Android 4.3 spotted on Samsung Galaxy S3

We’re all impatiently awaiting the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 (and the Note 2) that’s supposed to hit in October, and to whet your appetite, an image of a Galaxy S3 running on the latest version of Android has been leaked by the folks over at AndroidSaS. The image has been blurred for the most part, but not enough to hide the fact that the device is on Android 4.3 (though it could also be a result of a bit of build.prop editing).

According to AndroidSaS‘ source, the Android 4.3 update will mainly be a security and bug fix update, and that it doesn’t have any new features from the Galaxy S4. There’s still time before the final update hits though, so we’ll just have to wait it out for more details (and a leaked firmware) to see what the update really brings to Samsung’s yesteryear flagship.

Update: On closer inspection, the image does seem to be fake, so don’t take it too seriously. Android 4.3 is surely coming though.



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  1. I will be really piss off if they dont add any new feature

  2. If the lag is still there this update it’s gona be a big bullshit from Samsung to us

  3. Did I miss the announcement the the note2 update was coming in october? The storys ive read so far all said along the lines of ‘nothing mentioned for the note 2′

  4. yay Linux 3.4 :D , cant wait to try it on my Note2

  5. This shit is completely fake. Baseband version is an old Europe one.

  6. Waiting for October for it…..

  7. will the s3 mini be getting the 4.2.2 update??

  8. hay guys i have updated my s3 the last update from samsung but i’m facing now more heat more lagging more sudden shutdown and the great problem the battery drain is more and more and the last thing a new message keep appear more than 3 times a day that there is no sim and i have to restart and when i do every security i set goes crazy even if i entered the codes it still blocked till i open the phones back pick out the battery and the sim then put them back !!!!!!!

    • @a7medabdou: did you try to wipe your whole phone already? Make sure you backup your important stuff first :) i never had any problems with my s3 on the latest samsung firmware, and now on cyanogenmod (custom rom) also 0 problems.

      • wipe my phone is that formatting it ? :) or other more intensive process ?

      • Which CM versiĆ³n are you using?

  9. Honestly. I’m getting the S3 and S4. If Samsung does not put any improvements in S3 with the 4.3 update I’ll sell my S4 and buy the iPhone 5S. For if there’s one thing we can not dispute is the fact that Apple does not drop completely out of the devices to their previous releases (Iphone 4,4S…) goes to $amsung is doing just that with the S3 to one year of life.

    • me too i swear i never heard about annoying error like the s3 error when suddenly don’t recognize the sim and ask for restart and never recognize even if it recognizes the network unless i get out the battery and the sim and re add them again my next device gonna be apple

  10. Seems fake.
    1: The ROM don’t have any look of the new TouchWiz UI style present in the S4 rom, and in any new 4.2.2 updates.
    2: Why the imagem don’t show the build version? Why the blur?, any try to hide something?
    3: The baseband I9300XXEMC2 is old and belongs to the 4.1.2 update.

    I guess all of you, don’t should to believe in everything that appears in the internet. All that glitters is not gold.

    Everyone with S3 and with some knowledge how to change the build.prop can do the same of this image.

    I will believe if the source or someone show more images and without blur.

  11. We are waiting too much timeeeeeeee this important update on our galaxy S3…. I’m looking foward that it arrives soon… if not I’ll buy a nexus 5 as i’ll receive the updates when Google launches them!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hello, there are tired of promises toues Samsung! I think I’ll be like “fer_champions” I’ll sell my S3 and buy the Nexus 5. I will not have to wait almost one year for a hypothetical update …!

    • Hello, there are tired of all the promises of Samsung! I think I’ll be like “fer_champions” I’ll sell my S3 and buy the Nexus 5. I will not have to wait almost one year for a hypothetical update …!

    • Stop your moaning for gods sake.

      It’s not like your S3 is broken while you’re waiting for the 4.3 update, is it?
      Go and buy yourself a Nexus 5 .. but don’t come crying about the inablilaty to use SD memory cards.

      Just my 2 cents

      • what’s your problem?!!

        • My problem is with users always complaining about Samsungs speed regarding delivering updates to new android versions. Like I said .. it’s not like your phone aint working when you don’t get the update just yet.

          Every fucking newsitem @ sammobile even mentioning some little thing about an android update seems to call out you wankers to complain here (@sammobile which is NOT the same as Samsung Mobile).
          These firmware threads always get burried in the “I want my update @!#%@$^! Samsung! I’m never gonna buy a Samsung phone ever again” replies.

  13. Who say to us that this is real or fake image?Its easy to make in black font with white letters the phrases “Android 4.3.3 and overall to change all. I don’t think it will be normal fair and good for Samsung to dont give any new features from S4 cause already they cancel the 4.2.2 update to S3 and Note II so as they said they will give instant 4.3 they must make something really new and big in difference to keep us trust to them.So lets wait and dont think so easy various things that may be wrong

  14. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, is the same thing about J.B. 4.2.1, does 4.3 J.B. really come ? Or delay also ? Kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  15. what about samsung s2 GT-I9100….

  16. que buenooooo. ya para octubre no falta nadaaaaa

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