Galaxy S5 releasing on April 11 in 150 countries

Now that the official Galaxy S5 announcement is out of the way, Samsung is talking numbers. The Galaxy S5 will be available starting April 11 in 150 countries, with the device set to work on “every major carrier” around the globe. In the U.S., Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile will carry the device, with no word of a Verizon version yet. Across the pond in the U.K., EE, Three and Vodafone UK will offer the device. UK-based retailers like Phones4u and Carphone Warehouse will also stock the device in their outlets.

Pricing information for the Galaxy S5 isn’t available yet, but it should be forthcoming as we get closer to the release date. It is also likely that most carriers will offer a Galaxy S5 + Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo bundle. The Galaxy S5 itself comes loaded with a host of new features, like a hybrid autofocus camera with the fastest camera shutter to be included on a mobile device, heart rate sensor and a fingerprint scanner along with IP67 certification.


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  1. shit shit shit this device, i buy a s4 black edition, whan a disapointment!!!! fuck specs realy!!!!

    • ah…. poor… whittle… baby iTroll is MAD…. eh? hahaha…. Now go qui you mummy about that mean old Samsung beats everything else out, but still isn’t good enough for you Trolls. So you still crying on mummy’s lap! ….wah… wah…. wahhhh…

  2. what an disappointment specs, really shit!!!

  3. Why are you people bitching about resolution? Honestly over 1080p is a waste on the screen that size and it would just effect battery life. Then you would b**** about how terrible the battery is.

    • I’m totally with you on that. You just reduce battery time and slow down the phone because it has to use more of its power to display everything what you can’t really see unless your nose is pushed to the screen. I’d rather have full HD screen and no lags and longer battery live. First videos I saw show now lag at all that’s what I really miss.

  4. Great!

  5. so terribly disappointed!

    • Terribly disappointed in you too! ;-P

  6. Why would anyone by this, im def sticking with my Note 3.

  7. Ha ha ha goodbye samsung are very disappointed in my opinion, S4 is much nicer. Expect the Sony or HTC to impress me with something to mess yours do not see why we give S4 to S5. Samsung goodbye

    • Sorry but the S4 IS NOT nicer or better. Everyone is frustrated with the S5 but it is not worse than S4. Wake up.

  8. They didn’t explain new Touchwiz that well, but settings are much more attractive. Touchwiz is no longer running on top of Android. Which is the reason we’ll see no lag, on top of not pushing out higher res, just to 1 up the competition. Don’t forget they still haven’t announced Galaxy S5 Prime. Which is said to have stereo speakers with fuller bass as well as metal cover. But you will pay for all the tweaks and amenities it will come with!

    I’m wondering why they didn’t mention whether this had the DNSe sound chip or not? Why didn’t show off the fingerprint sensor much and who is supplying he sensor. Validity? That’s who makes the best sensors, who aren’t so easily SPOOFED…. like Apple’s Authentec sensors.

    Also it would be nice if they expounded on the history of Samsung’s experience in Biometric Technology. Samsung has been in Biometrics in Medical, Enterprise and Government for over a decade. First introducing fingerprint sensors in Notebooks in 2002 and Doorlocks around the same time. Their battery operated door lock sensors are the most sold fingerprint recognition door locks in the Industry!

    If Samsung is indeed using Validity Sensors, then next generation Galaxies will most likely have invisible sensors behind the screen and not in a physical button! (PC Magazine has article pertaining to this)

  9. i was talking about the s5 with some friends today, i said that samsung doesn’t impress me anymore. i had a galaxy ace, a lg optimus 3d, a galaxy s3 and a s4, for me the s3 was the most inovative smartphone of its time.
    the s4 is only blablabla with a awful CPU exynos, the samsung knox is a piece of shea… and i’m waiting for the xperia z2 specs, if the z1 is waterproof, a great camera, a great sound (walkman), it’s bealtiful, what to expect from z2? a greater smartphone! samsung for me it’s over, done, RIP. i forgot to mention about the antutu hacks… and the fake octacore… pfffff…

    • Fake? Obviously you are a Paid Troll. Because #1 Exynos Octa does indeed have 8 cpu cores #2 With HSA Heterogenous Computing API’s, all 8 cores now work concurrently. That’s why your ignorant fellow retarded iDiot Ron Amadeo at Anandtech is crying, because under follow up testing Exynos still beat the crapple out Apple, HTC, Sony, etc. With Samsung’s TRUE Pervasive Multitasking, Drag n Drop, PiP, PoP and Multiwindow Desktop… there simply is not other phone maker’s device capable of doing that! hahaha….

      RIP…. Loser!!! lol…. no way any company you mention has a chance in hell in catching Samsung again this year!!! :DDD

      • i own a galaxy s4 “octacore”, when i bought it, i had choose it because of the “powerful” octacore cpu, but the exynos 5410 doesn’t work with all the 8 cores at the same time because a tremendous temperature issue, it has less performance than the snapdragon version! look all the benchmark tests! thes piece of shi… doesn’t have opengl 3.0, like the snapdragon has! till today, we don’t have a funcional cyanogenmod build, just look at xda-developers. the home button it’s fragile, the smartphone only has PLASTIC, like the s3.
        it has some great funcionalities, like its camera, display, but nothing more. at this time, xperia z1 kick s4 ass, and z2 will do so YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, IT’S FACT! samsung turned into a mercenary like crapple!

        • You need to look up HSA. Because the chips are different chip architectures they normally can’t run at the same time. But HSA with AMD, ARM, Samsung, etc have developed API’s to run every core at the same time. It’s like OpenCL for GPU doing CPU tasks. This has enabled all 8 cores to run concurrently and has been doing this for months! Sorry… but you’re wrong now!!!


    • Go ahead! You won’t be missed and you’ll keep them in business. Samsung meanwhile will sell only 399,999,999 Million instead of 400 Million. No big deal! lol…. Especially since last year they sold 315 Million smartphones to smarter people. Which is more than Apple, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, etc combined! :D

  11. Will stick whit my S3 LTE at the moment:
    - no x64
    - only 2GB my I9305 has same note 3 has 3GB,
    - bigger os (more bloat).
    -don’t use and need fitness feature,
    Only nice thing is the camera but still no OIS.
    - biggest problem is KNOX, no more custom rom and warranty after if needed !!!!

  12. Not buying this, design is a big disappointment, will stay with my S4 or may consider the Xperia Z2.

  13. Wonderful, the dust and water protection of s5! I am thinking if the Samsung already corrected the common defect in the S4. Ten days after receiving my brand new s4, the GLASS HAS BROKEN, CRACKED, from left to the right, NO drops, twist, pressure or heat. Absolutely nothing. Happily, it is working fine, no problem at all, but cracked. When someone asks what is this, I ansswer: it’s Samsung famous gorilla glass technology.
    It seems that the S5 glass is the same S4 famous UNBREAKABLE Gorilla Glass.

    • Easy to replace yourself, but why wouldn’t you take back? Plus this phone is using Gorilla Glass 3 and it’s the same exact glass Apple, Sony, HTC and others use now. Samsung does own major shares in Corning now though!

      But still it shouldn’t have broken and that’s a defect you could have gotten fixed or replaced free. So why complain?

  14. I don’t get what the problem is about the Samsung Galaxy S5? I think it’s a great phone and i don’t get why people say they would rather get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because the Galaxy S5 is still far better. It might not be a big jump for Galaxy S4 owners but for me who has a Galaxy S3 it’s a huge difference. I’m actually excited to upgrade to this.

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