Review: Samsung Galaxy S DUOS (GT-S7562)

A few months ago Samsung announced, the Galaxy S DUOS.
The Galaxy S DUOS is Samsung latest high-end device at this time.
The market for Dual SIM cards devices is very important, we know that through the information that we have.Samsung wants to have in each segment a DUOS device.
This year Samsung wanted to give the DUAL segment an extra boost with the Galaxy S DUOS.
SamMobile got the opportunity from Samsung to test this device extensively.

As you can see the Galaxy S DUOS looks a lot like recently launched the Galaxy S III Mini.
The only difference is that the Galaxy S DUOS is not as round as the Galaxy S III Mini.
The design of the Galaxy S DUOS is quite nice, we are quite bored of standard design from Samsung. We hope that Samsung in 2013 will take a whole other approach designwise.
The device is made entirely from plastic(like expected), but this device lies good in the hand.
This is probably because Samsung did not opt for a glossy slippery back but is has a matt finish.
The Galaxy S DUOS uses a 4” LCD screen so no AMOLED screen. Also, the device has the usual sensors and a 5 megapixel camera without autofocus on the back.
The Galaxy S DUOS runs on Android 4.0.4 but will be updated to Android 4.1 later this year.
The processor of the Galaxy S DUOS is a 1GHZ dual core. This device got the Touchwiz poured over it and runs it very nicely due the dual core processor.


The interface of the Galaxy S DUOS resembles that of the Galaxy S III.
Both devices use the same UI called Touchwiz Nature UX. Unfortunately, this device uses no special effects,like the water effect on the unlock the screen.
However, the interface, the menu and home screen looks much alike.
The device scrolls smoothly through the menu’s just here and there a little lag, but this will be resolved with software updates.
As the name suggests, the Galaxy S DUOS supports two SIM cards in one phone.
Samsung has managed to optimize this option, so you can select that 1 or 2 cards will be active. Or 1 for data and the other only for making phone calls.
Both options are also possible, however you must remember that both SIM cards have their own PIN. So you have to remember that.
Funny thing is , when you change between the Sim cards to change some settings the wallpaper changes with it. This helps you to keep a good overview of which SIM card your using.
Also you immediately change from the network. The last point about the Galaxy DUOS is also nice to know, if you want to call someone, you have to select which SIM card you will be using to make that call. See below a video about some features of the device.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S DUOS is quite reasonable.
Photos are nice but the camcorder is bad although the quality is quite reasonable.
The entire camera interface is like we know and feels very confident..
Of course there are some options removed because the camera sensor and software quality is something less but generally the pictures are quite good enough.
We do not understand that Samsung still has a resolution of 480 x 800, for shooting movies with the Galaxy S DUOS.
We think the resolution must be higher, especially when you compare this phone with the real Galaxy S which can make higher resolutions movies.
Yet again a missed opportunity.


Battery and speed
The Galaxy S DUOS has good battery life and will last at least one day with good intensive use.
This we find for a DUOS sim variant very reasonable. With normal use, this device could last around 2 to 3 days.
So we can say the battery is very good on this device. Despite the 1Ghz dual-core processor we have noticed that this device occasionally has trouble scrolling through the menu’s.

What makes this phone so special?
We think that many people have 1 problem and that problem is always to carry 2 devices around,1 for private use (often better) and 1 for business purposes. Samsung has managed for these people for a reasonably cheap Android smartphone to send that problem into the past. So now they can use their “work “and private” phone in one device and use it as a real smartphone.
Both SIM cards are always connected and therefore always reachable.
That is of course a big plus, compared to the old DUOS devices from Samsung.
What makes the device even more convenient, is that this device could be a worthy replacement if you basically only use mid-end smartphones.

Yet there are some drawbacks to this device.
The screen and camera for example. We had expected that Samsung for this device had used a AMOLED screen. Especially when you see what the price for the Galaxy S Plus is now. The camera could be something better …
A 5 megapixel camera without autofocus is really outdated.
Hopefully this will be fixed by Samsung with the next generation.

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  1. I disagree. Having no AMOLED screen couldnt be called a high-end phone, more like a mid-low end. Also, since GS3 came out, its getting boring every phone being released have form like GS3, remember S3 Mini, Premier, and this Duos, and probably the new Galaxy Nexus.

    Well just my opinion. Too many releases make me feel my GS2 is fast getting old :\

  2. you sould make android 4.1 update and touchwiz ux for s2

  3. Samsung Galaxy S DUOS Touch screen is not good.

  4. “The processor of the Galaxy S DUOS is a 1GHZ dual core.” You sure?

  5. is the processor dual core? and didnt you face with the freezing frames while scrolling or doing anything ? and didnt you run out of memory ?(i mean ram)

  6. I checked on gsmarena this phone has andreno 200. It’s bad if compared to SGX540 Galaxy S has. how can u say this phone is high end phone

  7. The touch is glass or plastic ?


  8. Can any one help me how to move application to SD card on GT-7562 :(

  9. The processor of the Galaxy S DUOS is a 1GHZ signal core.

  10. 1) Operation is extremely slow
    2) Phone hangs repeatedly
    3) Sometimes the phone does not display the caller name when the phone rings
    4) Data upload and transfer is very slow.
    5) Touch screen operation is not effective
    6) While exiting any application the operation is very slow
    7) Sometimes when i go to message box, i can see the contact no.s only. After few seconds the names of contacts start popping up
    8) Facebook application also operates very slow on the mobile. It keeps showing loading before displaying details on the screen
    9) After taking a photo or video when i want to review it, it takes longer time to load.
    10) I have deleted lot of applications from my cellphone due slow operation as well as transferred all the photos, videos to external sd card but there seems to be no improvement
    11) while viewing a photo or video there are lot of instances when i tilt the camera by 90 degree, the video or photo does not timely rotate on the screen
    12) while using fb application when the details are displayed and i want to scroll the screen, the response is lethargic.

  11. i purchased this phone and i like it but it is extremely very very slow i hope there may be solution for this problem

  12. I have bought this phone but i have problem when move application to sd

  13. I bought samsung galaxy s duos on December 1st,2012. i got 2 gb internal memory only and it’s getting slow,every time i’m restarting the phone. Please suggest me what to do ??

  14. disable power saving mode.power saving mode makes phone slower(limit cpu use) and try to save battery. it has 4 gb internal memory, but user can only be able to use 2 gb(same with ram, though its 768 in spec, user can use only around 654). its not dual core.

  15. When will it happen Update to Android 4.1?

  16. The worst phone i buyed.. Not at all happy.. It hangs, freezing frames sometimes restrating and also internet speed is very bad. Cannot talk on this phone… I bought in a hurrry without reading the reviews and suffering now.. Now this will be last phone of samsung i will buy.

  17. Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312

  18. kenapa samsung kamu ga ngasih upgrade jelly bean ke galaxy wonder ko galaxy ace 2 dapet. padahal galaxy ace 2 sama galaxy wonder masih mahal galaxy wonder

    samsung saya ga akan beli produk samsung lagi kalo galaxy wonder masih ga dapet upgrade ke jelly bean

    mening ke sony axpria yang dapet ics sama jelly bean

    saya kecewa sama produkmu samsung

  19. i have a problem with this phone.
    before the storage total space of my gt 7562 was 1.89g then i update my phone and now its 1.69 total space. is this ok?
    plss help me.

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  21. samsung galaxy s duos can uprade from android version 4.0.4 to 4.1 jelly bean

    • samsung galaxy s duos can uprade from android version 4.0.4 to 4.1 jelly bean ??

      • nope not yet…samsung have not announced till now

  22. it has a single core 1ghz cortex a5 and 5 mp auto focus cam…please correct

  23. iam using galaxy s duos for last 3 months… runs android ics n its very slow n irritating me…..still keeping with a hope of getting jelly bean update……sad story is ‘s duos’ still in top ten popular mobile phones but samsung reluctant to develop jelly bean update even though it is most popular……

  24. my apps not working. i want to change my android version and format. what i have i have to do?

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  26. what date the update will come ? are u sure the update will come this year ?

  27. thinks

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