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Galaxy S5 Active (SM-G870) specs leak through benchmark: 5.1″ display, Snapdragon 800 CPU, 16MP camera


Well, here it is folks. The Galaxy S5 Active (SM-G870), which has been in and out of rumors and leaks recently, has appeared on the GFXBench benchmark database, revealing its hardware specs in the process. According to the benchmark listing, the Galaxy S5 Active will sport a 5.2-inch 1080p display, but it will likely be a 5.1-inch unit, as even the Galaxy S5 is listed on GFXBench as having a 5.2-inch display. However, while it isn’t mentioned, the display will likely be downgraded to an LCD unit. Under the hood, we get to see another area where Samsung has made a compromise to keep the phone’s cost lower than its main flagship – there’s a Snapdragon 800 processor powering the Galaxy S5 Active, instead of the Snapdragon 801 CPU found on the Galaxy S5, though we shouldn’t see any noticeable dips in performance because of this.

Other specs of the Galaxy S5 Active apparently include 2GB of RAM, a 16-megapixel rear camera, 2-megapixel front-facing camera, 16GB of storage, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat, all of which are the same as those on the Galaxy S5. Naturally, this leaves us wondering yet again why the Galaxy S5 Active needs to exist when the Galaxy S5 is already a rugged device, though it’s likely Samsung will differentiate it by adding an even higher level of water- and dust-resistance, and maybe give it a more industrial design akin to the Galaxy S4 Active that was launched last year.

The Galaxy S5 Active recently got certified by the FCC in the US, so it’s possible we could see an official announcement very soon, though probably not at the June 12 event that will introduce the Galaxy Tab S lineup of tablets.


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7 comments on “Galaxy S5 Active (SM-G870) specs leak through benchmark: 5.1″ display, Snapdragon 800 CPU, 16MP camera

  1. yash1331 9 months ago said:

    Would You Mind Making An Index/Table Into The Post Of The Main Detail Like Specifications So It Could Be Easy To Find Them.



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  2. gtone339 9 months ago said:

    Well, anything could happen at the special unpacked event next month…

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  3. Nate B. 9 months ago said:

    They make to many damn phone for no reason

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  4. TheSparda 9 months ago said:

    No point in owning this phone with lower specs. S4 LTE+ is of better value with similar specs. Water proof/dust proof is a feature that does nothing for phones. Samsung needs to go back rethink their strategies. The S5 is not required to have this feature and the phone could have been thinner and smaller without that tacky looking usb flap. If they were planning the active all along, they could have just made the S5 with a better form factor. No wonder the S5 looks so tacky and ugly…

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