Posted by Abhijeet M. 6 months ago

Samsung and Google team up to integrate KNOX into Android’s next major release


6 comments on “Samsung and Google team up to integrate KNOX into Android’s next major release

  1. titan555 6 months ago said:

    Say goodbye to firmware downgrades…

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  2. gtone339 6 months ago said:

    Android L, out on Galaxy Note 4′s Launch?

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    • oversight 6 months ago said:

      I would assume something in the 4.4 line, with an update to L shortly after launch.

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      • ashkan 6 months ago said:

        No it must come with Android leaked benchmarks says note4 will equipped with exynos 5433 that is 64bit enabled chipset they can not use kitkat 4.4 or earlier version of android cause no 64bit instructions set is supported

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  3. xalops 6 months ago said:

    knox count is suck ¬_¬ S4 I9505 4.4.2 with warranty 0×1 ¬_¬ android freedom… not!!!

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  4. unclefab 6 months ago said:

    What if I don’t want that Knox curse?
    What if I’m perfectly able to make my phone secure on my own without that Knox curse?
    Why don’t I have any choice but to kneel down in front of that Knox curse?
    As said one guy:
    if my phone is to be jailed I rather go for Apple since they know better than Google how to keep their jail tidy!
    I already knew that my next phone won’t be a Samsung, and if Knox really makes it into Android L then I’ll go for another OS (Firefox OS or Sail Fish OS)…
    I suggest anyone with at least a bit of common sense to do the same.

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