Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini pictures leak

Samsung has had massive success with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, but just like every other flagship, it’s being released under multiple variations. We have some leaked pictures of the Galaxy S6 Mini but no news regarding the hardware underneath.

We’ve seen what the S6 Active is capable of and it turned out to be a fantastic device, so we’re now turning our heads to the S6 Mini which is supposed to be a smaller version of the standard S6. Samsung didn’t really talk too much about the Active and the Mini versions of its flagship device, so we don’t have too much official info. In any case, the leaked images show a device that could be somewhere between 4.6-inch and 4.7-inch, though we don’t know the exact dimensions yet.

It’s also possible that Samsung will release the Galaxy S6 Mini next month when it will also release the Galaxy Note 5 and a new smartwatch. We’re very curious to see what the tech specs of the Galaxy S6 Mini are, because any change in dimension will bring forth various changes in tech specs. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.




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9 months 25 days ago

As I keep saying I hope they release a more Powerful S6 Pro or Note 5 Compact at 5.1″ screen but 8.0 millimeters thick with 3500 Mah Battery from S6 Active.
Putting as full featured Note Compact will make it more powerful, higher priced and avoid angering S6 Owners and sell a few million more units to many who need the Power ( Battery ,SD Support, Extra RAM).
I’d like it by January…thanks lol.

9 months 28 days ago

I’m afraid that S6 mini is going to be another seriously trimmed down version. They already bareli snug all the goodies inside the S6, there will be no space for all of it inside much smaller mini version. I hope it has neither SD410 (too slow) not SD615 (moderately fater, mediocre GPU, too much heat) SoCs. Exynos 7580 is pretty slow as well. SD808 is faster but very power hungry (and heats up qiote a lot as well). FullHD is a must with a Pentile matrix, especially for the price. Alpha’s display is a let down in terms of sharpness.

9 months 28 days ago

Equipo de Samsung podrían poder de vuelta la RADIO FM en sus dispositivos de gama alta, soy un fiel cliente de Samsung y tengo varios dispositivos y por ello les pido que por favor pongan de nuevo la RADIO FM, se los agradecería infinitamente.

9 months 29 days ago

C’mon Samsung! Please add the micro-sd card slot back for the S6 ‘Mini’!! :)

And, please don’t add any glass-back design at the back since that’s unnecessary for this S6 variant thanks.

9 months 28 days ago

I like glass design, there’s nothing wrong with it. MicroSD card is likely if they’re not going to use UFS memory. I think it’s going to have either 16GB of expandable memory or 32GB with no MicroSD card slot.

9 months 29 days ago

I got al Alpha. It is a really good “mini”. Now it is a great buy if you don’t want a big display.

9 months 29 days ago

S Mini Series are regret. I have s5 mini, no update. Galaxy A series better choice than mini series.

9 months 29 days ago

Well hopefully they use the same SoC this time around and not a Qualcomm 410 or something. maybe lower the clock speed to1.8Ghz instead of 2.1 in the S6. Considering the screen will likely be either 720p or 1080p the lower clock should not effect performance much, and would really help with battery life.

I read a Anandtech article about the SoC yesterday and they said that reducing the SoC from 2.1Ghz to 1.9 would have improved battery performance by upto 24%. So for the Mini having a lower res screen with a lower clocked same SoC could yield a similar battery life to the bigger brother dispite it obviously having a smaller battery.

9 months 28 days ago

The same SoC and other components are going to be too big to fit in a mini.

9 months 29 days ago

If it has the same S6 camera and preferably
32 Gig Memory plus SD support ( Samsung may not allow this and only allow 16 Gig) could be an excellent Device.
IF it has 2400 mah Battery it will outlast S6 in Battery life.
Usually Samsung will not exceed S Series Flagships EXCEPT in Note Series- so we will see how much they allow here.
So far looks close to a Mini Flagship which Samsung has never done.

Note 5 Compact would be ultimate but this could be excellent -Qualcomm 808 performs well in LG G4 and even faster on smaller screen.

9 months 28 days ago

With 32GB versions they’re using their own UFS memory which has different controller than MicroSD card. They won’t be able to fit it all in small body.

9 months 29 days ago

While I like a slightly smaller phone than the S6, I’m not willing to give up most of the high end features and performance for a mid-range phone at a high price. If you compare the mini’s with the flagship models (S3,S4.S5) you’ll see what I mean.

9 months 28 days ago

Agreed Richard – I am looking for top specs in smaller form and hopefully large battery or replaceable battery.

Hopefully Samsung will do a 4.7″ Flagship with much better Battery Life AND Storage than iPhone 6 and include the S6 Camera.
Essentially what Alpha should have been.

Hopefully Samsung will do a 4.7″ Flagship with beefy battery and SD Support to beat the upcoming iPhone 6 S.

10 months 5 minutes ago

Samsung need to have exact same hardware and feature as Elder brother of s6 Mini, with smaller screen size. It needs post support, should not ignored as Galaxy S5 Mini

10 months 1 hour ago

if it has the same build quality ,camera and an-sd card this might be my new daily ^^

10 months 2 hours ago

Looks good!

Andrzej Dziag
10 months 3 hours ago

I can’t wait to see the S6 Mini!
I thought Samsung forgot about it’s smaller version of flagship smartphone :)
But They’re retarded with announcing this model for about 2 months relative to S5 Mini

10 months 2 hours ago

Samsung release mini version in august always

10 months 3 hours ago

When tbe new firmware after lollipop 5 for SM-N900 will come

10 months 3 hours ago

Potential candidate for SD 808. But most people will be disappointed if they put the usual 720p HD display. It’s high time to upgrade to a FullHD or at least something above the HD like resolution like iPhone 6.

9 months 28 days ago

iP6 is barely above HD resolution, it doesn’t make any real difference. What iP6 does is that it renders everything in FullHD and scales it down to display’s resolution. It won’t help much in S6 mini’s case because Samsung uses Pentile displays and it means 30% less subpixels (1280×720 display has real resolution closer to 960×540).

9 months 29 days ago

I agree with you. This S6 ‘Mini’ variant should have the following specs:

- 4.5″ – 4.7″ Full HD Super AMOLED display (greater pixel density than the S4/S5)
- 2400mAh – 2600mAh battery (greater battery life than the regular S6)
- 2gb RAM this time (no Ram issue)
- Same premium build as the Galaxy S6, but no rear glass-design at the back please
- 16/32gb internal storage (betting on the 16gb version)
- Micro-Sd card support (up to 128gb)
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 805/808 (please no lag)
- USB 2.0/ 3.1 Type C w/ rapid charge 2.0 technology (betting on the USB 2.0)
- 13/16 mega pixel camera for the rear & 5 mega pixel camera at the front
- Micro/Nano sim support (maybe micro)
- Costs should be below the regular S6 price, since it currently costs at least $1,099 here in NZ at the moment
- Less bloat-ware than its parent version
- IR Blaster would be a great addition to it

This should make the phone nearly identical to its parent version, Galaxy S6, without the fancy curved-edge on both sides.

Fingers crossed! :)

9 months 28 days ago

Forget it, it’s impossible to fit all of those in a such small and thin device.

9 months 27 days ago

Unless they go to 8.0 millimeter thick- like they should on at least one full S6 Version.

The S6 Active is about 8.0 millimeters thick with 3500 Mah Battery and I would love to see a full S6 in Metal and Glass at 8.0 mm thick with same 3500 Mah .

And this little one could be 2500 Mah or more with SD Card IF it is 8.0 millimeter thick.

9 months 28 days ago

Beefing the thickness to 8mm would solve this! ;)

9 months 28 days ago

We don’t care if it is 8 millimeter thick- well I certainly don’t…
But I hate losing Battery Size and features for “Thinness”.