Galaxy S5 mini Android 5.1.1 update rolling out now

There’s good news today for folks who own the Galaxy S5 mini because the latest version of Android is finally rolling out for this handset with the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow just around the corner. Galaxy S5 mini Android 5.1.1 update is available today, model number SM-G800R4 gets version Android 5.1.1 with a build date of September 1, 2015. It’s readily available for download through our firmware section.

Firmware details:

  • Model SM-G800R4
  • Model name GALAXY S5 mini
  • Country USA
  • Version Android 5.1.1
  • Changelist 5720691
  • Build date Tue, 01 Sep 2015 11:24:15 +0000
  • Product code USC
  • PDA G800R4VXU1BOI1
  • CSC G800R4USC1BOI1

The update brings everything that comes part and parcel of Android 5.1.1, including crucial security updates and stability improvements. The Galaxy S5 mini Android 5.1.1 update is rolling out now in the United States and will likely be released in other markets soon as well. Those who just can’t wait for the over-the-air roll out can get their hands on the update file from our firmware section.

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5 months 22 days ago

I upgraded my sm-g800h to 5.1 and I got 2 problems, RAM decreased to 1GB and data mobile not working (3G), I need help…

5 months 20 days ago

The 3G problem is resolved, remain the RAM problem…

9 months 7 days ago

As of today (14-01-2016) Android 5.1.1 is being pushed to G800F (different EU countries), check the firmware page!!

9 months 7 days ago

Wow… Something started…

9 months 11 days ago

this is the last samsung i’ve ever bought or recommended, if they don’t release 5.1.1

9 months 20 days ago

One thing is sure – S5 mini G800F/M/Y/(H) users didn’t get version update this year.

A few more months of procrastination, and Samsung can completely drop product support for S5 mini, as it reaches the 2 years age limit.

10 months 15 hours ago

when for g800f?

10 months 14 hours ago

We don’t have any information. Even the customer service can’t tell anything.
I hope I’m wrong, but I think it never gets released. :(((

9 months 25 days ago

lol of course it will get released for every S5 mini version that is available. Just a matter of time. What I find confusing is that it is over 3 months since the update hit the US but Europe is still waiting. Kind of frustrating the whole US already has the update.

9 months 24 days ago

“Just a matter of time.”

Where do we run? Only 10 months have passed since the announcement. XD XD XD

10 months 17 days ago

Does someone have ANY information about the lollipop update? Will it ever being rolled out other countries, not just in the US??? We are waiting since a very long time.

10 months 22 days ago

i have SM-G800F and i put the american one on odin and i press start but it doesnt want to get started

10 months 17 days ago

G800F and G800R4 are different hardware, it will not work.

11 months 28 days ago

I had flashed 5.1.1 But now I see it only shows 1 GB RAM as it has 1.5 GB RAM,is that a bug? phone works fast anyhow.
Any info on that?

1 year 6 days ago

Downloading firmware using free account is not possible. I have tried many times but it fails at any % some times at 98% also.

1 year 6 days ago

Samsung mini G800F still on 4.2 ??. And they wonder why people buy Apple’s or any others? How to loose customers…ask Samsung they know.

1 year 7 days ago

I have S5 mini SM-G800H duos from brasil, I installed russian firmware from sammobile acording to isntructions, i dindt delete any data the firmware went perfectly smooth with all my contacts and apps and pics and data, and updated all the apps, in Antutu went from 19600 in 4.4.2 to 20700 in 5.1.1 . No bugs or anything weird till now, used for 5 days. My device is carrier free. I recommend russian firmware to carrier free G800H
PD: now I see it only shows 1024 mb ram as it has 1,5 gb ram, is that a bug? phone works fast anyhow.
Iv read in other sites also other people lost 500mb ram in the 5.1.1 firmware flash process
Any info on that?

1 year 6 days ago

Can you give me the another link to download the firmware??? I don’t have any premium account to download sir. if you can help me, i request for your help. If you have premium account please trust me and mail me only for download purpose of INU firmware of SM-G800H.

1 year 11 days ago

Any news on whether the 5.1.1 on Galaxy S5 Mini has themes support like the newer Galaxy S’s?

1 year 15 days ago

Waiting till a year for Android 5.1.1. But it needs SM-G800H update for me….
Please anyone answer, what happens when i install SM-G800R4 UPDATES to SM-G800H..

1 year 16 days ago

Any news about the SM-G901F??? Are we getting left behind?

1 year 25 days ago

Don’t get mad because the 5.1.1 update is released for the s5 mini first instead of the s5. Just remember that the s5 already has lollipop while s5 mini doesn’t. I’m an s5 mini user by the way and i have been waiting for the update since april. I am really disappointed with samsung but i hope this delay is because they are trying to make the update more stable…….Now, when is the update for the sm-g800f going to be released????????

1 year 26 days ago

I never buy an Samsung phone again!!!!!!!

Luis Pascual
1 year 23 days ago

I know that feel bro, me neither!

1 year 26 days ago

Until Samsung also wants to hold lollipop start the update 5.1.1 for the Galaxy S5 G900F ??? and other models ? I paid 740 euros per phone ! I would expect more customer care for that kind of money ! but as we see it is not. I am very dissatisfied !!!!! Samsung to shame !!!!

1 year 15 days ago

We Note 3 users are also stuck with 5.0. Never buy Scamsung garbage again. That’s what I heave learnt. My next phone with be iPhones 6S+

KF Host
1 year 26 days ago

They got time to update this model and not the oficial internacional G900F ? shame on samsung.. planing to change to other brand soon.

1 year 27 days ago

que alguien me explique como el S5 mini consigue la actualización 5.1.1 primero que el S5 G900H..?? habrá alguna explicación para eso..?? samsung la jodes cada vez mas.. increíble.. Motorola Espérame ahí..

1 year 27 days ago

Theres a reason why samsung refused to update their old flagships, they are scared that the older ones will outperformed the newer ones. They only upgrade the mid or low range as the specs sucks in such phones and will never ever outperform their flagship. Typical mindset of samsung. For this update we might have to wait until samsung have a stable note 5/s6+ as no one seems to want to get them.

waleed m
1 year 27 days ago

We want android 5.1.1 for g 900f

1 year 27 days ago

when SM G900H get 5.1.1? slow & mini verison of S5 get 5.1.1 and flagship sm g900h , dosnt yet? wtf!

1 year 27 days ago

Galaxy S4 and S5 are not strong enough if you ask Samsung, by their logic 1,5 GB of RAM is better than 2 GB of RAM, and 1,4 GHz is better than 1,9 GHz and 2,5 GHz.

1 year 28 days ago

How about the Galaxy S5 plus, SM-G901F version? Lack of software support is a problem when you release these phones and ignore them for a long time…

1 year 28 days ago

hahahahaha that´s why I bought a Nexus :D samsung really sucks!!!!

Luis Pascual
1 year 23 days ago

It really does!

1 year 28 days ago

And G900F??????????????????? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! I am very angry!!!!!