[Update: Note 2 as well] Android 4.3 coming to Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 in October

The announcements of the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear might have been the stars of Samsung’s IFA event, but there was one announcement that Galaxy S3 and S4 owners will want to hear more than the new Note and smartwatch – Samsung has said that both the S3 and S4 will be receiving the Android 4.3 update in October.

That’s much welcome news, even if some might not like the idea of waiting yet another month or so for the update, especially those on the S3. As for the Note 2, Samsung failed to say anything about it, which is sad considering it is yet to receive any major update since its launch, and for a flagship device that carries the entire phablet market on its shoulders, that’s disappointing and very deserving of the criticism from users.

Android 4.3 will include mostly under-the-hood changes, such as OpenGL 3.0 support, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, always-on Wi-Fi location reporting even if Wi-Fi is off, support for more languages, and performance improvements. Expect to see some of the new features from the Galaxy Note 3 as well.

Update: Hurray, it seems like Samsung also mentioned the Galaxy Note 2 as being included in the update schedule, so expect to see your phablet on the latest version of Android next month.

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  1. I think we have to wait till November end because samsung planned to release 4.3 for s3 with s4 because they are already done with the sales of s4.. now if they release 4.3 or 4.2.2 update for note2 then it will be threat on note 3 sales so we have wait till november end n I m sure that 80% of s pen tricks of note3 will work on note2 also :)) so be carefull while purchasing a note3…

    • i am agree with you.

    • They did include the Note 2 in the software update coming in October when they showed that the S3, S4 and Note 2 would also be able to utilize the watch also.

  2. And for the note 10.1 no news?

  3. guys when I see the official firmware i believe it!!!!!! many delays for android 4.2.2…. but if samsung don’t bring us a compatible version sooner with the smartwatch they will lose a lot of costumers who would like to buy this nice gadget because of the imposibility to connect s3/s4/note 2!!!!

  4. Maybe they wait for later after the launch of the galaxy note 3.
    Than the Note 2 will receive its own update with a lot of Galaxy Note 3 functions inclusive the new S Note! I gues we will hear more about it 3 months after the Note 3 international release.

  5. they will re arrange there update schedule 4.3 for s3 will be available in october so with that the watch will be compatible with s3 so nly note2 is left behind..

    • Fhe note 2 n s3 wil mostly b gettin d updates at d same time be no one wil get d updates til d note 3 is not in d stores for sale wich is not til d end of this mnt by d wich means dat even d s4 wil gt its update nt b4 mid October or so in d international version as its d one cumin out first n den d carriers of d USA n others

  6. SOrb, where are you son?

  7. any news for the galaxy note 10.1 ?

  8. Did they really say that? I’ve seen the keynote and they mentioned that they would upgrade the S3 and Note 2 to make it compatible with the Galaxy Gear. I did not hear anything about Android 4.3.

    • If u want d s3 or d note2 2 b compatible wit d galaxy gear dey wil hav 2 update it 2 d new firmware as d note 3 as in India my friend has got a s3 on Friday and it had new 4.3 binarys in it so it showed it is modified in d status it self so we went to d samsung care n dey told it may be an updated binary for d 4.3 update as I myself I am using d s4 after d s3 n d s2of I am bit concern about the update itself

  9. I think samsung is working on Android 4.4 for note 3…and Samsung want update the note 2 to android 4.4..and samsung not update the note 2 to 4.3 or 4.2..because note 2 is yet top…
    Exusme for my bad language..becaus my language is Persian…

    • I wish you were right, I thought that too.

    • D 4.3 update wil cum in d nxt 2 mnts 2 all d galaxys cells wich samsung has given a yess n d 4.3 update wil be vumin by November by Google it self

  10. They didn’t say anything about upgrade S3 and S4 to 4.3 -.- They said about compatible S3, S4 and N2 with Galaxy Gear… O.o

    sry for my bad lang. >.>

  11. Android 4.4 kitkat would be relese with google nexus 5. After 2 months android 4.3 has a old version.

  12. omg.. this Serious?? patethic not update note II so bad samsung : /

  13. finally some good news for S3 owners

  14. Is it for the international or US version of the S4?

  15. Better arrive on my GALAXY S3 next month!! (October)

    Really want an fast & fluid Touchwiz experience this time!

  16. Finally some news coming from the samsung, after many delays..but let’s see, i’ll wait, again -.-

  17. May be Samsung would skip Android 4.3 and directly go to 4.4 for Note 2 LOL -_-

  18. I think I heard them pretty clear mentioning s3 and note2 in the event for next month release. Please check.

  19. Can we expect for Note 1 users?

  20. What the hell?!!!!
    always-on Wi-Fi location reporting even if Wi-Fi is off
    ARE YOU F************ SERIOUS????
    as if GS4 battery and heating issues are not enough when using wifi and now always ON????

    • Relax, in Android 4.3 that setting can be turned off in Wi-Fi settings.

  21. Will 4.3 update in S3 brings move to sd feature??

  22. F***K..if there is no update for Samsung galaxy note 2…it will be my last Samsung phone… WTF….never gonna buy any samsung devices in my life…

    • same here. the first and the the last f**king samshit phone !!
      bad experience with LG,Motorola and samsung too !!!
      I turned to samsung cause of good support. but now. I must change to Google nexus series. …

    • Me twice, I’m using Mini 2 & Note 2, both also no update! Feel cheated by Samsung.

  23. Well done Samsung again! Once again no firmware update for me, first was Galaxy Mini 2, now is Note 2. I owned these two phones and no update at all till now. Surely next phone will not going to get Samsung phones!

  24. This is enough!
    Exynos chipsets overheating, cheap plastic, bad support, updates each 1000 yrs, now the note 3 with leather (seems a wallet), a massive amount of apps running in the background, for that the 3gb of ram (¬_¬), 100000 variants of a same phone. Goodbye Samsung, my actual note II is my last samsung phone.

    I want real waterproof, strong processor, all bands 2g, 3g and 4g in a same model, nice camera, nice design, real quality construction, all connectivity options…all have a name: Sony Xperia Z1.
    Sony, here i go!!!!!!!!!

    • perfect choice bro…worth buying…..

  25. i think very soon the people will abandon Samsung devices for their worst support…
    its almost a year and no update for SGN 2……i have almost 5 devices of Samsung ( POP cdma, tab 1, Note I, Note 2 and wave II)but the support is worst……
    Samsung should fire all his PR official for not showing concern about customers feedback …. this will result in a huge loss for samsung…
    as the recommendations from the customers to other people is the best publicity for any company and samsung is going to lose that……
    i always recommended a samsung devices to people but now i will strictly refuse them to buy a samsung device…..

  26. The Note II was mentioned for the update with the announcement of the Galaxy Gear, so relax, people.
    At least you’re getting the damn update. This isn’t a website for you to whine about what “little” support you’re getting.
    Admittedly, Samsung aren’t the best with updates, true. But bumping the Note II up to 4.3 is a very strategic and smart move. For an OEM, updating a device to a version just 4 months old is really good, even if the Note II’s updates have been in limbo for a year.
    So enjoy it when it comes out and be glad that you’re being updated to the newest Android version right now.

    And for god’s sake, stop whining. Its not going to release 4.3 any faster nor can Sammobile do anything about it.

  27. I am really sorry to have to wait for so long for my Note 2 upgrade. I am also waiting for the 4.3 update for samsung note 10.1 (pre 2014 version) so maybe at last i have a multi account option. I like samsung products very much, but the waiting for the updates is becoming to long. Note to is still a super and one of the best phones/phablets around, it deserves better.

  28. Well guys, the problem here is not on the “Delay” or on what version are we getting. I have a GS3 from a year, and that device with a beast 4 cores processor and 1GB of ram (that on a smartphone is mutch more than enought in my mind…) did ever have lags here and there… after more than one year from the device launch, we still get Phone Application or widgets drawer major lags (and they still don’t know if it’s a bug or just poor programming language…).
    And if you add that other companies (HTC, LG with nexus series, Sony etc…) are starting to use REAL PREMIUM MATERIALS for the devices build (and for same or cheaper price than Galaxys), well i feel like that if something will not change in Samsung policies i’ll try other manufacturers…
    P.S.: i’m from italy, and to all the negative notes up there i have to add that i sent it for repair to Samsung in warranty and it was a disaster… Had to sent it 3 TIMES to samsung to get the problem REALLY solved and each time i got it back in no less than 15 days… that’s another point that will let they lose their customers…

  29. Desde cuando empezaran las actualuzaciones? Desde que fecha? Se mueve muy lento la companya Samsung con las actualizaciones de software, que lastima!

  30. Sabe alguien donde encuentro software para formatear la tarjeta externa micro SDXC PRO 64 GB de Samsung, o el software original para ella? Me pude ayudar alguien?

  31. Just installed it and it looks and works ok, just a little issue, when I turn the display on it has a short delay. Did anyone occurred this issue? I have a galaxy s3 vodafone romania, but installed the software from vodafone ireland.

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