Samsung releases Android 4.3 kernel source for Galaxy S3

When it comes to releasing kernel source code, Samsung wastes no time. The Android 4.3 rollout for the Galaxy S3 has only just begun, but interested developers can already download the relevant kernel source from Samsung’s Open Source Release Center, and start releasing custom kernels and ROMs that work well with the official Android 4.3 update on the device.

Hit the source link to grab the Android 4.3 kernel source. The “update12″ file is the one you’re looking for, with version XXUGMJ9.


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  1. Is there any news about android 4.3 for Galaxy Note 2 LTE (N7105)?

    • Me too.. Galaxy S3 LTE i9305..

      • Im waiting as well! :D s3 i9305

        • Me too i9305.. hoe it brings more features than the i9300 !!

  2. what is kernel source? how to install it on the device?

    • i have the same question

      • its not a problem. u can flash kernals files. its drivers for GPU and cpu and other stuff which is connected to the I9300 hardware. the nightly cyanogen nightly 4.3 runs on native drivers which has gfx glitches. this is will it.

    • these kernals codes are for people like u and me. its for developers like CyanogenMod. now that this is avail they can push the libs files to the 10.2 and the device will run much better than the native CyanogenMOD uses. fx. all those grafical glitches will be gone after this since it can use the GPU properly

  3. so how can we benefit from them after installing the 4.3? i already did and freezes sometimes in the gallery, and seems heavy for the phone..

    • it will fix stuff for custom roms like cyanogenmod. now they can push the drivers instead of using native ones. but im using cm10.2 2810 and i dont have any issues with gallery or any other stuff. i do see the gfx glitches which this will fix. but it kinda sucks thou they come this late cuz VERY soon we will be seeing 4.4 nightly based roms so they will most likely have the same issues ( lets hope not ) so we have to w8 again for a completly stable rom

  4. This kernel source is for developers not users like you and me…so don’t even bother to download the code, it’s of no use. Check ‘Android development’ sections on xda in the next few days for custom kernel based on this source code for 4.3 roms…

  5. Where can i find a kernel for my s3 I747M 4.3 JellyBean?

    Thanks for all. :D

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