Galaxy S III and Note II top consumer satisfaction list in the U.S.

The Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II are at the top of the list of phones with the highest level of customer satisfaction in the U.S., according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, beating Apple’s iPhone 5. The Galaxy S III scored an 84 (between 0 and 100), the Note II was two points down at 82 and tied with the iPhone 4S, while the iPhone 5 scored an 81 to settle at the third position.

“The S III seemed to be a game-changer for Samsung in a way the iPhone 5 wasn’t for Apple.” That’s what¬†ACSI Director David VanAmburg had to say, and he isn’t wrong. Compare the Galaxy S II and S III and you see numerous advancements made in the span of a year, especially on the software side of things. As for the Note II, well, being the only phablet worthy of consideration (in addition to a plethora of useful features it provides along with the S Pen)¬†probably helped it secure the second position along with the iPhone 4S, which seems to have taken the crown of being perhaps the best iPhone till date.

The survey was done in March before the arrival of the Galaxy S4, but we’ll be waiting to see how the company’s latest flagship is doing when the results on the next survey come in. Till then, hit up the source link for more details on the survey.


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  1. So sammy give us 4.3.0 for Note II before all users that we satisfy more…

    • Amen to this!!

    • You’re preaching to the choir. Samsung’s website is, not…

  2. satisfaction??? Until samsung launches android 4.2.2 or 4.3 for the galaxy s3 & note 2, I can`t agree with the survey… I’m (and many people) very disappointed with the delays on official updates this year… Optimise your TW and bring us the latest firmwares! We aren’t going to buy a s4 if Samsung would do their job better with 2012 smartphones!!

    • Well, that’s the difference. Most people never worry about updates nor visit tech websites or care as much as we do, so not getting software updates doesn’t matter to them much, if at all. Not to mention 4.1.2 is great in its own right.

      • they are just another souls in divine herd hehe :)

    • +1

    • Say that again!!!!

  3. We already update 4.3 SG3 and note 2 samsung I’m boring I do not expect to November.

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