glbenchmark confirms GT-N5100

According to glbenchmark the Samsung GT-N5100 will use a 1.6GHz Exynos 4412 processor with a resolution of 1280×800 which is the same as the current Galaxy Tab 7.7. The Samsung N5100 will run on Android 4.1.2 which is the latest Andriod version at Samsung at the moment. Of course Samsung will update this tablet to Android 4.2 later.  If the glbenchmark results are true is the next version of the Galaxy Tab 7.7. not special on-screen resolution which is really sad. Its even more sad to know the current Galaxy Tab 7.7 will not receive Android 4.1.2 where this tablet uses Android 4.1.2.

source  thanks Musumappa

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  2. Galaxy Note 7.0 ?

  3. Is there any chance that this could be a 5.0″ note, same specs as N7100 just a little smaller and with higher pixel density. Maybe S Pen wold be carried out in users pocket instead of in the bezel.

    Or it is just my dream??? I would love to have something like this.

  4. I think 4,8inch galaxy note mini.

  5. ive almost given up hope, whats the hold up with this one Sammy?

    I sure hope they release a 7.0″ version too.

    How easy is it to spoof a device on GLbenchmark?

  6. just checked the FPS, they musy be working on that… cough cough.. I hope. 17- 18 FPS .. lame-o

  7. Also noticed it referred to as kona3g twice, Im sure Im not the only hoping this comes with LTE and not just HSPA+

  8. u people are so stupid…’s clearly written that it is tablet…

  9. This could easily be a simple Note 1 upgraded with better processor, graphic and RAM (same as Note 2). Note 1 has a resolution of 800×1280, and the screen size could remain the same, 5.3″. The trend is moving toward higher pixel density, and I believe Samsung is not going to ignore it any more simply by using the same resolution stretched on larger screens.

  10. Note II Mini hehehehe

  11. Galaxy Note

    Galaxy Tab

    PXXXX = Other Galaxy Tab Version

    it means

    [NXXXX] = Galaxy Note Version

    [PXXXX] = Galaxy Tab Version

    so GT-N5100 is a Galaxy Note could be ” Samsung Galaxy Note II Mini”

  12. Hmm too bad only 1280×800 resolution, maybe it is the same screen as the 7.7 if it is a tablet. Would be nice if it was the new exynos 5 and not the old exynos 4.

  13. Actually, the resolution of 800×1280 on a 7″ screen, would not be bad at all. That would be around 280 ppi, which is better than the ppi of Note 2 (267). For the 7.7″ screen, it would be right in the area where the Note 2 screen is. Note 2 screen is an excellent performer!

    So, the people who like the size of 7″ or 7.7″, have something to look forward to.

    In case the screen is 5″, the ppi would be around 300.

    In the worst case scenario, the screen performance would be as good as Note 2 screen, which is excellent.

  14. I own the 7.7 and the resolution could be higher, I’d rather have the newer exynos 5 though.

  15. Have a tab 7.7. Bought in Spain. Until now, no upgrade of OS – still Honeyshit 3.2. Now you want to tell me to buy a new device? Ahhhh, it will have! But, knowing Samsung, it will stay on that OS release for ever. Unless bought in a market you sell plenty. No thank you: NEVER AGAIN A SAMSUNG PRODUCT. Apple is better because they release updates for ALL.

  16. galaxy note 7…… 7 inch

  17. GT – N5100

  18. “Of course Samsung will update this tablet to Android 4.2 later.”

    LOL. Maybe accidentally, but definitely not on purpose…

  19. Well, I’m a Samsung fanboy and have lots of Samsung products. I’m very pleased that my S2 phone receives JB, but annoyed my Tab P7510 is not scheduled to receive JB. This drives me to Googles Nexus product which receive updates all the time. Good thing is that Nexus devices are also made by Samsung. So Samsung, listed to your customers and take care about your market share. Making good products and concur the market is one, but poor support will kill your market share and drives people away.

  20. Today i checked Gameloft device list and saw Samsung GT-N5100 as Galaxy Note 8

  21. Android 4.0 ICS has long been available for Galaxy tab 7.7 for the rest of the world except Europe and 4.1 JB is along the way. If you are from Europe, blame the greedy Apple company that had the Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned in there. Just flash any 4.0 firmware through Odin by yourself if you don’t like ‘Honeyshit’.

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