Tizen OS images reveal a user interface that is similar to Android

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  1. So maybe those circle icons we saw in the earlier in leaks were hints ti Tizen. I don’t mind new things, but it looks unattractive.

  2. It looks ugly and outdated, start giving preference to Tizen over Android Samsung and I’ll pick from the numerous other android manufacturer’s.

    • You haven’t even used it and you’re cutting it down. How lame is that? For your information…. in testing it’s running far faster and delivering as much as twice the battery life on average as Android on the same smartphone. It’s running on Gear 2 because instead of one day, it’s lasting 3 days w/o recharging. So may be changing your mind!

      Also…. that’s as the main OS and isn’t taking into account Samsung and Google both have been working on the Xen 64bit Bare Metal (type 1) Hypervisor for Smartphones and Tablets. Which means new Touchwiz could very well be the Host OS UI with Android and Tizen being choices offered as Guest OS!

      The concept is all about making it Extremely Secure and ultra FAST as well as efficient utilizing ARM Hardware Virtualization. With either or both Android and Tizen running in protected mode isolated or sandboxed away from hypervisor kernel embedded in chips metal, this is exactly what could make our lives safer more secure and efficient.

      So I doubt your ignorant threat would make any difference, because both Google and Samsung, as well as Intel and others have been working on the Xen Hypervisor project for some time. Actually ever since ARM launched A15 processor. So now what are you going to do? Go to Apple? Go right ahead, because we wouldn’t even miss you. With SAMSUNG Android devices owning YOUR SMARTPHONE WORLD! …..over half of the 81% of Smartphones running Android, are Samsung devices today and it’s only going to get larger!!! So We Won’t Even Miss YOU! hahaha….

  3. Well they look unattractive too but we might get accustom to it maybe.

  4. All I care is performance/battery. UI design can be switched overnight.

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