Samsung issues statement on Exynos 4 vulanerability, promises software update ‘as quickly as possible’

Recently, a major vulnerability was discovered in Exynos 4 SoC mainly in Exynos 4210 and Exynos 4412 processors. The security flaw was in the kernel which made the device R/W by all users, apps and gives access to full Physical Memory. In short, this vulnerability gave root permissions to *any* app and there was no control over it.

Just today Samsung issued a statement to Android Central acknowledging the security exploit and promising a software update to fix the security hole ‘as quickly as possible’. Samsung confirms that they were aware of the nature of this security exploit and a specially-coded malicious app is required to take advantage of it. So, the users who install known applications or install applications by trusted developers are probably on the safe side.

Affected Exynos 4210 devices:
- Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
- Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100
- AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I777

Affected Exynos 4412 devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300
- Samsung Galaxy S3  LTE GT-I9305
- Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100
- Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE GT-N7105
- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000
- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8010

Official Statement by Samsung:-
Samsung is aware of the potential security issue related to the Exynos processor and plans to provide a software update to address it as quickly as possible.
The issue may arise only when a malicious application is operated on the affected devices; however, this does not affect most devices operating credible and authenticated applications.
Samsung will continue to closely monitor the situation until the software fix has been made available to all affected mobile devices.


(Source: AndroidCenteral)

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  1. Let me translate this:
    “MAYBE we’ll fix it”
    …the same way they said “MAYBE we’ll release the documentation required for Exynos developers”…and the same way they said “MAYBE the Jelly Bean for Galaxy S2 was to be released in November”…”or MAYBE in December”…

  2. CrisR82, I was thinking it but you said it first!! :)

  3. I bought an S3 in July, three months latter a crack appeared on screen without I knowing why.

    I sent it for repair.They said it was not his fault and returned the phone not running.I could not

    even turn it on.

    What can I do to solve the question without recourse to the courts off law ?

  4. yeah right!!! as fast as their promised updated exynos source code and documentation!!! yeah right!!! samsung have their devs working overtime to fix this issue!!!

  5. seriously, samsung don’t have time for this stupid issues, samsung is too busy counting their money

  6. I am running business I just lost all my data and possibility somebody stolen my bank details with all my clients data who will be responsibility cause of security hole on device? I will take legal action against Samsung. I am very disappointing

  7. You guys MUST fix this problem no matter what.Because our expensive devices health depends on this about software.So release as soon as possible a complete update that fix this one and other bugs also if you can recognize without make something previous not working.I believe you can do it.We need this so badly to feel calm about this situation

  8. Why you all so angry at Samsung? Best sold phone in the world so they must do something right. So go bitch your wives or what ever. I love my Note and where people are at work there always mistakes made.

  9. Roberttromp – so McDonalds make better burgers than your mother because they make more? Grow up dude…

    Also – I couldn’t care less who or which company makes/does what, when something is f***ed up, it’s f***ed up, and they should be held responsible for it.

  10. Samsung will quicker make 5 more versions of Galaxy phones, than fix this issue.

  11. Seems Samsung doesnt plan on keeping market share. Can we have another nexus device please, HTC or Sony

  12. Guys, samsung ‘WILL’ solve the problem, for now just apply the patch by mr chainfire from xda or any other solutions out there n with lots of pray wait for the official update from samsung, other then that nothing we can do at this point…

  13. Bye Samsung Phones and tablets.I will change world’s best phone iphone 5 .Bye Bye//

  14. Iphone 5 is world best phone? No HA HA HA :D :D :D
    Si ma pekne pobavil hned z rána :D :D :D

  15. One slight problem with a samsung and you’ve all got ya knives out and kreeping up behined ready for the stab. For me im very happy with samsung. And if you dont like the product FUCK OFF.

  16. general stoner, how true you :-)

  17. It seem you people are not happy unless you’re winging about somthing

  18. I had a lot of fun reading these comments…. You want 4.1.2 for your S3….it’s available on the net! You want 4.1.2 for your S2…’s available on the net! You want to be safe with exynos problem…..there is a patch on the net (chainfire is the best one)! Your camera is broken because of the patch….there is a solution on the net ! I mean, come on guys, if you really want solutions they are available on the net….just have a look and stop crying like stupid kids! And if you really prefer a Iphone….buy it and you will understand the real meaning of “disappointment” !!!

  19. @poxvirus


  20. Here here Poxvirus :-)

  21. “Iphone 5 is world best phone? No HA HA HA
    Si ma pekne pobavil hned z rána”

    We do not take iPhone guys comments into account. You guys do not even know where you are with iPhone inaccurate maps. You are disoriented.

  22. Update S3 for United Kingdom, Germany and bla bla bla….

    delay update for S2?, with this it is shown that it has nothing to do with the Bug Exynos processor.

    Update for S2 NOW!!!!!!

    Shows that they have no excuse for update the i9100 !!!!!

    Update for S2 NOW!
    Update for S2 NOW!
    Update for S2 NOW!
    Update for S2 NOW!
    Update for S2 NOW!
    Update for S2 NOW!

  23. Really victorsII fuck off somewhere else and winge about your sII. Even better stop being a cheap bastard and update you’re phone to the new generation of mobile device’s. Where really sick of hearing you sII winging bitches

  24. “jaja” to you will be the same Mr general, stoner….when you leave the S4, you’ll be like me. and it touched you bastard “the new generation of mobile device’s” jajajaja

    if you change the phone every 1 year that’s your problem, otherwise do not buy the “famous” S3 why not present many improvements that my current S2, so do not boast much with your silly S3 …. S4 come on to me.

    Good bye, hopefully they will die and the S4 has happened to many, to charge it off and never turns on, “that spectacular smartphone” cueeck

  25. I am not an S II owner, I have Note II. I think people are unjustly harsh on S II owners. S II is not an old model, only 1 year old with fairly good hardware capabilities. Anything less than two years of a decent manufacturer support is sub standard. Current S III owners and Note II owners will be equally disappointed if they face the same situation as S II owners a year from now.

    Samsung have to find a balance between spitting out a new phone every couple of weeks and supporting existing devices. If one decides to buy a new flagship phone every year, he will rather buy some other, comparable, cheaper phone. Samsung flagships are too expensive for too many people to buy them every year.

    Samsung has built up a good Android phone manufacturer reputation. In order to keep it, Samsung has to closely follow Android development not only by making new phones, but also by supporting the existing ones.

  26. @poxvirus Man.The point is not that there is solutions in net.But as customer when for example i give 600-700 euros for a samsung smart phone,then i want EVERYTHING works WELL without problems.

    So i don’t say Samsung will not fix this but i say and i hope they fix this as soon as possible to all we feel calm about this problem.I don’t want to make experiments to my phone and setup other applications to fix something that from the start shouldn’t be like this.

    By the way the man that says iPhone 5 best phone world is so fail comment.iPhone 5 was fail and now apple try to release soon the iPhone 5s so all people that bought iPhone 5 they can cry their money.

    I know the best phone at moment is the Galaxy Note II for my opinion and that’s cause i bought it.But i want everything will work well without problems and to i can enjoy my Galaxy Note II.Till now Samsung support us well.So i think the same thing in this situations.They must do as always the best to make us continue believe and trust them

  27. totally agree with you @SA71 :)

    The SII still continues to sell and with fairly good hardware capabilities. hopefully arrive before year-end update. Come on Samsung, Xmas gift :)

  28. Maybe Update .. once more Maybe… for SII only.. or Maybe Samy will forget it.. Busy to sell new Devices

  29. How about Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800? Many sources claims it also has Exynos 4210?

  30. @henriw: Samsung Exynos 4210 dual-core processor

  31. s2 owners are so fucking annoying…..

    #enjoying my tab 2 7.0 with jelly bean……….muahahahahaha……..

  32. Es curioso, ya que en la pagina oficial del Samsung galaxy s2 nos muestra como descripción: Impulse su negocio con conectividad de alta velocidad, SEGURIDAD MOVIL DE CALIDAD y un procesador rápido…

  33. i would give my precious advice to samsung …” Instead of creating soaps please create phone… ” to mentain standard you need to take care about the device running in market … else i are not at all considered to be in level with iphone…. I am owner of S2 gt 9100 and facing Exynos and poor update and response from samsung. hope to get a better JB update…. 4.2.1
    till end of jan 2013…:( i would recommend people to buy xperaia or Iphone rather then Samsung high end devices …they are busy n calculating money …as a customer buying expensive samsung device is not worth…..

  34. so update 4.1 for gs2 and note

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