Orange Flare varaint the Dive Blue variant is still a secret?



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  1. Those are really ugly buttons…

    • Funny, I was just thinking that I was sorry I just finally gave in and ordered S4′s only to find out a version with 3 real buttons is coming out…

      • well, not to worry, because this sint exactly same as OG GS4, this have 8MP and old Snapdragon S4 Plus, which is dual core…

  2. Is it made of metal?

  3. wow.. the screen is 480 dpi? So its better then the normal S4…

    Sad the camara is the old 8 megapixels…very sad….

    I will wait for the Note 3 ….

    • Actually, its the same as the normal S4.
      The normal S4 also as a 480 dpi screen (people are confusing this with the 440 ppi spec, which is relevant for this device as well).

      • You can say what you want ..but the S4 is only 441 dpi …the HTC ONE is the only smartphone on market with a 480 dpi…


        “The Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch super-Amoled Touchscreen with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. This corresponds to a pixel density of 441 dpi, what is exactly at the level of the Xperia Z by Sony and the Padfone infinity by ASUS. The Galaxy S4 touch screen protected by Gorilla glass 3 from damage and can be operated with normal gloves.”

        • it IS 480 DPI, which means it is 441 PPI ! DPI is different from PPI Bro ! get your facts right, and HTC One is the only phone with 480 PPI is because it have a smaller 1080p screen…

  4. Those buttons are very reminiscent of those old xperia phones.

  5. waow is this one available in black color?

  6. I have to say that this red color is really ruins the phone beauty, I hope that there will be a normal black mist color. and this is really shame that they will downgrade the camera to 8 megapixel. I think that Samsung didn’t wanted to overcome their own flagship (metal body, water and dust resistance….) so they downgraded the camera.

  7. The S4pro CPU is also a downgrade compared with I9500/I9505.

    • The fact that it has an Adreno 320 graphics chip, most likely means the S4 active uses the same Snapdragon 600 chip the regular s4 (I9505) has

  8. Sammobile servers are slowwww….

  9. Samsung is totally lost.

    Every week they release a new Galaxy version.

  10. A new design build? This time metal??

  11. if it has black color & under 550$, i buy it!
    it’s very cool

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