Galaxy Note Edge


Samsung’s new ad shows Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard preparing for the holidays with all their Samsung devices

We are all gearing up for the holidays, and so are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Samsung has released a new video advertisement which shows them preparing for the holidays with the help of all those Samsung devices in their home. The video…


Samsung addresses Galaxy Note Edge curved display durability

Back in September, Samsung showed off the Galaxy Note Edge. This smartphone stands out from the pack because of its curved display. Many were curious about what Samsung had done with this smartphone and the biggest question they asked was w…


Samsung announces Advanced S Pen with improved sensitivity and editing features

Samsung's S Pen stylus has never been as good as it is on the Galaxy Note 4, with the device coming with a stylus that has double the pressure points and increased sensitivity compared to the S Pen that accompanied the Galaxy Note 3 last ye…


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge launch in the UK confirmed for November 28

We recently released a list of countries that would be getting the Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung's curved screen wonder, and the UK was one of the names among them. Well, Samsung has now confirmed that the Note Edge will indeed be coming to the…


Samsung Electronics banks on curved screens to overcome its challenges

Even though Samsung is the biggest mobile vendor on the planet saturation in the top end and tough competition in the mid-range and low end segments of the market have proven to be major challenges for its mobile business. Samsung wants to…


First digital guitar interface for Android comes to Samsung devices

Android might be swiftly closing the gap with iOS when it comes to the apps that are available on either platform, but if there's one category where iOS is still the preferred mobile operating system, it's that of audio processing and repr…


[Updated] Galaxy Note Edge Premium Edition announced for Germany, priced at EUR 899

Well, German consumers have voted that they want the Galaxy Note Edge to come to their country, and Samsung has announced that it is doing more than just bringing the device to Germany. The company has announced a Premium Edition of the de…


Eco-friendly carbon certifications awarded to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge

The Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge have been awarded with eco-friendly carbon labelling certifications in US, UK, Japan, Korea, and Russia. It means that Samsung's latest smartphones don't use any environment hazardous chemical sub…




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