Samsung Electronics may miss Q2 earnings expectations

Samsung Electronics’ CFO, Lee Sang Hoon expects the company’s earnings for second quarter to be “not that good,” a statement that was later confirmed by the Korean media. Samsung is expected to post an operating profit of 8.4 trillion won ($8.2 billion) for the second quarter of 2014. In comparison, Samsung reported record operating profit of 10.2 trillion won for Q3 2013.  According to analysts, weak smartphones sales are said to be the main reason for lower earnings.

Sales of Samsung smartphones were squeezed from 87.5 million units to 78 million units due to strong iPhone sales in the high-end segment and inexpensive smartphones from Chinese brands in the budget segment, though strong sales of the Galaxy S5 reportedly limited further downfall. Jin Sung Hae, an analyst at KTB Investment & Securities stated “The main reason behind the lowered earnings estimate largely stemmed from weak smartphone sales. Strengthening competitiveness of local players in emerging markets are hurting sales of Samsung’s lower-end smartphones.”

Samsung is trying to reduce their reliance on mobile phones and tablets by focusing on luxury televisions and memory chips. Samsung is expected to reveal the actual numbers as soon as next week.

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  1. that’s what samsung should expect when they ruin & ignore their customer

    • Agreed. Thinner bezeles and youm display, how hard is that?!?

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  4. What did they expect from the crappy updates / support? When they flood the market with hundreds of new crappy devices instead of focusing on quality, support and innovations?

    Their best tablet by far was the galaxy rab 7.7. Yet they ignored this tablet and insted released a crapper version every 3 weeks? Lol

    Look what happened to Sega. Thats the future of Samsung.

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  5. Seriously, we’ve had the s3, s4 and s5 in two years,they want people to upgrade their phones every year??

  6. OH and BTW Thanks for not updating the S3 to kitkat Samsung!It shows how much you support your products. I know for sure I wont be getting any of your phones. Good Bye.

  7. I was the proud owner of the Note 2 and now I have the Note 3 and I must admit it is/was a great device, however, Samsung dose not listen to their customer (you know, the ones spending 300 plus dollar$ on the device.) If a company like LG can listen to their customers and get it right why can Samsung? Thinner bezels, Youm display and less bloat wear, and if the Note 4 looks anything like the S5 I will be holding out on my purchase to see what Apple has in store (That’s right .. I said Apple)

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