Galaxy Gear smartwatch to come in 6 and 8GB models with only 10 hours battery life?

Each day we tick off the calendar takes us closer to the formal unveiling of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and while we already know most of its specs and even the colors it will be available in, some new info reveals details on its storage space and battery life. According to AmongTech, the Galaxy Gear will come in 6GB and 8GB models, and will feature only 10 hours of battery life.

While some will point out that it’s odd there’s a 6GB model instead of a 4GB one as is the norm, what’s even more odd (and worrying) here is that battery life. 10 hours just seems too low, with smartphones lasting upwards of 15 hours on average, so it wouldn’t be the greatest thing if the smartwatch runs out of juice before you even get home from work. Hopefully, the 10 hours of battery life is only on extremely heavy usage (though it remains to be seen what heavy usage on a smartwatch would include), so keep your fingers crossed for this one.

AmongTech also confirms other specs, like a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 2.5-inch OLED display of 320 x 320 resolution, 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and Android Jelly Bean. The camera is pointed out to be a 4-megapixel sensor, and there will be speakers in the watch’s strap.

What do you guys think? If that battery life rating turns out to be correct, would you still be interested in buying the Galaxy Gear, or will you wait for the second-generation version?

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  1. I really hope that the watch finally has more than 10 hours of battery life to be honest. I mean, what’s the point of having a gadget that is going to be “on” all the time with the battery lasting less than the actual smartphone it is going to be paired to. Makes no sense.

  2. The battery on my current “dumb” watch is probably 1-2 years. For a smart watch I would expect to have to charge it far more frequently fair enough but surely the very very very (very?) Minimum the battery should last is 20hours? So it lasts from putting it on untill bedtime without running out.

  3. I’ll say it now.. Unless someone can come up w/ a smarter screen off, wakelocks control and DOES NOT cram more functions than what a smartwatch should have, no one can pull this off w/ the current crop of ARM v7 family SoCs. Period. We’re seeing OEMs having a b**tch of a time trying to run the clock longer for devices w/ 2500mAh batts and larger let alone far smaller ones that these watches gonna pack.

    For example as far as monitoring real time notifications from device to watch, why is it necessary for a multi core SoC again?

  4. Maybe it’s 8gb and 16gb, not 6..

  5. Let’s hope this is not true.

    I don’t know why we need such big specs in a smartwatch that is meant to be a smartphone companion (not replace it).

    This is what I expect from a smartwatch:
    - Date/Time
    - Calendar, Alarm, Timer, …
    - biometric sensors (temperature, heart beat/pulse, etc)
    - gyroscope, compass, air pressure, air temperature, light, humidity,
    - Android Notifications Accept/Dismiss/snooze (Reminders, Mail, SMS, Calls, Hangouts, etc)
    - Phone sync: Scheduler, Alarms, Contacts, Tasks, Notes

    What I don’t need in the phone:
    - Camera
    - Books/Galery/Music/Video Player
    - Phone/video Calls
    - Games
    - Anything that requires keyboard
    - Fancy apps that consume too much battery

    Also, if the specs are correct (dual core, 1GB RAM, 6/8GB ROM, …), not only will be overkill but will be way too expensive.

    BTW: Samsung mentioned a few days ago this gadget is targeted to younger people (nerds/geeks?).

    • this >>>

      ” What I don’t need in the phone:
      - Camera
      - Books/Galery/Music/Video Player
      - Phone/video Calls
      - Games
      - Anything that requires keyboard
      - Fancy apps that consume too much battery

      Also, if the specs are correct (dual core, 1GB RAM, 6/8GB ROM, …), not only will be overkill but will be way too expensive. ”

      +10. You sir can haz the point.

    • I agree with you +10

  6. Hey Guys, I Don’t want to spoil the excitement, But I have to say,

    It has always baffled me How the Smart watch can be used to ease the rush,

    With smartphones we can use it one hand most of the time, but with smart watches we will have to use both the hands most of the time unless we are checking the time, or it supports voice command… something to think about,… :D

  7. Idea is good, but I have to agree and everyone’s have to accept who likes where nice and use a years without problem with power sources like eco drive… This is the joke not watch if 10 hours battery… I’m staying on my citizen and s4 in my pocket:-)

  8. This Samsung guys are so lame and thing so slow…

    If the phone as a not flat screen why not think biguer? They should use a biguer screen a to use on all arm as a arm wrist or something like that…

    Why not use a S4 with a 5 inches screen bended on a arm… why a 2.5 screen?? Its useless…

    They allways thinking litle…

    A smartphone like that would be unique and a best seller and a bit Sy-Fy…

    I want a big phablet on my arm please….but confortable on my arm and light on weight :)

  9. Going to wait for Samsung to answer this next week.

  10. why on earth does it need a dual com CPU?
    It should be a screen with sensors and bluetooth. What should work on battery for months, like Casio watches. camera may be a nice add on, but not the most important. Even OLED may be replaced for more power efficient colour e-ink.
    Why you need another phone on your hand, when you have one in your pocket?

  11. I’ve got to agree with everyone else! I don’t understand how a watch which is meant to be just a Bluetooth interface needs more processing power than other low end full on phones, there’s a load of Samsung with 600-MHz processors from the earlier days that seemed to handle everything pretty well so why double clock speed and cores to be fed information via what should be low power Bluetooth 4.0.
    For me like others the battery life on this is a major deciding point. Its coming up to my birthday and Christmas soon too so this was going to the top of the wishlist but if I cant get close to maybe 2-3 days(ideally a week) of battery life then I really dont see the point at all.

  12. Wtf! Dual core? 8gb? What with you with those specs on a watch. Surely this a smartwatch meant to be use as a phone companion and telling time. This would only make the price go high. And tbh, the watch looks hideous. Why they try to work on a smaller, sharper and screen. Try to see the designs of other smartwatch. Samsung sucks at designing. Their phones really have good in everything except for the design.

  13. Maybe, i would have to think about it. I can see some use for the features but there is redundancy between it and the phone. A bit like a PDA tethering. Some replication of function is okay but not all. Ten hours is a bit low but my Sony SmartWatch is really lame even if it goes for about three days. Perhaps I will wait a while and see what happens, still interested

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