Samsung Galaxy S7 edge’s screen seems to suffer with palm rejection issues

The Galaxy S7 edge is arguably the most beautiful smartphone in the world, and it is the curved display that enhances the smartphone’s beauty. However, it can sometimes cause issues while using the device due to the curved nature of the display. The bezel around the display is far too thin to hold the device properly without your palm or fingers touching the curved part of the screen.

Apparently, some users are facing issues with the display on the Galaxy S7 edge causing unintentional touches, especially while using the onscreen keyboard and the camera app. This might be due to improper functioning of the palm/finger rejection mechanism. Without proper palm rejection, the shutter button in the camera app might not register a touch. It might also cause problems when you are typing using the onscreen keyboard.

This problem might or might not affect you depending on how you are holding the device. Samsung has released an “urgent software update” for the Edge screen. However, some users who received the update are still affected by the issue, so we are not sure whether the update was to fix the palm rejection or simply to add more features to the Edge screen.

If “you are holding it wrong“, the situation can get extremely frustrating due to accidental touches or app launches. Samsung should fix this issue before the ‘edge-gate’ issue becomes widespread. Are you experiencing a similar problem while using your Galaxy S7 edge? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Urgent Display Update

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6 months 3 days ago

I using Samsung S7smartphone from a quite long time & very much happy with its performance. This is the phone that I am constantly recommending my friends n colleagues at work.

6 months 29 days ago

I’ve got S7 Edge but never got the urgent edge screen update. Just recently got a 75mb update but notes say bug fixes and improvements.

6 months 29 days ago

I had S6 edge plus for a year and had no problem with palm rejection, but since I bought s7 edge I am experiencing many problems when typing… not happy about it.

6 months 29 days ago

I think the physical hard/home button should not be get rid off because it helps people like me who always have sweaty hands to exit to an app

6 months 29 days ago

I have the S7 edge and I have the problem 2. When holding the phone in my left hand, it’s often touching the edge of the screen with the palm of my hand. Sometimes you can’t launch the app drawer or the back button doesn’t work then. It’s not a big issue, but it is there …

6 months 29 days ago

I am also using the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, til the date I haven’t encounter a single issue. Very good phone, Excellent performance.

7 months 9 hours ago

I had this issue until I received a case I had ordered for my phone. No more problems as the case allowed me to grip the sides better without touching the phone screen.

7 months 10 hours ago

My wife has the phone, doesn’t have this problem, but she does have a Samsung case on it.

7 months 14 hours ago

One notice, for keyboard, you can configure his width and weight to avoid some issues

7 months 14 hours ago

I come from Galaxy S4 with one hand for handling phone. On Galaxy S7 Edge with one hand, I experience some issues, for testing I use calculator app and some times I see + or other sign that are on the edge. I had a protection case on it and now it’s better. This phone need 2 hands for better handling. But with a bit of practice even with one hand it will be OK. I like my new phone

7 months 18 hours ago

Nope. The S6 edge+ is the most beautiful phone in the world.

7 months 1 day ago

Obviously with the Edge, you decrease comfort and increase design. Can´t have both. Suffering for fashion is obviously not a thing for some people? :D

7 months 1 day ago

Glad I’ve held onto my S6. Was so tempted to upgrade. Think I will wait a bit longer until all the gremlins are ironed out. 6.0.1 on s6 has made it like a new phone anyway.

7 months 1 day ago

i have the s6 edge for 1 year now,and never had that problem….

7 months 10 hours ago

S6 is a bit smaller though.

A Sweaty Womble
7 months 1 day ago

Seriously… I really do genuinely believe that people putting the word “gate” after every possible design flaw or mistake should be shot. Watergate was a scandal and nothing with the word “gate” added to any faults found in phones recently fit properly. The ONLY one I can think of is when Samsung cheated on benchmarks by setting the CPU frequency to max. Scandal is a more fitting description for that because it was a deliberate action by Samsung and not a design flaw or mistake.

So please, can we stop putting “gate” after everything because this idiocy is ruining society? People now think that a scandal is a synonym of mistake or a design flaw because of this idiocy, and we need to kill it now! Kill it and all of its roots because it is almost as bad, if not worse, than the “damn Daniel” meme we had crop up a while back. Stop it and stop it NOW!


7 months 1 day ago

I don’t even care about this thing…”thanks to my big hands ☺”
No really, i mean, who cares about those things !?… maybe only Girls!

7 months 1 day ago

Oh yeah and who cares about girls, right?! :D

7 months 1 day ago

Good thing there’s a flat-screened Galaxy S7! No palm-related issues what so ever. :)

7 months 1 day ago

That was a concern I had, but so far, no issues.

One thing that helps – the Samsung/ Swiftkey keyboard allows you to reduce the width. Pulling it in just a bit from the edges makes a huge difference.

7 months 1 day ago

my new 7 edge is having the problem

7 months 1 day ago

I have the s7 edge too and have had the camera app open by its self when picking the phone up, and games are closing mid play. Most annoying.

7 months 1 day ago

If you change DPI there is no more problem with accidental touches.

7 months 1 day ago

I have some experience with the Samsung S6 edge. (Almost a year)
After awhile you get the hang of it and it’s not a problem any more for me.

7 months 1 day ago

Also have it on the S6 edge from a year ago.

It’s a shame it’s not been addressed in over 12 months.

Snapchat can send pics too early as the send button is right on the edge. If you’re holding it with the palm then a capture and send instantly scenario often happens.

It’s not unique to the S7 edge.