Report: Samsung’s first QHD (2560×1440) phone, aka Galaxy S5, to be announced at MWC

The Korean media is at it again, revealing some of Samsung’s plans for the coming year. According to ZDNet Korea, Samsung will be announcing its first smartphone with a QHD (2,560×1,440) display at Mobile World Congress (MWC) between February 24 – 27 – although not mentioned by name, this phone is all but certain to be the Galaxy S5, as it would be silly for Samsung to unveil its next major upgrade in display tech on anything but a flagship device, and also because mass production of these QHD displays is already underway.

An MWC announcement falls right in line with the rumored April launch of the Galaxy S5, possibly in both premium and “super-premium” variants, though since Samsung likes having its own dedicated events for flagship announcements, an MWC unveil might not come to be. The same report mentions that Samsung will also unveil a device in 2014 that comes with its rumored (and patented) eye (iris) scanning technology, though whether it makes the cut as a Galaxy S5 feature is something that remains to be seen.

We’ll be live at MWC 2014, so rest assured that you’ll be hearing all about the Galaxy S5 and other announcements made by Samsung at the yearly mobile event.

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  1. Can someone tell me why samsung is bringing such a high screen resolution to a smartphone (where it is absolutely not needed), but still delivering 10 inch tablets with 1280 x 800 ????? And even thinking to produce ‘light’ version of such tablets? This is just nonsense!

    • Give Samsung 3 months ;)

      • Why giving samsung 3 month? With the nexus 10 tablet they already produced a higher resolution tablet. This tablet has been produced already one year ago. So they know how to produce, but did not took it over to their portfolio, why ever.

        • 1 reason Amoled … They want to produce these screens in Amoled… And if they manage to do so they will own the market…

    • They do make tablets with higher resolution: note 10.1 2014 edition resolution is 2569×1600. And the lower resolutions on other tablets, are because of pricing….

  2. I Own an s4 with full HD resolution, previously I owned an Note 3 with 720p resolution I have good vision (better than mean) and I cant appretiate the resolution difference, so is dumb to push it higher again a 500dpi resolution has sense on monochrome printers but phones?

    I think samsung instead must improve other phone areas: Power, Battery, Radios, Materials, Interface, Reliability, SOFTWARE UPDATES, the screen resolution from HD is not a priority on the user experience account.

    • *Typo: previously I Owned an NOTE 2

    • And if their competitors do so… They will fall behind.. The display is the thing you look at the most of your phone.

  3. For 3 years now this rumor somehow it gets recycled and i cant find why. Of course Samsung its going to have its own event and if they want to really hit super premium line they should include something equal or better than Snapdragon 805 with 3GB ram and i guess 64bit cpu its not necessary :)screen its just perfect may a reduced bezel will seem sexy.

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