Microsoft and Google visit Samsung Electronics

High visitors for Samsung Electronics. Microsoft was at Samsung Electronics and Google will follow up this week.

Samsung is currently busy building their own eco-system. Samsung tried this before with their bada operating system but sadly they failed. Samsung’s upcoming operating system TIZEN is expected by the end of this year. This new open source system must be the new big thing for Samsung.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S4 in March and at the launch event there wasn’t any word of Google or Android. Samsung isn’t busy to hype Android. Samsung is busy to introduce their own name / platform using another platform at first place to replace this platform after TIZEN is a big success. This is something which isn’t great news for Samsung’s partners, like Microsoft and Google.

Bill Gates, chairman and founder of Microsoft, yesterday met with the Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics Jay Lee (Lee Jay-yong), head of strategy for the future of Samsung Group Choi Gee-sung and President of Samsung Electronics for IT & Mobile Division (IM) JK Shin (Shin Jong-kyun). This meeting was intended to promote products from Samsung with Windows 8. “We discuss cooperation opportunities with Windows 8 and other IT devices with Samsung,” said Bill Gates.


Samsung currently has one Windows 8 device, the ATIV S. According to Samsung, Windows 8 doesn’t sell quite much. Samsung even dropped their ATIV Tab in separate of countries because of the same problem. We must say there isn’t any hint about upcoming ATIV devices by Samsung too.

Bill Gates, Choi Gee-sung, Jay Lee, JK Shin

Larry Page CEO of Google will meet JK Shin later. Since Samsung is Google’s biggest partner using the Android operating system. Could Google be afraid of Samsung’s power of the Galaxy line if Samsung decides to switch from Android. Last year, Motorola was bought by Google, so Motorola must help Google to build their own Google / NEXUS devices. Google’s partners might think they aren’t important anymore, which could be the reason for Samsung to switch operating system. But for now we think Samsung will not leave Google. Samsung needs Google as much as Google needs Samsung. Larry page’s visit to Samsung Electronics is planned on April 26.

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  1. the moment samsung drops android will be the moment I will stop buying their phones, simple

    • true true

    • Although there is no actual TIZEN device to compare with, the screenshots so far are quite spartan looking

    • I will dump them if the phones they start developing for Tizen turn out more powerful than Android. If I’m going to pay $600/700 on a phone then it better be the best.

  2. Take it easy guys. Wisdom would suggest Samsung to first of all test the popularity of their new platform before making such a plunge. Since you don’t even change a winning team midstream, withdrawing from Android at this time will be a miscalculation.
    People are not buying Samsung phones just bcos it is Samsung, otherwise bada platform would have been an instant success. Samsung Ativ would have been a great hit.
    Come to think of it, the Ativ design is better than the design of the galaxy line ……. so you cannot separate Android from the success of the galaxy line. If Samsung thinks otherwise then it appears doomsday has come for them. May this not be. I like Samsung.

  3. Lol samsung. Windows 8 devices arent selling? Really? If they gavemthe note 3, the s4 and other flagship devices a windows 8 option, it will outsell the andriod counterpart.

    Heck, if the released a 7.7 tab with windows 8, i would buy it in a heartbeat.

    Its the device that sells and os plays a small role.

    Whats good about android? Apps?

    Lol, u can get the same crappy ad filled aps on ios and windows.

  4. i always have use a Samsung smartphone,the day they use another platform then i wil stop buying samsung and go for Iphone ( apple )

    • Why not HTC or Sony? Why Apple?!?

  5. i always have use a Samsung smartphone,the day they use another platform then i wil stop buying samsung and go for Iphone ( apple )

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