Exclusive: Samsung to start rolling out Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update to Galaxy Note 4 by the end of July

Google revealed the developer preview of the next big version of its mobile device operating system – Android M – last week during Google I/O 2015, and the release of its final version is due in Q3 2015. Now, you must be thinking if Samsung is too slow in updating its existing smartphones and tablets to the latest version of Android.

Samsung has already improved its software update game starting this year, and it has already rolled out Lollipop update many existing devices. Now, Samsung is already testing beta versions of Android 5.1.1-based ROMs for various existing devices, and we’ve already shown you the upgraded camera app for the Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge that will be released with Android 5.1.1 update for the devices.

Many Galaxy Note 4 users are impatiently waiting for Samsung to release Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update for the device. Well, here’s some good news for those guys. According to our highly placed sources, Samsung is planning to release Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update to the Galaxy Note 4 by the end of July. As usual, we will be the first ones to show you the upcoming ROM running on the actual device.

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7 months 29 days ago

I am from Bangladesh and I own a N910C XME carrier. Still running kitkat and I desperately want lollipop. Most of the note4 users i know using 5.1.1 and here i didnt even get 5.0.1. I mailed them twice and all they say me is to be more patient. Samsung is really not treating their customers right. Please knock me if you have news on OTA. Dont want to root or use Odin. Thanks!

8 months 8 days ago

5.1.1 has been rolled in Oct 1st week for Australia. Now we are nearing end of Oct, but no news of the OTA update for 910G in India… & to top the joke, Samsung says Android 6 will start releasing from Dec onwards .. ha ha ha wot a joke

8 months 22 days ago

Guys, i just saw that sm-N910G has got the 5.1.1 Lollipop ROM ready for download & install now. In the ‘firmwares’ section. It only has it for Australian country, not even out yet in India, Singapore etc. Australia is usually the last to get it. I remember for 5.0.1, India got it very fast and we in Australia had to flash Indian 5.0.1 ROM hehe, now it’s reversed. I hope my eye’s aint playing tricks as im downloading it ASAP :)

8 months 30 days ago

Samsung still hasn’t released the UK BTU version of the Galaxy note 4 Android 5.1.1 update, even the carrier versions has it before the unlocked version, unbelievable!

Ivan Klanica
10 months 6 days ago

When version 5.1 will be ready for the SM-N910F? ivan

10 months 24 days ago

still no updates…

10 months 29 days ago

Any update? we are reaching last day of July and we didn’t smell anything yet.

mahabub ali
11 months 29 days ago

when 5.1.1 update will available for galaxy s5 SM-G900H??

1 year 2 days ago

sammobile please make a review video of 5.1.1

1 year 16 days ago

We also wattiig for Note 3 LTE Official 5.1.1………….

1 year 24 days ago

I’ve been running 5.1.1 on my Note 4 (SM-910G) since the day after it was first released to the Nexus Player. CyanogenMod 12.1 is the shiznit. Give it a try!

1 year 25 days ago

Dan vraag ik 1 ding van Samsung. Haal de random reboots en de haperingen eruit waar het toestel blokkeert en niks meer wil doen. Dan ben ik al lang blij. Mag zelfs met een andere 5.0.1-update. I don’t really care.

1 year 26 days ago

Would be great if you guys could show the firmware on the sm-910a model. where is this lollipop firmware, AT&T not release to customer unlock, Why do this? AT&T blocking OTA update to smartphone unlock,

1 year 27 days ago

What are you talking about ? I have a note 4 N910c and it works great,i have lollipop installed on and battery is 4+ hours of screen time…lighter use with cobtroling brightness(no gaming) i got 7 sot,plus never had issue with IR or anything else…only thing that i noticed is slow flash on camera and thats all

1 year 27 days ago

it start with note 4 , then S5 Series , then outers.
if you phone got 5.0 then be sure u would get it. maybe not in July but u would get it.
cuz they need to “fill the line” of there devices,

1 year 27 days ago

the image shows android 5.1.1 version can you make a preview video of the official rom

1 year 27 days ago

I want four things alongside upgrade of 5.1.1 on note 4 sm-n910g and that are
1.themes option in touchwiz
2.camera app as galaxy s6/s6 edge and manual exposure support and raw format support
3.user accounts
4.sd card obb files support
I hope samsung will do this…we are tired to wait to see all premium features on samsung’s latest and greatest PHABLET…

1 year 27 days ago

you will only have 2 of these features

1 year 27 days ago

What’s ur sources for saying this?

1 year 27 days ago

he might not be having any Source..
but with 5.1.1 we should expect those 4 features on Note 4 !!

1 year 27 days ago

Dude this is about Note 4 , you should stop posting ur Baseless Comments on Note 4 , and take care of ur Ace 4

1 year 27 days ago

I hope it is not another firmware number change & new theme to be used like the Lollipop 5.0.1

We need full active Lollipop the latest change in toggle, the new camera API 2 with RAW support & the new themes with other Galaxy S6 improvements.

not to forget battery life fix & for 32 bit or 64 bit matter I hope they activate 64 bit ability in Exynos version …………… that will be awesome.

1 year 27 days ago

you wont have new touchwiz

1 year 27 days ago

How do you know these things?

1 year 27 days ago

android lollipop is a disaster my 3D benchmark in antutu decreased from 15000 to 7000 wtf samsung????????

1 year 27 days ago

Anything for note 2?

1 year 27 days ago

I should smile to stay with 4.4.4 if more buggy on 5.0 but never in reality. My friends using old Sony and HTC are very happy Lollipop after months of experience. Why Samsung is very far behind these? I always want to taste the latest technology provided by Google.

Yes, I can flash my Note 4 manually, but I dont want use other region code and dont spend time to back up and restore my data. I frequently use IR remote at home and office, but with 4.4.4. The phone need to be restarted each time before using remote otherwise it doesnt work. I complain this case to Smart Remote but never have solution.

1 year 27 days ago

I updated my Note 4 to Lollilop 2 months ago and the IR Blaster was woking rock solid, not as with Kitkat. But three days ago, the IR suddenly (no new app installed or phone drop happened) stopped working. It’s completely dead, at the point the led is not visible anymore when using an infrared camera. Don’t know if when Samsung “fixed” the driver, could at the same time put it in an overworked state that finally burned the IR Blaster. After using Samsung Smartphones for more than 6 years, this is the first big disappointment I have had, Note 4 and IR Blaster. So sad!

1 year 27 days ago

i just hope if they enable 64bit for exynos variant of note 4

1 year 27 days ago


1 year 27 days ago

Note 4 SM-N910c and other versions are 64-bit.

1 year 27 days ago

I don’t think so that they will enable 64-Bit in Note 4 !! Check XDA if they can, don’t hope that from Samsung !!

1 year 26 days ago

they have to because in my region i was forced to have the weaker exynos variant of note 3 and it didnt have HMP which is also said to be enabled in update while other variants had the strongers SD800 powered note 3 it also got many features that were not found in the 3G variant like 4k video recording and 4G support plus the better performance so i dont think they are gonna make the same fault with note 4 now because they will lose many consumers including me ofcourse so i wish if they will make it because anyway xda is gonna make it .

1 year 27 days ago

Are you sure? The exynos is a 64bit soc, but it works at 32bit due operating system.

1 year 27 days ago

Note 4 sm-n910c exynos has 64bit processor, but are only activated 32bit.

1 year 27 days ago

Check an tu tu as Lollipop is 64bit based so if phone 64 bit then 64 bit os

check Antutu app

1 year 27 days ago

thats wat we are talking about its not 64bit now but i could be in android 5.1 got it ?

1 year 27 days ago

i think this will change in android 5.1 by adding some 64bit patches to the kernel, i really hope so :D

1 year 27 days ago

Will themes be coming to Note 4 with 5.1.1 update?

1 year 28 days ago

What about RAW photos?

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