The standard Galaxy S5 will be dust and water proof

It looks like Samsung may not need to launch a rugged version of the Galaxy S5, as sources in the know indicated that the regular Galaxy S5 will be dust and water resistant. Samsung is said to be intent on including dust and water resistant features in its high-end handsets this year, and it looks like the manufacturer is going to start with the Galaxy S5. An anonymous source said, “For the previously released Galaxy S4, water-proof and dust-proof capabilities were adapted to the handset’s variants. But for the Galaxy S5, the standard model will have them immediately.”

The rumor contradicts earlier rumors that indicated that Samsung is working on an Active version of the Galaxy S5 that will be dust and water resistant, and that it is looking to accrue 25 percent of all Galaxy S5 sales from this device. In addition to dust and water resistant features, the Galaxy S5 is said to come with a finger scanner that is built into the home button. Samsung is alleged to be using US fingerprint solution maker Validity’s chips for finger scanning functionality in the Galaxy S5, and will use ultra violet coating on the home button. Earlier rumors indicated an embedded sensor that negates the need for a home button, but if Samsung is using hardware by Validity, it is likely that the sensor would be embedded into the home button. The Galaxy S5 will be officially unveiled next week at the Mobile World Congress.


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  1. Does any one knows what this means?! The glass will be like the sony waterproof with a thin searchable film. The speaker and microphone will suck! I dont think this is true!

    • There have been some rumors that there will be two initial versions of the Galaxy S5 at launch, one with the plastic body and one metal. The metal one COULD potentially be sealed better. Keep in mind that water resistant and waterproof are two very different things. A proper waterproof device will be SEALED so that water can’t get into the electronics. Now, the degree to which it is sealed is where you see just how deep you can go underwater.

      As you have pointed out, speakers and microphones that are inside a sealed device will not be as clear, so it remains to be seen how Samsung is going to deal with this. Just keep in mind that at the moment, this article is only a rumor. Capacitive buttons don’t work underwater, so it may be that the S5 is merely water resistant, where it will survive if it gets splashed, but isn’t a true waterproof device that is intended to survive going underwater.

  2. That’s really what I want for a long time.

  3. If you couldn’t design a scanner that somehow fit into the screen itself why would you put the stupid outdated swipe your finger across thing to unlock finger scanner in the home button. Its like Samsung just stopped giving a Sh*t have way through.

    • There is something called practicality when it comes to the design. How sensitive do you need/want the ENTIRE screen to be? Do you want it where someone who you let make a call from your phone now can have their fingerprints captured by someone trying to do malicious things(capture the fingerprints of others with an app, then duplicate them so you can unlock their phone)? There is also the cost aspect, where if doing the above was even practical, the cost in terms of parts might be a bit expensive compared to the regular touchscreen technology.

      I am sure they could do a LOT of things, but if the price would be $100-$300 more for some of the features, most would prefer questionable features be left out to get the price down, or to a sane level.

      • You see what they now have is

        a) Copying apple by having the fingerprint scanner in the home button. Doesn’t matter if the tech is different, it will be perceived as copying apple style. Even HTC decided to be more creative with it and put it in the back.

        b) An outdated technology that has existed for quite sometime.

        c) Finally a company that cannot bring anything new to the table.

        If they could not have done the fingerprint implementation in a really creative and amazing way they should have left it out entirely. From these newer reports, this phone is turning out to be an incremental update…NOTHING MORE. S3, S4, S5…Samsung better change their strategy quick.

        • Motorola atrix had fingerprint scanner in button 5 years ago, so samsung isn’t copying apple

          • Not to forget the HP IPAQ products even longer ago

  4. And, the standard version will be made out of plastic.

  5. if SGS5 will be 450-500 USD with no contract it will be time for my current SGS3 to go, otherwise Nexus 5 for 450 is my choice :)

  6. Que thousands of morons claiming warranty and blaming Samsung because they thought it meant they could use their phone in the ahower or pool….

  7. I always strive to keep my phone, and other electronic devices away from water. While dust and water resistance is nice, it’s not a big selling point for me.

    On another point, I really like the look of the rendering Sammobile uses for the GS5. I’d love it if the phone looked like that. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to look much like the GS4.

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