Samsung to bring the (GT-I8092) Galaxy Grand DUOS in 2013

Samsung to announce a new kind of Galaxy product in Janaury namely the Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS.
The Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS will be a new high-end DUOS smartphone. The Galaxy Grand DUOS will come in 2 colors: Elegant White and Metallic Blue. The model code of this new device would be GT-I9082. Our tipper could not give us any information about the specifications yet.

With the research of SamMobile we found out that the Galaxy Grand leaked earlier at FFC.
According to specifications of PhoneArena this is a smartphone that uses a 5.0” LCD display with a resolution of 480 x 800, quad-core processor, 2100 mAh battery, NFC, and supports Wi-Fi. This device could also be a mid- range smartphone, because the resolution of the screen isn’t that special. Dual-sim smartphones are still hot in the Asian countries.

Of course the specifications are just a rumor because a  5.0” screen with this resolution can’t be that good. But if  Samsung  prices this phone really good then nobody would care about the resolution anymore.
Like we said before Samsung wants to let get used to bigger screens.

One thing is 100% sure the Galaxy Grand DUOS will be announced soon!

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  1. 800×480 on 5 inch lcd..bad joke of the year

  2. /me does like the dual sim capability :) No need for 2 phones anymore (private and office use)

  3. Jelly bean 4.1.2 on Samsung Galaxy S2 what time ???????

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  5. 800×480 on 5 inch lcd..bad joke of the year

    Why? How come? What a really odd statement.

    For many years that resolution on 21inch displays was considered great.

    TV’s are also generally lower resolution

    My eyes – along with the eyes of a very good proportion of the general public won’t see any real improvement in experience for higher resolution on such a small screen.

    The real truth is that the resolution is fine for 99% of the population, only a very small number might see something different and only ‘number freaks’ care that much anyway.

    • yea buddy, some people comment even without knowing what it really does and what it really mean. As you said our naked eye will not see a real difference between 190ppi and 250-260 ppi. and ppis around 100-200 is more than enough for day to day activities.Its all about marketing. If you can perceive the public that this is the best then they will believe it – power of persuasion! (That is what has happened with iPhone)

  6. Tell me, please, what will be the approximate price of this smartphone? I live in Russia, and here nobody knows anything about it.

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