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Samsung’s design patents transformed into Galaxy S5 and Note 4 concepts


We’ve seen a couple of concept designs of the Galaxy S5 in the last few weeks, brought to life by imaginative folks that are looking forward to Samsung’s next flagship. Well, now we’ve got another, this time inspired by a new design patent that was awarded to Samsung on the last day of 2013, and also accompanied by a concept of the Galaxy Note 4 derived from the same patents. Like the other concepts, this one features a curved design with zero screen bezels, but adds to it with a wraparound flexible display on the side, which, as another of Samsung’s patents showed us, could be used for things like app shortcuts, news tickers, navigating through apps, and more.

Take a look at the concepts below.


Concept-models-of-Samsung-Galaxy-S5-and-SamsungGalaxy-Note-4-based-on-Samsungs-design-patent (2) Concept-models-of-Samsung-Galaxy-S5-and-SamsungGalaxy-Note-4-based-on-Samsungs-design-patent (1) Concept-models-of-Samsung-Galaxy-S5-and-SamsungGalaxy-Note-4-based-on-Samsungs-design-patent Concept-of-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4

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14 comments on “Samsung’s design patents transformed into Galaxy S5 and Note 4 concepts

  1. AquilaSol 1 year ago said:

    What’s this, the HTC Note 4?….

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    • gyussz 1 year ago said:

      This was my first impression too

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    • ryarrell 1 year ago said:

      Htc wishes they had something even on the level of the Galaxy Note products. Htc is a definite JOKE on the android platform. Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy products period.

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      • abolds4397 1 year ago said:

        I’m with you on that! HTC can’t touch Samsung, not even in their dreams!

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      • AquilaSol 1 year ago said:

        Ah, do not mistake my meaning, I was speaking purely as a designer. No brand has a phone good enough to beat (my brilliant) Note 3; in terms of specs, preformance and design. The last good HTC phone that ran Android was the HD2.. And that was only thanks to XDA, not HTC.

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    • rick007 1 year ago said:

      I think it’s not an HTC design, but the Samsung Wave had similar body. Combined with some Tizen prototype :)

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  2. berkcan06 1 year ago said:
  3. Fuelledbyramen 1 year ago said:


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  4. s2kta4 1 year ago said:

    samsung would never lose the hardware buttons… it’s the one thing that’s holding their sales over the competitors…

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    • Abhijeet M. 1 year ago said:

      Uh, not really, it’s just one thing that Samsung continues to use because consumers have become comfortable with it, people buy them because of mostly the marketing, and the buttons don’t really factor in that (some of us do like them, but for the majority of the market it’s not that much of a concern).

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      • s2kta4 1 year ago said:

        most of the people i know think that moving to a buttonless form factor was one of android’s biggest mistakes..

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  5. gtone339 1 year ago said:

    Good rendition of the Samsung design patent concept.

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  6. abolds4397 1 year ago said:

    I think I’ll be looking to set aside my Samsung Galaxy S4 for the S5 as soon as it comes out!

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  7. AdL2012 1 year ago said:

    Awesome…i wish S5 look like this concept

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