Posted by Danny D. 1 year ago

Rumour: Samsung’s high-range tablet to have a screen size of 12.2 inches


Samsung’s upcoming high-range tablet might have a 12.2 inch display as per Shipping Website Zaumba. According to SM-P900′s UAProf, the tablet will have an ARM 11 processor and a screen resolution of 2560×1600 pixels which is the same as the Nexus 10. As we all know, the Nexus 10 has a screen size of 10.1 inches and Samsung could be trying to create devices with slimmer bezels and bigger displays in similar size. For example, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. Let’s hope Samsung announces this tablet at IFA in Berlin where SamMobile will be present to cover it live!



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4 comments on “Rumour: Samsung’s high-range tablet to have a screen size of 12.2 inches

  1. gtone339 1 year ago said:

    Needs to be greater than both the Galaxy Tab 3 & Note 8.0

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  2. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    Pls samsung annouce galaxy tab 7.7 successor nobody cares and buy 12.2 android tablet

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  3. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    People liked 7.7 samoled metal body slimmer lighter and premium build pls its succesor 7.7

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  4. MichaelDennique 1 year ago said:

    I love Samsung but I do think I’m done buying any new products that have internal storage of 16Gb- 32Gb. Get with the program. The base line for internal storage should be no less than 64Gb – 128Gb. I never want to see another brand new device from Samsung that starts with 16Gb & 32Gb internal storage. Your just wasting my time and my money. Sorry Samsung I love your products but not how you handle your storage. I done with it.

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