All-metallic version of Galaxy S5 might launch in May under the Galaxy F moniker

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress earlier this week, but there was no mention of an all-metallic variant of the device. Earlier rumors suggested that the device would launch alongside the standard handset, and that it would feature a QHD screen and overall better hardware. However, that wasn’t the case as there was just one version of the Galaxy S5 that was ultimately unveiled. But recent rumors out of Korea coming from Samsung executives who were in closed-room meetings at the MWC suggest that the premium version of the Galaxy S5 is still on the cards, with the device likely to herald a new line of high-end devices under the Galaxy F moniker.

Dubbed Project F, the all-metallic version of the Galaxy S5 is said to feature premium materials and better hardware to the standard Galaxy S5. It might even launch with the rumoured 64-bit Exynos Infinity SoC that was set to debut at the MWC. Other features allegedly offered by this device include optical image stabilization, a feature that is missing in the standard Galaxy S5. Samsung is also said to offer the Galaxy S5 at a much lower price point to what it offered the Galaxy S4 at launch. If the manufacturer does indeed manage to do so, the move would further reinforce the future availability of a higher-end version of the Galaxy S5. All this is still a rumor at this stage, so take the information with the obligatory grain of salt.


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  1. just a thought why don’t they make the S variant stands for Small we need smaller sized high end device !! and let all the others go F for themselves ((F variant that is ^^ ))

  2. If this is true, Samsung could be pissing a lot of people off that are planning on buying the S5 right away. Now this is making me nervous and not wanting to buy the S5 and wait for this “F” phone

    • They are not pissing anyone. They can launch anything at anytime, they don’t need to answer to customer about future plans. Don’t be immature. And GS5 will be priced lower than GS4 or other Sony/HTC/LG phones. The ‘Prime’ or F series will be super expensive.
      Think properly..

      • They are. They do. He wasn’t. It isn’t. So what if you can afford it? Same to you.

    • It is making me think again also as I do not like the S5 as it is but decided I might as well comparing it with the competition, but now the F series seems to be what I expected the S5 to be. So I will wait now for further info before committing.

  3. i wont buy that s5 peace of shit. 1% improvement in comparisson with s4 for 300$ more.. but if u ask me if im going to buy the metallic version it will depend on wich processor it would have. and also on the amount of ram. at least a snapdragon 805 or a true exynos 6 octa with 3gb ram AT LEAST will be ok for me to buy it. less than that i will prefer to buy the LG G3 or note 3

    • dude 2gb are more than enough s5 even with all apps opened doesnt eat more than 1.5 gigs the extra 1gb is useless and the cost of the phone will rise.

    • I agree the S5 they showed at the MWC was garbage 2gb of ram really . I hope the S5 prime has more to offer .

  4. If it has the same specs then I’ll be giving it a pass as well. What a major disappointment the S5.

  5. They know the Xperia Z2 is better and now they must do something…better as this Fit-Thing garbage….

    Maybe… :-)

    • Better do something in life other than trolling. or is that your family tradition??

      • FU

      • what he say is true.. are u defending samsung?? see LG.. they make a good phone and i wear lg g2…it is much better even though a late kit kat update. camera with ois from lg, how about samsung? digital image stabilization? and look at other side, LG is having competition with samsung… dont just bcoz one have samsung, they think that it is the best phone.. same like iphone, people defending iphone is the user itself… as for me.. samsung is good in production and hardware+design but they still dont understand what user want… releasing another version after the s5 launch is not a good way to attract buyers.

  6. People are funny. They complain that it’s plastic yet 99% of people put their phones in plastic or silicone cases.

    I use a Note 3 and it’s the best phone I’ve ever used. I’m glad it isn’t metal because it would be unnecessarily heavy.

    I also use it without a case and the back feels great when you’re holding it.

    Let’s focus on what’s under the hood and how well the phone actually does the things you want it to do…because in that case the S5 looks like a winner.

    (it really should have came with 32GB storage though)

    • +10 dude nice that someone uses their brain.

    • I agree. I tried metal phone. What a disgusting feeling phone in hand! I understood why samsung make plastic device instead of metal.

    • Same here – I gad HTS Sensation once and it’s really not good. I tend to drop my phone once a while and the metal ones never go without a scratch. Another thing is the phone getting very cold very quick in the winter. From the comments I get from people who are not geeks and very interested in the Mobile Phones – all of them thought that my Note3 is made of an actual leather.
      As to the Galaxy F5 – I’d love to see it with 4GB, QHD and a 64bit Exynos…

  7. I am from Sweden and have been a Apple user more then 20 years. It was natural that I bought the first iPhone and did so until the big dissepointment from iphone 4 to S4. I then said its time to change and I have been looking on Samsungs Galaxy phones. My first one was a S2 and I was really happy how easy it was to operate and customize. All my freind were surprised to hear that I went from Apple to Android and now all of those changed to Galaxy. Then came the S3 which was much better and then the S4 LTE which we all were very very saticfied with. However we were a little tired of the plastic in the phones and were looking forward to that premium feeling with metal case. When I saw the presentation the other day and the CEO starting to say that Samsung has listen to its costumers I were happy and glad. When he came to what they have changed the first thing was design. Now I was 100% sure it will be a premium phone in metal looks. We all know what happened…

    I am so dissepointed on this new S5 whick acully should have been a S4 Facelift instead. All this event and mystery for a facelift? I know that its not all about design but we want something new to look and hold. New harware, new look, new UI. My wish would be a phone that looks like the HTC One and with the hardware and UI from Samsung. If they wont anounce a new thru S5 I will change with my friends to the Sony Z2. This is what the S5 should at least had have. Not even a Ram 3…..

    Lets hope all you Samsung fans, lets hope that Samsung REALLY listen to its costumers and do what they should have done with the S5. If they dont, they other companies will soon pick up and Samsung will lose a lot of market.

    All the best from Sweden!

    • look at my post to leboreiro123 thats for 3gb and about the metal case i dont think that any phone maker uses metal nokia uses polycarbonate sony uses glass etc.
      and metal is heavy so people would say the phone is heavy goddamn pricks a phone of 300g is heavy my note3 is like a feather lol.

    • look at my post to leboreiro123 thats for 3gb and about the metal case i dont think that any phone maker uses metal nokia uses polycarbonate sony uses glass etc.
      and metal is heavy so people would say the phone is heavy goddamn pricks a phone of 300g is heavy my note3 is like a feather lol.

  8. If it’s true then it could be unveiled in Q2, after the launch of the Galaxy S5.

    • Or just save it up for the Galaxy S6….

  9. i am the fan of the samsung mobile, i have used sgs2, sgs3, now using sgs4 but i am really sorry to tell that sgs5 completely disappointment from my side, there is no any special features, at least it has to be metal body finally and other my point of 2gb ram is pieces of shit, i have preferred to wait one year more but they could launch much better devices :(( i am regret to tell that, i am waiting experia z2 now, i am sure it will be much more faster and useful than sgs5

    • look at my post to leboreiro123 thats for 3gb because people that think more is better are at loss.

      • this is your opinion, in my opinion 2gb is not enough, even note 3 is 3gb, this one is the newest phone on the market, it has to be best one, but right now experia z1 is a 2gb so why i should buy sgs5? what is the advantages then other???

        • true my opinion but to compare note3 and sg5 is like comparing butter and margarine it looks the same but isnt.i use my note daily and can say that wacom digitizer eats memory like a black hole a lot of people dont believe me when i say thats the only reason to have a 1gb more on a phone and still only 2gb are used when i use my note heavy so yea
          its good to have a different opinion everybody does.

  10. Samsung fleksing muchles vith s5 prime/ f5?? hope so. makes sense vhen you look at the 2gb and no 2k or ois etc… saving it for prime/f!

  11. most likely, it will be launched in Korea only, as an experimental device. The rest world if will see it, then much later.

    • Thats right sorg17 2k is still not finished and thats why it uses alot of battery
      and adding a 1gb to 2gb is to make the phone more expensive ofc normal people are blind and thing that more is better while my note3 in heavy use doesnt go past 2gb even having a memory hungry wacom digitizer lol.

  12. For me, what they presented now should be called S5 Active (with IP67, heartbeat sensor, etc…). Cannot wait for the REAL new 2014 Flagship.
    Also hoping for some developers to rip the ROM apart and introduce the HDR video recording as well as the Ultra Battery Saver mode to my N9005.

  13. Tengo un renault de otros coches no puedo hablar y los protectores de las ruedas son de plastico y me encantan pues nunca me los han desformado en un golpecito de aparcamiento, no es tan malo el plastico digo yo

  14. s serisini bitirmek için güzel fikir

  15. So many variants makes it so depressing, specially to those early buyers not knowing something better coming out… I’d rather not buy than waiting for nothing or get dismayed buying early.

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