Galaxy Note III Photo and Specs leak again

Well, the Galaxy Note III is posing for the camera once again, at least if we’re to believe the source that has released the picture you see below. A spec sheet has also been leaked, but again, there’s no telling if it’s the real deal of just something someone made up from all the rumored specs.

The specs mention a 5.7-inch screen and 3GB of RAM, both of which have been hinted at several times now, with the latter a huge possibility now that Samsung has started mass producing 3GB RAM modules. The report mentions that Samsung decided to keep the screen size “conservative” after seeing the market’s response to the Mega series, despite having tested a 6-inch Note III as well.


Also, the Note III will run on a Snapdragon 800 processor and support LTE-A networks (up to 150 mbps speeds), if the spec sheet is to be believed. The Android version will be 4.3, and while other specs aren’t listed, expect it to use the same 13-megapixel rear camera as the Galaxy S4, possibly with optical image stabilization.

note iii specs


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  1. Looks perfect for me. Nothing will be better than the Galaxy Note3 after Oct ober period.

  2. Are there any news about how much will it costs??

  3. would be funny but there is no mention of OS so maybe we will see a Windows 8 Note?

    • Samsung’s Galaxy brand series based on Android. Windows based devices are named with ATIV branding. So it Galaxy Note III can’t be Windows 8. Such Windows device may be something ATIV Note(without or with dual OS boot)

      • Unless, Samsung is willingly to do a ‘WINDOWS’ ACTIV version of it.

  4. It’s good to see this OEM listening to the consumers. I’m in LOVE with the Note 2 and can’t wait to get more info on the Note 3. 5.5″ is a great size being able to accomplish all that you need. Tighten the bezel more, which it seems they’ve done looking at the leaked pic is an awesome move. Let’s not give LG anything to try and copy this time and set the bar DAMN high!!

  5. All time only new post’s, nothing about update for galaxy s3. I’m very disappointed. Shame on you Samsung!

  6. I’m debating on getting this at first launch since Samsung seems to like to launch more versions (i.e. Galaxy S4) within months of initial release. However; an Active Galaxy Note III on release day might work. I see a flex screen version down the pike as well…..

    • The Mega Active Flex 5.99″ screen Galaxy Note III!!!!!!

      • Oh hell: The Mega Maxx Active Flex 5.99″ Galaxy Note III !!!

        • For the partiers: The Mega Maxx Active Flex 5.99″ Galaxy Note III with Beer Bottle Opener!

      • How about a Galaxy Note 3 ‘ZOOM’, Galaxy Note 3 ‘ACTIV’, & a Galaxy Note 3 ‘MINI’ :lol:

  7. No doubt this will be using the same old materials from the GS4..

  8. Metal, plastic, carbon, LCD, Amoled, 5,7″, 5,99″ screen size…I don’t care.

    I will buy Note 3 no matter what.

  9. All these rumors regarding the Note 3 and future phones, (Galaxy S5 etc) will mean nothing if Samsung does not give these devices a minimum of 32GB of internal memory. Of course 64GB will be better.

  10. Finally a picture that we can trust on being real. I must say I love it. Gonna spend my months salary on this one but lets hope its worth it.

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