Samsung starts Jelly Bean Updates Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi

Today Samsung updated their Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.
The update is only available in Germany at the moment and downloadable through
If you have the Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi in Germany you will receive a OTA update of 300MB
Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 10.1 at MWC 2012 in Barcelona the Galaxy Note 10.1 uses a 10.1” screen with a quad-core CPU and a 5 megapixel Camera.
The Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi is Samsung’s first tablet with S-PEN features.

FW details:
Android Version: Android 4.1.1
Product code: GT-N8010EAADBT

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  1. Cool, cuz I’m willing to buy the 3g\wife version by the end of this month.
    any news about the update for the 3g\wife version?

  2. I cannot see the file in sammfirmware to download

  3. Idem, I cannot see the firmware on Samfirmware database !!!!!

  4. where ???? I am so happy they start update thanks Samsung!!!

  5. nice , it seems that we will have jelly on note soon

  6. Bout time but wheres the update on sammobile come on guys get it on here

  7. @tigerland the 3g/wifi version (N8000) 4.1.x firmwares have been out for a week !

  8. lol why germany only get note 10.1 updates !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when will jelly bean update for n8000 arrive egypt??!!!

  9. Are you uploading this for us?

  10. Hope to see it in the U. S. soon.

  11. Still no link for the firmware.
    Do you have an ETA?

  12. sleeping they lie to us no update

  13. Last time Iam buying a tab from Samsung.

    The updates are to mutsh depending on where its intresting to stimulate marked. In Norway we are always last to get it ;-(

  14. finally I download the 8000 version “GERMAN” last night and oh wow the note is no truly my fav tablet, just downloading the original firmware back to 4.0.4 and then as soon as SAM gets the new firmware online I will let Odin do hie work lol

    Go Sam GO :0)

  15. where can i download it on sammfire and how do i install it?? :D

  16. No luck with the download link :( i can`t find it anywhere in the internet

  17. damn!! the note 2 gets the next update und the n8010??? nothing! :(

  18. You must be so busy that you are not bothered to put up download links for us.

  19. where is the link forgot?

  20. where is the download link. been waiting for this since this morning

  21. Where is the download link? Getting really annoyed and desperate now.

  22. When will the link be up?

  23. guys F… Samsung and Sammobile I just change CSC to DBT, flashed Germany ICS 4.0.4 and after that get OTA update direct from Samsung and now got Jelly bean!!!

  24. I also did the same, based in the UK. Downloading Germany OTA now. I am at 44%, and the OTA size is 441.30mb.

  25. Hello, how do you change CSC to DBT? thanks

  26. ye me too i just change CSC from BTU (UK) to DBT (germany) on my note and update to jelly ben. just download from PLAY store ” Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3 CSC ”

  27. Hi friends, you who changed CSC to DBT and then updated to jelly bean, do you have a galaxy note N8000 or the wifi N8010???


  28. wifi N8010

  29. I did we same with galaxy s3 :) and got update 4.1.2 just thanks Samsung keep us doing wrong way

  30. warning to all potential buyers, get the 32 gig version, space sooon runs out on 16 gig version as as us the case now for most samsungs app2sd doesnt work properly, you can get it working but its a workaround, not ideal by any means.

  31. Bought a galaxy tab2 7.0 at
    When starting up first time received immediately JellyBean 4.1.1 :-)
    Seems I’m the only one in Belgium and in the Netherlands to have received it .
    Pixmania is a french company, and I think I got a tablet ment for the french market because all comments and instructions on the package were only in French.
    Heard outroll JB began in France already.

  32. skarpuk, can you explain me one thing?
    fisrto of all you have tu change CSC to DBT, after that you say “flashed ICS”, what do you mean?

    what I have to do in this step?

    thanks a lot !

  33. yes first change CSC after flash Germany rom DBT ICS 4.0.4 and then update to 4.1.1 jelly bean

  34. I mean Ice Cream Sandwich rom Germany DBT

  35. Thanks again skarpuk, iam sorry but iam a begginer, can you explain me how to flash the rom?
    thanks friend

  36. maxirodriguezsola I just sent link to you via private message read your inbox

  37. thaks a lot Ive just seen it!!!

  38. When will the download link for n8010 4.1.1 SW be available ?

  39. Got update Icecream to day. 4.0.1 for P7500

    But no Allshare cast inkluded.

    Ho can Sams sell dongles for S3 and 10.1 when its not supported on 4.0.1 who is the latest oppdate on P7500

    Out of control or are there any solutions ?

  40. when can we download the firmware????

  41. it is not to announce any update, it would still put the link to the firmware

  42. did the same, changed the country code and then flashed the German ICS 4.0.4 and this morning I got the Jelly bean update , guys instead of waiting and complaining just do it……

    Is worth the effort, guess it depends how badly you really want the jelly bean and the premium upgrade…

  43. Me too. Flashed German ICS ROM. Used CSC select to change to DBT and got the OTA. 350 MB downloaded out of 440 so far …. Why complain.? Just do it.

  44. What the…. You should finished update one model e.g. n8000 and start next one or do it both at the same time. Where is update for n8000 for Poland we’re waiting for a month since first ota for Germany

  45. Well… I assume you have to root the GT-N8010 to put the German ROM on the thing, and I don’t particularly want to do that. The delay is most annoying!!

  46. Nope. Doesnt need root.

  47. “Today Samsung updated their Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. The update is only available in Germany at the moment and DOWNLOADABLE THROUGH SAMFIRMWARE.COM”
    it was three days ago, since SAMFIRMWARE is a big liar

  48. @bdastoor – I assumed root was needed as you said you’d flashed the German ICS ROM… is this step not needed? Does just changing the CSC to DBT using the Google Play app do the trick?

  49. @raichea Flashing the STOCK German ICS ROM is the first and necessary step. I did this with the usual Odin. Followed by changing CSC to DBT using CSC select from the Google Play Store. My original CSC was XSG of the UAE. THIS STEP WILL WIPE YOUR DEVICE INCLUDING INTERNAL MEMORY. So back up. Then got the 440 MB update and I’ve been on Jelly Bean since. Many changes in settings and gallery (Note 2) view. However, seem to have lost shortcuts on Lockscreen. But not a deal breaker for me.

  50. Yes that right no need any root

  51. @bdastoor.. thanks – got it. I’ve obviously mistakenly believed that you need to root the tablet to do the Odin thing.

  52. Hey guys just got jelly bean 4.1.2 update for my Galaxy Note 10.1. Its a 146MB file downloaded through Wifi. Still looking through it though but I suspect it might have the EXYNOS 4 patch. Anyone else got it? I had earlier installed the German release of jelly bean 4.1.1.

  53. Dear Community! .. I hope you are doing well today. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8010 WIFI in Brazil, so it has a Product Code from South America (CSC) with 4.0.4 Android version. I was able to dowload this 4.1.1 Germany firmware update (About 1GB from Hotfile). Do I have to do something first with the product code? .. It will work with ODIN despite the CSC is different? Many Thanks for All your help and advice!

    Ps, the name of the file that I downloade is: N8010XXBLK9 Germany 4.1.1 VER

  54. Good news for UK Galaxy Note 10.1 users.

    Just got updated on mine to Android 4.1.1. Only works through Kies not OTA. Takes about 4 hours to complete from start to finish. Samsungs servers must be very busy.


    Nothing for the S2 though.

    Go get your Jelly Beans.

  55. Oh post note mine is WIFI ONLY!

  56. we are still waiting the jelly bean in Dubai for galaxy note 10.1 ,3G….. every body waiting from long time here in Dubai !!!!!!!!!!

  57. When will be JB for galaxy note 10.1 in Poland ?

  58. when will jelly bean update for n8000 arrive egypt????????

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