Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is powered by Exynos 5420, has 2720MB of available RAM

When Samsung announced their latest Exynos octa-core chipset, the Exynos 5420, everyone naturally assumed it would be powering the Galaxy Note 3. However, Samsung didn’t exactly mention it officially, but an image sent to us by a tipster confirms that it is indeed the Exynos 5420 powering Samsung’s latest, and perhaps greatest, phablet. The screenshot shows the app CPU-Z running on the SM-N900 (the octa-core model), and it also reveals that the usable RAM out of the total 3GB will be 2720MB.

However, it looks like the Galaxy Note 3 and all its whiz-bang features might be memory hogs, as the available RAM in the screenshot is only 392MB, though that’s hopefully with a lot of apps and services in the background. Also, there might be a slight possibility that Chinese models will have 16GB of storage as minimum – the device in the screenshot shows a 16GB variant and is running on a Chinese firmware (ZSUBMI5), and the recently leaked dual SIM model for China also had the same internal storage. These could also be just test models, but we’ll need to wait for official info to make sure.


But there you have it, the Galaxy Note 3 is powered by the Exynos 5420, which might also get a software update later on to enable use of all eight CPU cores at once.

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  1. The DPI seems to be wrong. Any idea why?

    • CPU-Z (the app) probably wasn’t totally compatible. Let’s wait for the official launch of the device I guess, everything will be clear then.

    • most probably coz the DIP is not the exact value but the DPI “class” it fits in…

    • ya its not 480 DPI

    • DPI is not same as PPI.

      What you are referring to is ‘PPI’ which is a physical characteristics of the screen/display.

      DPI mainly deals with how large/small your fonts/icons will look.

  2. Available RAM: 392 mb

    What a fail. Even with 8GB ram all the Samsung feature and touchwiz will occupy 90% of the memory.

    • Bloatware lol.

    • Open few heavy games in same time, and check RAM usage.

    • If you knew anything about computers you would know that “free ram is wasted ram”. Just do some research and you will never use a task killer on your phone again.

  3. Why the storage indicates 16gb internal storage? I thought minimum storage for Note 3 is 32gb?

    • have you not read the last few lines of the 2nd para? It is a Chinese variant. :/

      • People r so lazy to read but so quick to judge.

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