Sorry folks, this is not the Galaxy S5 Prime

Samsung is said to be working on a QHD version of the Galaxy S5, which will be called the Galaxy S5 Prime. Anonymous insider sources claimed earlier today that Samsung intends to launch the handset as early as June, while a list of compatible handsets on Samsung’s Find My Mobile service page revealed the model numbers that were heavily rumored to be belonging to the Galaxy S5 Prime. Just minutes ago, a blurry photo posted by KopenGalaxyS5 claimed that the device in question was the Galaxy S5 Prime. However, we can unequivocally state that this is not the case, and what you actually see in the images below is in fact a Photoshopped Galaxy Note 3.

Considering the amount of hype there is about the Galaxy S5 prime, it is understandable that certain blogs would take this direction, but the images that were showcased clearly show that the device is indeed a Galaxy Note 3. The square design, the speaker grille, the home button placement at the front all confirm that the images below are just poor Photoshop renditions. The blog post goes on to say “showcase” the edge-to-edge screen with almost no bezels and the metal housing around the edges, but what it in fact is a render to mask the obvious chrome sides of the Galaxy Note 3. To prove that this is a fake, we zoomed into the image and found that the finger cuts into the chrome bezel.

At some stage in the near future, we are going to see the QHD version of the Galaxy S5, but until that time arrives, we just have the rumors to go by.

S5 Prime 1

S5 Prime 2

S5 rumor


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  1. s5 mini ? … :D

  2. 4.3 Jellybean?

  3. Don’t tell me that evleaks may leak it first?

    • Wait a minute! The blurry pic shows the screen edge to edge? Bezel-free?

      Hope they call it Galaxy PRIME! :)

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