This could be the biggest Galaxy S6 leak yet: Phone glimpsed in the flesh (more pictures)

We’ve treated you to numerous leaks around the Galaxy S6 (and its Edge counterpart) through the past few months, but what we have in hand today looks like the most comprehensive (and in a way, authentic) leak yet. The phone has allegedly been glimpsed in the flesh, hidden beneath a layer of bubble wrap. With just four days to go for the launched of the fabled device, it seems as though a Samsung employee or someone close to the sources decided to get naughty and post a few pictures of the device.

What’s interesting is that the photos are pretty much in agreement with what we saw from the (infamous?) toilet leaks a few days back. Also something that’s worth taking note of is the larger, rounder home button. There had been rumors about the home button being that way, but this picture puts and end to the same once and for all.

What’s more, the design and the overall chassis, including the front camera sensor, seems to be in concurrence with the case designs that leaked at numerous times. Has Samsung failed at keeping its cards close to its chest? Do let us know what you think… and be sure to check out our Galaxy S6 rumor roundup!


Update: A new picture has been leaked, it shows the S6 packing a 5-inch display.

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  1. “Obviously a prototype or test model”
    That’s the statement from the guy he took the photo so this is not going to be the real deal…

  2. fired fired fired

  3. Check this:

    • Obviously that’s the SKU Bar Code sticker! :D Why would they SKU a prototype or one of a kind test model? Demo Model for carriers? YES! …..absolutely, but that would for sure be the same as an off the shelf item anyway. So no doubt carriers all over the World will have already gotten a demo to check out on their cellular signal to see how a production model performs. I’m betting that this is exactly that!

      Also look at the front. Why are there four small holes to the right of the camera? What could they be? Well I think it’s a speaker. Then look down to the right of the home button. you’ll see some other sticker and it lines up with the my guess is…. that would be the right hand speaker in landscape mode. With the top speaker of course being the left speaker in landscape mode. If these speakers are the type I think they are, then S6 will have front facing stereo speakers.

      But the real innovation is something that has been done before, but didn’t work out that great. Because they did not put any holes through the front glass. They were using transducers instead of speakers though. This is most likely a speaker/transducer combination! :D ……if my guess is right, it would be fantastic. Especially if they are using really good speaker/transducers. What that does is make the glass front cover into stereo speakers. Just like transducers used on windows and walls work!

      “Leaked case designs suggest Samsung is adopting a frontal position for its speakers with the Galaxy S6, which is also said to come with audiophile-friendly Sennheiser earbuds. We hope that’s the case, because it will have some fierce competition given Sony’s support for hi-res audio, S-Force PRO Front surround speaker and S-Master digital amplifier technology. ”

  4. no way

    • No that one must be a prototype…. not a demo. Because in Germany they are all talking about it having a glass back. It seems it would be over an Aluminum Alloy mid frame. Like in Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha! …..but this is more than likely some kind of composite glass. Maybe even coated with graphene. We can’t be sure about that yet.

      It also looks like they moved the Samsung logo on the back down to the center of the back of the phone. Some are saying that the Samsung Logo Lights up on the back, so as to give notifications with the screen down or up in your hand or taking a pic or video. Partly so it gives people notice that you are about to take a pic or video of them. So you won’t have anyone freaking out about you filming them secretly!!!

      • Now that’s a “Thing”….

        • Yeah it’s Samsung spelled out across the back in Gold Trimmed blue lights and is slightly raised like the camera. So it gives your back greater protection from scratching, with the S A M S U N G strung nearly 3/4′s of the way centered in the middle of the back instead of the upper part like usual. It’s being said in EU that with that back trim, it acts like a tripod, holding the phone up off the surface on it’s back. Then you have the benefits of the Stereo (surround) speakers with subwoofer at bottom. Because bass is not directional….. only the tweeters and mid range on front! ……..and the sound system is said to respond to whether the phone is oriented in Portrait or Landscape mode for full stereo/surround multi speaker sound!!!

  5. LoL no sd slot. Perfect it seems that Samsung becomes I-Samsung. Buy another 32MB for extra 200 bucks. Nice

    • You mean Gb, right?

    • I think you’re wrong, but we will soon see…. won’t we? :D Look at the sim slot? It’s too big to be just for a micro sim or whatever. It’s the size of a SD Card too. It’s a dual slot for both sim and SD card is my guess!

  6. One problem I can forsee.

    Microphone and speaker next to each other??

    Feedback city.

    • That bottom speaker is a woofer and it’s not even running in portrait mode unless you force it. On front you have two four hole speakers for Stereo (and software surround) for Landscape mode. But in portrait mode with a sensor, you are only hearing out of the typical Samsung earset grill in center/top above screen!

      So naturally they know more than you do about designing phones. Being the fact that you are most likely just another consumer like me! ………and with that mic down by the subwoofer on the bottom only in use, with phone is in Landscape mode for sure…. NO PROBLEM!!! :D

  7. Look at the side photo. Looks nothing like the s6 teaser from their twitter

  8. Have u guys ever thought about the fact that Samsung might actually be the one dumping these pictures on the Internet so as to make us think that’s what it looks like? I mean what if they are just trying to decieve us by posting this pictures and then suprise us on march 1st..uhn?

  9. Have u guys ever thought about the fact that Samsung might actually be the one dumping these pictures on the Internet so as to make us think that’s what it looks like? I mean what if they are just trying to decieve us by posting this pictures and then suprise us on march 1st..uhn? ….but as for me I’m guessing this one’s a prototype

  10. It’s 100% not the final design due to the home key size and so on this as 100% been changed, this is just the dev phone for networks to test it out, it’s got all the main cpu and so on inside but the outside will change that’s 100% due to the home key

  11. That actually doesn’t look like a Ip6 clone as much, it just looks like a Galaxy phone which is a good thing…however I don’t see a MicroSD tray, I see the Sim card port but no MicroSD, so unless both are integrated into one tray, it looks like no storage expansion and if that’s the case no S6 for me.

  12. What does everyone think? Is that a unibody design?

  13. I feel failure if this is true. I think official teaser image is just the side of curved screen not total case.

  14. If this is really it – “Me no like !”

  15. No expandable storage??? NOOOOO….!!!!

  16. Aww i think this is not legit, 2 scenarios:
    1. it’s another attempt from Samsung to disappoint us by pushing us yelling and insulting its next product in order to wow us with something completely beautiful and gorgeous and then boost the sales over the world
    2. It’s just a fake render made by a Chinese manufacturer
    Personally I don’t believe this is the next Galaxy S6 why:
    1. it lacks the logo on the back and on the front by accident there is a bar code sticker just where we should have been seeing the logo Samsung (come on guys, even though it’s a test product or something like that, why Samsung would not put its logo on it),
    2. the one who leaked these pictures refuse to boot up the phone (weird!),
    3. it lacks a memory card slot (Samsung will never do that because it knows how android users like that, and there is no point for to do such thing,
    4. the sim card slot is below the power button (when i see the AT&T image of the Galaxy S6 egde variant there is no such thing, maybe you would say that the sim card slot is on the left side for the edge, that doesn’t make sense because the screen curved in both side so if the S6 has a sim card slot on the right side then the S6 edge should have one to there and between us I prefer to believe that the picture that all major american carriers have put on their websites for the S6 is more legit than a complete stranger coming from nowhere).
    5. by seeing the image of the S6 from carriers website we can notice that the build material is different from the one in those leaked images, the one from carriers is gorgeous and doesn’t look any other phones, more likely i will be buying the edge variant, and by paying attention to the corner i can see that the metal go behind the phone which makes me think that there won’t be glass on the back of the phone…

    So guys better wait March 1st…

    • i agree, these pics arent the real deal :)

  17. Is anyone bummed that the screen size is 5″? I was hoping for a slightly larger screen but I guess the reduced battery size that has been rumoured would make it difficult for the battery to run as long as we would expect it to with a larger screen. Notice the larger home button too. Will that work more effectively? What do you guys think?

  18. Theres no way in the world this is the real thing, seriously cmon havent you seen the teaser images, looks nothing like it. The teaser is very thin, even the edge prototype looks nothing like the teaser, take these pics with a grain of salt guys! And to be honest it looks pretty ugly, i do hope this is not the real deal, dont let us down Samsung :(

  19. It has to be a test model. The Galaxy S6 better not look like an iPhone.

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