Alleged Galaxy Note 3 AnTuTu score and About screen leaked, S Pen functionality remains unchanged from Note 2?

The Galaxy Note 3 is rearing its face yet again, this time in what is allegedly the “About device” info screen from the LTE model of the device (model number SM-N9005), along with an AnTuTu benchmark scorecard. The image has been leaked by master leakster evleaks, though since he himself uses the word “alleged,” they might or might not be related to the Galaxy Note III.

Evleaks also confirms a few specs, including the 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, though the device scores pretty low in the benchmark, coming behind the Xperia Z Ultra and LG Optimus G2, both of which have lower clock speeds. We can either attribute this to pre-final software or TouchWiz’s bloated nature taking its toll, or maybe both if we’re unlucky. Also mentioned is 2.5GB of RAM, though that’s probably the usable RAM that’s left after Android dedicates part of the full 3GB RAM for itself, and Android 4.3 is also confirmed from the screenshot.


Evleaks also says that the S Pen functionality on the upcoming phablet will remain the same as it was on the original Note and Note 2, though we’ll likely still see a few new software features to make use of the stylus. Again, as this is only alleged info, take everything with a pinch of salt, and keep waiting patiently for the official announcement that is less than 48 hours away.


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  1. there is no way sammy to put 2.5 gb ram to note 3

    • 500mb is reserved for the OS, the rest for Apps, features etc.

  2. Sammy really needs to clean up Touchwiz. It’s big, cartoon like, sluggish, Gingerbread like, and cluttered. They need to minimize things and modernize it. I know they won’t do it with the Note III, but they need to overhaul it when the S5 comes around. Hopefully when Key Lime Pie comes out it’ll inspire something by then if not already in the works.

  3. Looks fake to me, also why would the status bar blurred?

    • also unlike the S4, the status bar is black.

  4. wallpaper is just like made by a two-year-old kid.looks like s**t. and if it is same as the picture, it looks raw, like a raw fruit, tasteless…

    • Then simply don’t buy the phone because of the wallpaper!
      Jesus, I’m sick of you guys moaning about everything.

      • well i’m not gonna buy it, because i’m still paying debts of note II, besides, i was not talking about the wallpaper, it seems it is a concept picture, but the screen and the shape of it is like a raw fruit i meant. it won’t be a breakthrough though but i will be watching tomorrow…

  5. Fake! Not an updated Antutu App!

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