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Unofficial Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch concept looks great [Video]


We’ve already seen an unofficial concept design that someone created from the patent filings and leaks of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and now the folks over at T3 have come up with a concept design of their own, going as far as making a video to show what the smartwatch could be capable of – for example, having inbuilt S Voice for using maps and answering calls, reading and responding to messages, etc., and just beautifully showing the time when it’s idle, on a flexible AMOLED display.

Go ahead and take a look at the full video showing the concept render. It’s awesome, and if Samsung can manage to make the official thing similar to this concept, well, that Galaxy Gear could be a major hit.

The Galaxy Gear will be announced on September 4th, along with the Galaxy Note III, and its rumored specs can be found here.

Thanks, Rhiain!

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  1. Aquaboyz 1 year ago said:

    life gets better with SAMSUNG!!!

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  2. caesantos 1 year ago said:
  3. gtone339 1 year ago said:

    Please! I want it to be like that concept!!

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