Samsung unveiled EXYNOS 5 OCTA processor

Samsung just unveiled at CES 2013 in Las Vegas the first EXYNOS 5 OCTA processor by Samsung.
Exynos 5 Octa, the new dual quad-core ARM processor, supports Green LCD display. (information)

“Level of pure processing power, never seen before in mobile devices” and “more detailed damage to cards, then ever before” 

Exynos 5 Octa
- 8 cores (2x times 4 cores)
- 28mm
- Save up to 70% battery power

We expect to see the new Exynos5 quad inside the new upcoming Galaxy S IV and begin 2014 the first octa core devices by Samsung.

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  1. Awesome! Will it be used in the Note III?

  2. what about its source code????

  3. Who cares about the source :D I want this in S4 ! Sammy, shut up and take my money !

  4. @TheUltimateOne I doubt it. Note and Note II had identical to S series processors, only overclocked.

  5. A quad core ARM Cortex A15 is to much of a battery drainer for smartphones. This SoC with big.LITTLE technology would be a nice solution for that.
    My guess is that the Galaxy IV would feature this chip or way less presumable a dual core A15 with big.LITTLE technology.

  6. I have S3 and planning to switch to S4. Now, seeing the flexible display and the Exynos 5 OCTO, not sure what do do….buy S4 or wait to see Note 3 or S5 first LOL

  7. Very nice and good lake.

  8. I’m waiting the SGS4 with this processor Exynos 5 Oct

  9. @PiotrekDG But if the S4 will have it, then the Note III will also have it.

  10. sick!!!

  11. ohhh yaaaaaa! Samsung Pure Power and technology

    pd: se me hace agua la boca

  12. I’m excited about this… Sammy will always be rt he best ever

  13. hope note III will come up with this processor… :)

  14. i cant wait to see it on my hand. love u samsung.

  15. they can’t even make stable software for dual core. i don’t want to know how 8 cores will work with shitty ports of android os samsung makes

  16. @spike012 Really??? Samsung currently has the best selling phone and the best so far top specification ways phone. Now thos great feat of technological advancement and your complaining about outdated technology. 8 cores is a great achievement and Im proud that they didnt just slap it together but ensured it worked much better than its predecessor. Nice work sammy

  17. Well… With the next gen Smartphones you also will be able to frie an egg on your screen while surfing the web… Like MultiWindow… On the top you have the SamEggFrie App and on the bottom you have your other app running :D:D

    But hey… At least in winter you have warm hands xD

  18. The GPU will supposedly have max two times the power of currently (very) old and weak Mali400MP. That is, maybe (MAYBE!) on par with Adreno 320, which is out on the market for some months. And so is A6x, very comparable to Adreno 320 in graphics power. The new A6x (or A7), Adreno 330 (in Snapdragon 800, 2-3 (!!!) times faster than 320 (!)), Tegra 4, the newest portable Atom and prolly some more GPU chips will blow this shit away. In other words, we prolly won’t get T -658 (or faster), but T-604.. Samsung is trying to play like Apple, but if they their customers are that loyal (and stupid) they are terribly wrong. Either T-658 or any other powerful GPU chip, or GTFO! We can always buy great Sony Xperia Z, native Nexus 4 or the new HTC Butterfly. More great models are incoming, so yeah, just f* around with customers, Samsung, and you’ll see how it’ll end..!

  19. wow…pfffff what the power…OMG!!! :’))
    I think it will be very expensive O_o
    however I hope to see it inside the GALAXY S IV

  20. that means i gotta think about selling my phone in a couple months :( but very excited about sgs4… i hope it is thinner and not more than 120grams and doesnt have a breakable screen so i can opt not to use the stupid cover… i am bad with handling… dropped it many times… fingers crossed…. 8 cores!!! phones are now faster than the laptops… lol….

  21. in 2014? so there wont be any s4 nor note 3 in 2013.
    that sucks :( was planing to buy the next note december 2013.

  22. ops read wrong. you said the xynos5 quad and octa in 2014. im relieved

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