Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge Android 6.0 Marshmallow in pictures!

Samsung surprised us all by launching a beta for Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge last week. Samsung is no longer accepting new participants for the beta, but we’ve been running Android 6.0 on our S6 and S6 edge and have a lot of images to show you how the latest version of the operating system looks on the two devices.

Android 6.0 brings many changes to the interface. The status bar and quick toggles menus are now fully white instead of blue, the power menu has been redesigned (quite poorly, we might add), and a few app icons have been changed as well. If you like changing themes on your phone all the time, you can now download new ones based on their color palette, which is a nice touch that should help you narrow down the number of themes you have to go through when finding a new one.

In terms of features, the regular Marshmallow features like Google Now on Tap and more advanced app permissions are included. For photography buffs, the Pro mode now has a shutter speed option, which has been a long time coming for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge users. All in all, with the interface changes and the Android 6.0 features, this is turning out to be quite a notable update.

Well, enough talk! Check Marshmallow in action on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge below, and let us know what you think down in the comments.

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9 months 8 days ago

In the meantime, 68 regions of the world are still waiting. It’s not as though they’re small regions either, because I certainly wouldn’t call India, Australia, New Zealand and about 75% of south east Asia small…

8 months 28 days ago

I have the G925i, in South America, and I still don’t see any update!

10 months 12 days ago

Is this the default theme for TouchWiz on Android 6.0? It’s greater than the other one on Android 5…

10 months 27 days ago

I don´t like the “bubbles” around some of the App Icons …but all in all it looks great

10 months 12 days ago

Looks like they are using a custom theme and not the default samsung theme.

10 months 29 days ago

When will India get the update ?

11 months 15 hours ago

What about Europe peoples.Can u tell me when we received update ??

11 months 16 hours ago

Everything is good for me, even that blur effect looks pretty good, but a thing that i dont like are the status bar icons, they look kinda weird being a lot smaller than the text, i prefer KitKat Style icons, they´re the same size and look better like that…

11 months 17 hours ago

And what about multi user support ? Is it finally available ?

11 months 1 day ago

When Will It come

11 months 2 days ago

So where is doze mode????

11 months 2 days ago

when will galaxy s6 edge plus ( 928C ) get the update ?

11 months 2 days ago

Overall I like tha new Touchwiz but I just hate the camera icon.It’s so ugly with that red dot. But I can leave with that red dot.It’s not that much of a problem.I just hope it will be released faster and worldwide.If not gonna flash it :)

11 months 1 day ago

I agree with you for faster updates to be released worldwide.Nice point there :)

11 months 2 days ago

You can replace the camera icon from zedge. Just install zedge, open the icons tab, select the camera icon which suits your liking, then set the icon for original camera app, and boom, the new icon for your Samsung Camera will be created on your home screen. Simple as that :)

11 months 1 day ago

Thanks for the support :) I will try it :)

11 months 2 days ago

Must say that the Ram management is a lot better than android 5.
It now actually doesn’t reload the apps, but just pauses them like it should’ve been.
Got 8 app’s open and the Ram usage is at 2.4gb.

11 months 2 days ago

can you provide us the screenshots of your device running on marshmallow? i want to check device’s PDA(firmware), model number and ram management section(how much ram does it consume when its running some apps and when there are no application running)

11 months 2 days ago

i am glad to hear that :)

11 months 3 days ago

It’s beautiful, but my worry is, will it be an empty OS as the touchwiz for galaxy s6 edge which doesnt even record the duration of a call? in fact I upgraded from galaxy s5 lte-a (sm-g906k) and its far better than the galaxy s6 edge am using now. Samsung has to remember users stopped giving a damn about hardware from galaxy s4, software and features is whats counts. there are a lot of USEFUL and important features that has been taken out in the galaxy s6 edge lollipop. i hope its not going to continue in this 6.0 either than that im selling for galaxy s6 edge for grandut.

11 months 2 days ago

Well older Touchwiz versions were kind of buggy and slow because of the a lot of useless features and I think that the new Touchwiz has a lot of important features and it is faster and smoother.

10 months 2 days ago

Totally disagree. I’ve posted that message on your forums after S6 release. Touchwiz was almost perfect and functional on kitkat (if you experienced it on S4, S5 and Alpha. S3 international version was too slow with its 1gb ram to handle it). On lollipop, it got half screwed and roms got buggy.
Some feature may be useless to you, but not to everyone since we are all different with different usages.

Faisal 123
11 months 3 days ago

Samsung… please make it same Touchwiz for S5 ..and make theme support. …
Please Samsung please…..
We know very well Galaxy S5 flagship device please makeup with new latest touchwizzz with theme support….
If will not done..
We will Sue case on Company ..Got it
Day by Day your customers line are declining….
Please makeup with new touchwiz for s5…got it..

11 months 3 days ago

Don’t waste your time for suing, instead root and go to XDA to enjoy the Theme Store

11 months 18 hours ago

Samsung will update the s5 to Marshmallow but theams won’t happening they might add some small new features from the new touchwiz. But don’t expect s5 to get the intire new ui. But if you love the s5 so much and want theams so badly you can buy the Galaxy s5 Neo which almost the same but comes with the new touchwiz and runs 5.1.1 with theams

11 months 3 days ago

Do emojis have been upgraded to Unicode 8?

11 months 3 days ago

Emojis update to unicode 8???

11 months 3 days ago

I just hope that the S5 will get the MM update, when is the real question !!!!!!!!!!!!

11 months 3 days ago

Has anyone figured out how to get to the SystemUI Tuner on the GS6?? The holding down the settings doesn’t work.

11 months 3 days ago

Add apps for folders is back ! GREAT

11 months 3 days ago

I want to know if the ram is still almost full(70 to 80 percent) without any application running!
I own a sm-g920f(pda:g920fxxu3coj1) and the ram management is awful!

11 months 3 days ago

If you have the beta please stop bitching here and provide feedback to Sammy so they can improve their product.

11 months 3 days ago

Beta is closed now in the UK… I’m using an edge+ anyway and can’t get it but I hope that means stable builds will be arriving early next year!
And why don’t you like the new power menu?

11 months 3 days ago

please how can i restore google play store on my S6 Edge ? It doesn’t work ….

11 months 2 days ago

Try installing older or newer version of the Google Play store by downloading them as an APK file.

11 months 3 days ago

Looks like Lollipop 5.3 to me.

manpreet soni
11 months 3 days ago

Sammobile can you pls tell if the ram management is fixed or not in this build?