Report: Samsung Galaxy S5 to use LTPS LCD display made by Sharp, not AMOLED

Here’s yet another conflicting rumor about what type of display the Galaxy S5 will employ. According to a report by Tencent, Samsung will be using an LTPS LCD display made by Sharp on its 2014 flagship, instead of an AMOLED unit made by Samsung itself. Samsung has reportedly hit a few production issues with 2K AMOLED displays and can’t produce enough units to meet projected Galaxy S5 sales volumes; the company also wants to bring flexible AMOLED displays to the mass market by 2015, and these reasons have made it turn towards Sharp for the S5.

Samsung recently bought a 3 percent stake in Sharp, so it’s plausible that it will be making good use of that stake, but as we’ve seen with every rumor in the past that has suggested that Samsung will be foregoing AMOLED display for its next flagship, this one will likely turn out to be false. But in case it does turn out to be accurate, we can hope that at least the Galaxy F – the rumored super premium Galaxy S5 that will employ a metal body – comes with an AMOLED display.

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  1. Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy products period. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what they do they will always be #1 on the android platform so easily it’s .

  2. Meh X_X not sure whether to wait for Galaxy F or S5….

    But… Eldar said: “F means Fashion. Galaxy (F)-is internal name, not real commercial name – thats the overpriced model with metal body (part of it) based on S4″

    so galaxy F is based on S4? *dilemma*

    • There’s no telling what it is. Murtazin has a poor track record of accuracy, so we’ll just have to wait and watch for what the Galaxy F really brings.

  3. If Samsung is releasing 2 Galaxy S5 variants, then this could be the “Standard Edition”, while the other could be the “Premium Edition”.

  4. Every year they say their is problems with the amoled screens but yet Sammy always delivers.

    Can’t wait to see this years lineup

  5. No AMOLED then no S5 for me as that is one of the main reasons I have previously bought the S2 and my current S4.

  6. I am not sure about this rumour though. I can still remember that Sammobile reported Samsung is going to use LCD in S4 last year, but it came with AMOLED.

  7. no amoled no S5 for me then either, will just keep my S3 or move from samsung.

  8. I love AMOLED

  9. For as much as I was looking forward to the S 5, if the S 5 comes with LCD, I prefer to stick to my S 3 and wait for the S 6.

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