You could buy a Samsung Note 8® tablet, or you could win one here!

We came across this video on the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel a few weeks ago, and found that Samsung’s new WatchON™, Service really brings some cool functionality to the Note 8.0® tablet and The Galaxy S4®.

Touted as the “Ultimate TV and Movie Experience,” WatchON includes remote control functionality with the built-in IR blaster, multi-screen experience, and a whole lot more. After watching the video, we of SamMobile checked out the service for ourselves, and think you’ll find it pretty cool.




The service is so cool, in fact, we’ve decided to give you, our valued SamMobile members, an opportunity over the next few weeks to win a Note 8.0 Wi-Fi with WatchON pre-installed! To be entered to win this week, just follow the Samsung WatchON twitter handle at @SamsungWatchON and us @SamMobiles. That’s It! Every other Monday, we’ll post a new blog with the details to enter for that week.

What are you waiting for  – check out the Samsung WatchON video, and be entered to win a Note 8.0 wifi version by following their twitter handle @SamsungwatchON and us @SamMobiles!

This is an International giveaway. Sponsored by SamMobile, for SamMobile registered members.

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  1. i just follow it i hope i win this prize

  2. It’s fanrastic…i’d like it so much.

  3. i always wanted this because i know it’s a lot better than the ipad mini

  4. This is my first time i post to this forum even if i read it everyday like 3 tines. Lol. I am a big fan of samsung and i love you sammobile.. u gave me all i needed for my samdevice:D

  5. Note8 WiFi? Come on, to get all out of that tab you need GSM, 3G. I will not waste my time on this ridiculous offer.

    • If you offered some people a fence of 14 carat gold, they would bitch that it wasn’t 24 carat.

    • I’d just tether mobile data from my phone. I’ve always wondered why people would want separate data plans for their tablets and phones.

      • There are people would love to replace all their devices and use Note 8.0 for everything including making phone calls. I know I am not the one but there are people carrying it with bluetooth headset and those answers the phone calls holding 7″-8″ tablet to their ears.

  6. Good luck. I Followed. I always wanted something like this. Thank you Sammobile to give is the chance

  7. Samsung galaxy Note 8.0 is just a device which i’m crazy..about..hope Sammobolie gives me a chance to explore it…as always i follow you sammobile..



  10. Done and Done :) nice give away
    (what no rafflecopter?)

  11. Galaxy Note 8.0 , Oh yeaa my dreams tablrt , wish i could win it !

  12. Please sam-team let it be my one <3

  13. followed

  14. already follow those two TA, i hope i win!!!. Here in argentina it’s not on sale, and if i want to buy it, it costs more than 1000 dollars (6000$ pesos) while in the usa is 400… :(

  15. i am in

  16. Hope to win..

  17. will be very happy and thankful to sammobile if i could win one !!!

  18. Followed. I hope I can win this prize

  19. I hope to win :D

  20. I hope to win this one!

  21. Now following, hopefully to win

  22. That’d be awesome, seeing as buying it here is impossible: They don’t sell it! :(

  23. so it’s an international giveaway :) thanks

  24. Very sneaky way to make people sign up.

    I really need this.
    My 2 years old Flyer is on last leg. I was going to get Tab 3 but free Note 8 would be better.

    Come on Sammy don’t fail me now!

  25. followed, hope to win this one! :)

  26. I wanr this ! I like samsung vvvvvvvvvvvery much!

  27. Crossing my fingers for this fabulous giveaway!

  28. Nice. Would love to win :-)

  29. Entered the competition too, hope I get lucky, but is hard if not impossible! :)

  30. watch on is really cool and unique…we can control almost all thing tv,set up box,dvd player,music system now on, no using of common remote with battries we can use smart remote just because of samsung technology…samsung is the best…

  31. Good luck everyone….next time…this prize need to be mine hahahaha

  32. just following both, i hope to be the great winner of a great tablet

  33. Following all the time ;)
    Hope I win something :-P

  34. done :),,,,hope to Win

  35. it would be cool if I got it :)

  36. done both, hope to win it so i could see which one is better N7 or Note 8 :D

  37. Yep.

  38. Just need to follow twitter accounts ? Well I already followed them. Hope to win the gift. I really want (need) this :)

  39. Started following the two twitter accounts. Hoping to win the tablet. :D

  40. I hope i will win :D and then i could finally replace my old galaxy tab 2 7.0 :)

  41. I hope i win, it will be my first tablet :>

  42. Wish me luck!

  43. I would love that it would be so helpful for school :)

  44. I am following 2 twitter account above. This is an amazing program :)

  45. Man that’s wonderful . We hope the deserving wins

  46. Wold be great to have it as my first tablet! :)

  47. How do you know my sammobile account and twitter accounts are linked? I have different usernames…

  48. woow…nice sammy

  49. I sure would love to win this for a complete Samsung experience. Thanks Sammobile for this opportunity.

  50. Want win this so much, would be my first tablet ever:).

  51. I want to get this :)

  52. I’m follow too, I hope I win :D

  53. Thank You

  54. I Want It

  55. so, after following you what should we do? post something or retweet something?

  56. would be cool to win

  57. Hail SamMobile!

  58. Thank s for the opportunity … I hope I ll Be the winner … good luck…

  59. i don’t have money for a note8. i hope to have luck for this one. :)

  60. When and where is the winner of last week announced?

  61. Sound great I would love to win one of those

  62. Done…Done….now just hope :)

  63. I am a big fan of samsung and sammobile.. i get every think i needed for my samdevice

  64. Would be great to win :)
    Just registered on Sammobile it would be nice start gift :P

  65. I am samsung GEEK. I would really loovvvvveeee to win this.

  66. me me i want :D

  67. Followed. Hope I will become a first Winner LOL :D

  68. Following… i hope!

  69. So, what about “Every other Monday, we’ll post a new blog with the details to enter for that week.”, SamMobile??
    There was no new blog yesterday, was there?

    Somehow SamMobile somehow is getting weak – also the Android-App doesn’t work anymore, there are already a looot of bad comments on Google Play but till now no reaction of SamMobile….

    • Have you checked the NEW app …

      ANd yes we started on Wednesday so next Monday there will be a new Blog post ..

      Man you are negative…

      • Moe K – July 2, 2013 – Version 2.0.0
        Finally an update that worth..
        They fixed the checking issue in firmware and now it has a unique look that contains everything in multiple categories… good job.

      • I wrote the comment before the new app was published! Till then there was not even one comment from SamMobile about the not working app for which people had payed money – but dozens of bad comments on Google Play. So I think I’m not negative, may comment was realistic ;)
        And yes, I checked the new app – I had to uninstall it first and reinstall it again, otherwise the Play Store still showed me the old version… Didn’t have that with any other updated app.

        In this blog it was written, that there will be a new blog each monday – so shouldn’t we await a new blog on monday? There was no information, till when “this” blog is valid ;)
        And concerning other comments, I was not the only one who was waiting for it…

      • I hope I’m not to negative again today ;)

        Maybe I have missed it somehow… But I think there was no new Blog starting the next round yesterday…

  70. Great giveaway! Maby some students or other people who use watchON will win one and will be happy with it!
    :) i’ll take part of this give away and hope^^
    A big thanks to sammobile, because you help with software! if a device has a software bug, we can download the software here. Thanks a lot!

  71. hope Sammobolie gives me a chance to explore it…as always i follow you sammobile..

  72. Joined! Wish me luck.

  73. Wow… this is nice … It would be nice if I win this
    Well good luck everyone :)

  74. I never used a tab, I would like to use this…

  75. Following both.Hope to win #fingerscrossed :)

  76. Very Good. I want it.

  77. wish to win one

  78. Let’s hope i can win something someday lol

  79. Bla Bla Bla

  80. Easy to say but so hard to wins that prize…:D

  81. Thanks SamMobile….wish I could win this one….and good luck to everyone

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